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Face Yoga Jaw Trainer Review 2024: Is This Worth Buying?

15 Sep, 2022

As humans, we constantly try to discover ways to improve our appearance and make us look more attractive. Because of that desire, we’ve come up with so many exercises and gadgets that aim to do just that. Although many of these don’t really work, some hidden gems do wonders to your appearance– like Face Yoga’s Jaw Trainer.

There’s no denying that a sculpted jaw is generally regarded as one of the most attractive features on a person. You can certainly work for it even if you aren’t born with a naturally defined jaw.

In this review, we’ll talk about the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer, how to use it, how effective it is, and its potential side effects. 

What is the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer?

Jaw trainers come in a variety of shapes but are essentially small devices that you chew on to work out your jaw muscles.

The idea behind this device is that people today don’t chew as much as people did in the past. That caused deterioration in the facial muscles. With jaw trainers, you retain these muscles and strengthen them.

Face Yoga’s jaw trainer consists of silicone rubber, a generally safe material to put in your mouth.

Unlike other jaw trainers, Face Yoga’s doesn’t really mold to your teeth, so you get the same resistance all throughout.

The exercise is simple enough: you just have to repeatedly bite down on the trainer (focusing on the molar or back part) to provide resistance to your jaw muscles

The Jaw Trainer’s primary purpose is to alter and improve your physical appearance. It defines, sculpts, and tones your face over time. However, you also get other and long-lasting benefits, like strengthening your jaw muscles. 


How does the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer work?

Exercise builds and strengthens muscles in your body. The same concept works with jaw muscles. Working on your jaw muscles, as well as your neck, chin, and other facial muscles can lead to subtle but noticeable changes to your face.

The Face Yoga Jaw Trainer provides resistance with each bite. Repeatedly doing this works out muscles in the jaw and, as a result, becomes stronger and more defined. Some studies also suggest that training your jaw increases maximum bite force and endurance.

This jaw trainer can also help people recover from jaw disorders. Using this device for endurance training can alleviate pain in the jaw.


What is the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer made of?

A silicone rubber makes up the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer.

You can find this material virtually anywhere– in cooking utensils, food containers, and medical supplies. That means that it’s generally safe to have in your mouth.

It’s also quite durable, so you can rest assured that the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer will last a long time. It can also withstand environmental factors like UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and open flames.

Silicone rubber also has the ability to retain its shape and flexibility, so you get the same resistance throughout using it.

Plus, it’s very easy to clean. You can simply wash it down with alcohol, but since you put the jaw trainer in your mouth, it’s better to use water and antibacterial soap.


What are the benefits of using the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer?

1. Defined jawline

Some people who want that defined jawline take the surgical route. While that’s an okay option, it’s pretty expensive and carries some serious dangers.

Using the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer is a safer and cheaper alternative that still gives you amazing results. Plus, it doesn’t take much time out of your day. You only need a few minutes with the device, and you’ll see the difference in no time.

2. Look more attractive

While attraction is subjective, there are some features that people generally find attractive– a strong jawline is one of them. If you’re looking for a partner, using this device can probably help with that. Several articles and studies even include it on lists.

With the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer, you can get that sharp jawline everyone wants. You don’t have to go under the knife to get that. Exercising your jaw only takes a few minutes out of your day. You’ll see results in no time.

3. Confidence boost

With a more chiseled jawline, you’ll not only look but feel good too. 

A lot of people feel insecure about some of their facial features, like a rounder face and chubby cheeks. Well, Face Yoga’s jaw trainer can help with that. It trains and works out your jaw muscles, becoming more toned and defined.

You’ll have the power to carry yourself more confidently.

4. Strengthen jaw muscles and reduce jaw pain

Like with other muscles in your body, training the muscles in your jaw builds and strengthens it, increasing your bite force.

More than that, it can help alleviate jaw pain. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can cause pain and discomfort in your jaw. But doing light workouts with the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer can aid in treating the symptoms.

5. Unisex

The common idea was that only med had to have a strong and defined jawline. But that idea is in the past. Today, people of all genders what that sharp look.

Luckily, the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer is suited for everyone. No matter who you are, you get yourself a jaw trainer and start sculpting your jaw.

6. Affordable

We said that some people choose to modify their facial features through surgery and other cosmetic alterations. If you have the means, then go for it. But there is a more cost-effective option: the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer.

For just a few dollars, this jaw trainer can work out your jaw muscles, strengthening and defining them.


How do you use the Face Yogs Jaw Trainer?

1. Make sure the jaw trainer is clean.

Because the jaw trainer will go in your mouth, it’s crucial to ensure it’s clean. You can just run it under warm water but using antibacterial soap guarantees it is free from bacteria and germs.

