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Face Yoga Face Mask Review 2024: Everything You Must Know About The Strawberry Sheet Mask

14 Sep, 2022

Sheet masks are the rage right now. You get plenty of benefits from getting a facial right in the comfort of your own home. Plus, it takes a fraction of the time to get done.

Essentially, sheet masks are sheets of paper, cloth, or gel soaked in serum with extracts and moisturizers. You leave them on for a few minutes and let your skin absorb the product.

You may get the same effect with simple serums and creams. However, sheet masks are more efficient in giving a concentrated burst of therapeutic and nourishing ingredients. And some face masks fair better than others-- e.g., Face Yoga’s Strawberry Sheet Mask.

What is the Face Yoga Facial Mask?

The Face Yoga Strawberry Facial Mask is a sheet mask saturated in serum that helps give you healthier skin.

Using this product is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get healthy and glowing skin. Simply leave it on for a few minutes and let your skin absorb it.

More than that, this strawberry sheet mask is pretty convenient. Instead of taking a chunk of your day (and salary) to go to a spa or salon to get a facial, you hydrate your skin right at home. This even allows you to get other stuff done while you have the mask on, but it’s probably better just to sit and relax and let the mask do its thing.

The Face Yoga Facial Mask does tons to your skin. It hydrates it, makes it firmer, refines pores, and reduces fine lines. Overall, it gives you glowing and healthy skin.


How does the Face Yoga Facial Mask work?

Like other sheet masks, you cover your face with the Face Yoga Facial Mask for a set time. Because of the sheet, your skin stays in contact with the ingredients longer than a simple cream or serum.

The sheet mask traps the ingredients, serum, or moisture in your skin. It then creates a film that allows the components to fulfill their purpose. In this case, the Face Yoga mask tightens and hydrates your skin, as well as makes it firmer and diminishes fine lines.

This product offers a more intense and concentrated method of letting your skin absorb the serum, as opposed to other forms of skin care.


What are the features of the Face Yoga Facial Mask?

Each Face Yoga Facial Mask pack comes with one sheet soaked in its unique solution. 

Packed with extracts, minerals, and amino acids, the Face Yoga Sheet Mask solution gives your skin a healthy lift. The key ingredients include:

1. Fragaria Chiloensis (beach strawberry) and Fragaria Ananassa (strawberry) extract

Naturally, strawberries are the main component of this sheet mask and contain abundant skin benefits.


  • Help treat acne


Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C. This organic compound contains anti-inflammatory that aid in soothing and calming breakouts.

It also contains salicylic acid. This BHA can cleanse your pores and keep bacteria at bay. In turn, it prevents breakouts from even happening. 

Moreover, Vitamin C also fights free radicals, atoms that can cause illness and aging. These can build up on the skin and remove oxygen from healthy cells.


  • Controls oil


An oily face is not only an aesthetic nuisance but can lead to acne. Excess oil on your face can clog your pores, which causes acne.

Since strawberries are acidic in nature, they can control the sebum production in your skin and regulate the oil levels.

Vitamin C can also thoroughly moisturize and nourish your skin.


  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes


Two of the biggest concerns people have regarding their faces are dark eye circles and puffy eyes.

Strawberries have an astringent that contract the skin. This property can help reduce the dark circles around your eyes and soothe puffiness.


  • Protects against UV damage


One of the many damages UV rays can cause is premature skin aging. But strawberries are packed with antioxidants that help combat these effects and reverse already existing damage. Ellagic acid, in particular, has antioxidant properties that protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

The antioxidants present in strawberries act as an anti-aging agent that delays fine lines and wrinkles. 


  • Fades dark spots


The salicylic and ellagic acid in strawberries have more benefits. Together, they reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. They can also tighten the pores on your skin and remove dead skin cells.


  • Fights signs of aging


Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein in your body. One of its many benefits is basically keeping your skin young. So if its production lowers– which UV rays heighten– you may start to see fine lines and wrinkles.

