What is a Face Workout (And Do They *Actually* Work???)

What is a Face Workout (And Do They *Actually* Work???)

It’s tough to keep track of beauty and fitness fads. Every year seems to add new beauty methods that promise to turn back the clock and leave you with a face that looks fresh, smooth, and young. But what’s real and what’s a waste of your time? (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to tell the difference). When talking about anti-aging methods, the hottest new trend in face workouts. But what exactly *is* a face workout and do they really help to turn back the clock? Although Hollywood celebs and world-famous royals like Angelina Jolie and Meghan Markle swear by face workouts to make your face skinnier, we’ll be putting this new wellness trend to the test so you can decide if a Face Yoga program is right for you. Ready to turn back the clock and accelerate facial rejuvenation? Let’s get right into it.

What is a Face Workout?

You already know that a session in the gym can help to tone muscles and lose fat. So there’s already a proven track record of body workouts helping improve your physique whether you want to tone your tummy, tighten your butt, or lose a couple of pounds. But what happens if you apply those same muscle toning strategies to your face? Unlike traditional body workouts that aim to lose weight, facial workouts are centered on toning underlying muscles.

This is valuable for two reasons.

Firstly, when your face muscles become tighter and more toned, the outer layer of skin becomes more smooth and taut. Secondly, working out the muscles of your face helps stimulate the production of collagen – the crucial protein behind your skin’s elasticity.

With regular face workouts, you can enjoy the benefits of a natural facelift – all without going under the knife of course. Thanks to the circulation-boosting and muscle-toning benefits of facial exercises, it’s easy to wake up with glowing skin and gorgeous, defined features from your jawline to your nose and more. Now, you might be wondering if there are workouts to make your face skinnier? To shape your face? Or to target problematic areas on your face? (Hint: There 100% are face workouts for all of the above).

Are There Workouts To Slim The Face?

Yes and no. While regular workouts like Face Yoga can help slim your cheeks, jawline, neck, and more, it’s not a direct weight loss that you’re looking for. Instead, facial exercises help to slim the face by toning muscle and removing problem areas that lead to bloat, puffy features, and unwanted shapes. For example, are you dealing with puffy circles or dark bags under your eyes? If so, it’s not a weight loss secret you need, it’s a way to reduce puffy eyes and irritation. The end result is a slimmer, more svelte face that comes from a skinny face workout.

What Are The Best Workouts To Slim The Face?

Struggling with face fat that won’t budge? The key to a slimmer face isn’t to cut back on the foods you love, it’s to work with your body’s physiology and tone key facial muscles that control how smooth your skin looks. When you start to restore youthful firmness to your face, you’ll be in control of your face shape. And to get you started, we’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite face shape workouts for you to try.

Face Workout #1 – The Cheekbone Lift

Ready for cheekbones that would make Angelina Jolie jealous? This face shape workout is a simple solution. You can swap your flabby cheeks for crisp, defined cheekbones by following our simple Face Yoga steps…

  • Place two fingers over each cheekbone
  • Gently lift the skin until you create resistance
  • Open your mouth to create an ‘O’ shape with your lips (this should create further tension in your skin)
  • Hold this tension for 5 seconds

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 to 10 times.

Face Workout #2 – The Chin Lift

Done with your cheek-lifting exercises? Now it’s time to lift your chin for the perfect thinner face workout. This Face Yoga exercise helps to eliminate fat from the lower half of your face which adds definition to your jawline and thins your neck. Best of all, it’s as simple as following these steps…

  • Tilt your head backward until you feel a gentle stretch in your skin
  • Try to push your lower lip over your upper lip (you’ll know this pose is working if you feel extra resistance)
  • Hold this tension for 10 seconds

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

Looking For a Quick and Easy Face Workout At Home?

Forget expensive gym memberships or time-consuming online programs, the simplest (and most effective) face workouts can be done at home and from the comfort of your own couch. As the world’s #1 Face Yoga app, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind program that’s customized to YOU. From personalized workout programs to simple video tutorials, and fluid intake calculators to new premium content released regularly, joining the Face Yoga community is joining 300,000+ women turning back the clock and seeing the power of regular face workouts for themselves. Are you ready to join the community?

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