2. Start chewing.

Pop the jaw trainer in your mouth and start chewing. Start slowly. Bite it down to its limit, hold for a second and release it slowly. Do this until your jaw feels tired, which will take about one to three minutes.

3. Pick up the pace.

For another two minutes, chew in a fast but controlled way. Don’t force it if you feel like your jaw can’t take it.

All in all, this workout takes about five minutes.


How often can you use the jaw trainer?

Face Yoga recommends you perform this exercise every two to three days, so your jaw has time to rest.


Are there negative effects to using a jaw trainer?

Doctors do warn people not to overwork their jaws. They say that it already experiences enough strain with everyday activities, like eating and talking. So, overusing jaw trainers can potentially cause damage.

Instead of alleviating jaw pain, overtraining your jaw muscle can cause it. Excessive chewing may also cause your jaw to pop or click. Lastly, you may experience tension headaches or even migraines if you overwork your jaw muscles.

And since it’s a small piece, there’s also a risk of you swallowing or choking on it. So, be careful when you use this jaw trainer.

Face Yoga Jaw Trainer Reviews

It looks like the Jaw Trainer is one of Face Yoga’s best sellers. On their site, the product has 4.5, and both clients and customers left plenty of good words.


Client Reviews

Face Yoga’s clients gave this jaw trainer a whirl, and they weren’t disappointed. You read what these clients honestly thought of this tiny device on the brand's site.

This jaw trainer gave Kate Suarez a boost of confidence. She says, “I was really insecure about my chin fat. I felt very insecure, and I found my life very limited to what I can do because of this. Then I found Jaw Trainer!"

Jessica Hudson claims that this device is perfect for both men and women. “I can definitely attest to facial exercises. Jaw trainers are a commonly-used tool in the modeling industry for both men and women."

Christine Lewis can definitely tell the difference after she used the jaw trainer. “I took a picture before I started Face Yoga jawline exercises and one after two weeks. To be completely honest, my chin looks much less saggy in the after."

Customer Reviews

People who bought a jaw trainer not only found that it works, but it works great! 

Olivia M. says it’s a “great tool for double-chin.” She adds, “I bought this here and received it in about three working days in Louisiana. I use it 2x a day for 5min, and my jaw is super sore afterward haha. I can definitely feel the muscles working, and in less than a day, I already saw visible improvements. I can see the line under my chin much clearer now.”

Even in just a short time, Ava K. noticed some changes. She says, “I have been using this for five days now, and I see SO MUCH improvement! No other product has done anything for my double chin. Ah BVTW, took two days to arrive to NY.”

Emma S. knows and feels the jaw trainer is working. She writes, “Got these two bad boys today! About to give them a try for the second time. So far, so good! My jaw muscles are really sore. It must be working.”

The praise for Face Yoga’s Jaw Trainer extends to Trustpilot. One customer left a review there, talking about how great the product is. Francisco Fontanilla simply said that the “jaw trainers are good.” He adds, “Been using their jaw trainer for two weeks now. I like the quality overall. Not too hard like others that I've tried.”

What are the pros and cons of using the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer?


  • It sculpts and tones your jaw.
  • It strengthens your jaw muscles.
  • You’ll look more attractive.
  • You’ll gain confidence.
  • It doesn’t take up too much time.
  • It’s unisex.
  • It’s affordable.


  • It’s only available online.
  • It’s only available in North America.
  • There are limited stocks.
  • There are potential risks to overusing it.

What sets the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer apart from other jaw trainers?

Jaw trainers come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. They all have the same purpose, but some do fair better than others. So, why should you choose the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer?

It’s made of silicone rubber. Some jaw trainers consist of plastic, which poses many concerns. For one, it’s safer to put in your mouth. It doesn’t contain BPA and has no open pores that can harbor harmful bacteria.

Silicone is also more durable than plastic. It can last longer, withstand wear and tear, and hold up against harsh factors like extreme temperatures.

And if you’re considering eco-friendliness, silicone is the way to go. Plastic breaks down into smaller pieces when lost in the environment. Silicone, on the other hand, stays intact.

Should I buy the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer?

Having a strong and sculpted has been a standard for attractiveness for a very long time, and it looks like that trend isn’t going away. If you buy a Face Yoga Jaw Trainer, you work out your jaw and get that sharp jaw look without having to pay for expensive surgery.

With that said, if you want to get stronger jaw muscles and that coveted chiseled look, get yourself a Face Yoga Jaw Trainer.


Where can you buy the Face Yoga Jaw Trainer?

You can buy these Jaw Trainers directly on Face Yoga’s websiteBut you better hurry up! There aren’t many stocks left.


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