But the ellagic acid found in strawberries can protect you from damaging UV rays and prevent your collagen from depleting.


  • Overall brighten skin


Strawberries have abilities that can lighten dark spots, brighten your skin, and even lift it. As a result, your skin will look brighter, firmer, and healthier.

2. Malus Pumila (domesticated apple) extract

Second to strawberries, apples are another main ingredient of the Face Yoga Sheet Mask, and they contain a plethora of skin benefits.

  • Hydrates and moisturizes skin

Because apples have a high water content, they can adequately hydrate your skin. This fruit also contains Vitamin E. It also helps in hydrating, as well as keeping your skin soft.

  • Protects against UV rays

Like strawberries, apples can also protect you against harmful UV rays. The flavonoids in the apple can filter out most UVB radiation, acting as efficient sunscreens.

  • Tones your skin

Apples have nutrients that can act as a natural toner. They improve blood circulation and tighten your skin.

In addition to that, they help balance your skin’s pH levels. That reduces the overproduction and secretion of oils. 

  • Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes

Apples can de-puff your eyes and lighten dark circles, similar to strawberries. They contain tannic acid that helps lighten the area under your eyes.

Additionally, this fruit contains Vitamins B, Vitamin C, and potassium. They can aid in nourishing sensitive skin.

3. Punica Granatum (pomegranate) extract

Another fruit present in the Face Yoga Face Mask is pomegranate. Like the two above, this fruit carries plenty of benefits for the skin.

  • Has anti-aging properties

Pomegranate contains antioxidants that can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. That’s believed to be due to increased cell regeneration, which your skin naturally does by getting rid of old skin cells to rejuvenate new ones.

  • Decreases inflammation

The antioxidants present in pomegranates can reduce free radical damage. As a result, there’s a decrease in inflammation in the skin. In other words, these antioxidants can reduce symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions, like acne and eczema.

  • Helps fight bacteria

Pomegranates contain Vitamin C, which has natural antimicrobials. That means that they can fight fungi and bacteria on your skin. They can even help prevent acne breakouts.

  • Protects against UV damage

Thanks to the antioxidants, pomegranates can also protect your skin from UV damage.

4. Betaine

Betaine can gently hydrate your skin and maintain it. The molecules in this compound bond with hydrogen. That gives it its skin-quenching capabilities.

This compound also aids in combating aging. The moisturizing properties soften your skin’s textures and fill the creases, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Britain can also protect and soothe your skin, becoming a good anti-irritant.

5. Serine

An amino acid, serine primarily helps moisturize your skin, giving it a healthier feel and look.

6. Taurine

Also an amino acid, Taurine is most notable for being a form of anti-fatigue.

It boosts blood circulation and inter-cellular energy. It helps with hydration, reenergizes your skin, and minimizes the signs of fatigue. Using it topically will leave you with skin that looks and feels more awake.

7. Sodium Hyaluronate

Like Taurine, sodium hyaluronate moisturizes. This compound moisturizes skin cells, increasing skin hydration that reduces dryness and flaking.

8. Castor Oil

Castor oil amplifies the effects of the ingredients mentioned before. It contains many of the same properties they have, such as:

  • Preventing wrinkles (has antioxidants that fight free radicals)
  • Fights acne (has antibacterial properties)
  • Reduces puffiness (has anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Moisturizes skin


What are the benefits of using the Face Yoga Facial Mask?


  • Hydrates and moisturizes your skin


Some people have naturally dry skin. Sometimes, your skin might become dryer when the temperature drops. Whatever the case, you can bring back some moisture with the Face Yoga Face Mask.

It contains several ingredients that hydrate your skin and its cells. When you get rid of your skin’s dryness, you’ll notice it looks healthier


  • Fight acne


As opposed to those with naturally dry skin, some people have oily skin. Unfortunately, excess oil and sebum can lead to an acne breakout.

But this sheet mask has antibacterial properties that can cleanse your face and prevent acne.

So whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, the Face Yoga Strawberry Mask can answer your problems.


  • Refines your skin pores


This facial mask deep cleanses your pores of dirt, dead skin cells, metabolic wastes, and excess oil. Doing this unclogs your pores and leaves them more refined.


  • Gives your firmer skin


The strawberry extracts in this mask can keep your collagen levels from depleting. Plus, it prevents damage from free radicals. With collagen at a respectable level, you’ll have firmer, tighter, and younger-looking skin.

  • Fights aging

While aging is natural, UV rays can be harmful and speed up the process for your skin. They can cause wrinkles, liver spots, and leathery skin. Fortunately, the Face Yoga Sheet mask contains extracts from three fruits that can fight UV damage.

This mask not only prevents damage but also reverses the damage already done. It can stop wrinkles and fine lines from becoming more evident.


  • Makes your skin brighter and glowing


When all is said and done, you’ll have healthier, brighter, and glowing skin. Using this mask leaves your skin supple, soft, and silky smooth. 


  • Affordable


Compared to other skincare methods, this face mask is a cost-effective solution. While you can add several steps and products to your skincare routine, you don’t have to. In just one mask, you get a ton of skin benefits. You won’t have to spend time and money on spa facials.


How do you use the Face Yoga Facial Mask?

Using the Face Yoga Mask is a simple two-step process.

Step 1: The first step to any skincare routine is to have a clean face. With a simple facial cleanser, wash your face and remove any dirt and makeup.

Step 2: Take out the sheet mask from the pack and unfold it. Comfortably place it on your face, ensuring your eyes, mouth, and nose fit into their respective holes on the mask.

Step 3: Leave the mask on for 15 minutes. When you remove the mask, tap in and massage the remaining serum into your face to get the most out of its effects.


Are there harmful effects to using a facial mask?

There are no known side effects to using the Face Yoga Facial Mask. However, there may be a risk of an allergic reaction.

Before using the mask, check the ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to any of them. Or you can do a patch test. Take a bit of the serum and place it on your arm.

If you are allergic to something in it, you may experience itchiness, redness, or swelling in serious cases.

Face Yoga Facial Mask Customer Reviews

Face Yoga’s strawberry sheet mask is a relatively new product, so not many have been vocal about their thoughts on it.

But the people who have tried and tested it had nothing but good words. A handful of people left raving reviews on Face Yoga's site, all leaving five-star ratings.

Olivia Brewer simply loved this mask. She says, “I am in love with these face masks. It became my nightly routine to put one on before going to bed. My skin feels way more firm and hydrated!"

Jane Reese praised the mask’s ability to make skin healthy. She writes, “These face masks really helped my skin. It was dry, and my skin tone wasn’t even. It looks so much healthier now!"

Taylor Rogers talked about how mixing up her skincare routine helped her. “Others were the first to notice the improvement of my skin. My girlfriends asked how I changed my skincare routine, but all I did was start taking."

Face Yoga customer Susan Y. kept her review short and sweet but spoke volumes. She simply said, “Wow love them. Was a great experience”

Although not much has been said about these face masks, Face Yoga as a company has received many acclamations from media outlets, sites such as Trustpilot, and hundreds of customers.


What are the pros and cons of using the Face Yoga Facial Mask?


  • Hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Fights aging
  • Refines pores
  • Prevents and treats acne
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Brightens skin
  • Makes skin tighter and firmer
  • Gives you an overhaul healthier and glowing skin
  • Affordable


  • It’s only available online

Should I buy the Face Yoga Facial Mask?

Long story short, you should definitely get a Face Yoga Strawberry Facial Mask.

For a low price, you can give your skin some love and pamper yourself at home. You can use it at any time of the day and feel refreshed and hydrated right after. Even after just one use, you can feel a huge difference.

So, if you want up your skincare routine and go big on self-love, get yourself a Face Yoga Strawberry Facial Mask.


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