How to Lose Face Fat With Facial Exercises [Burn Body Fat Hacks]

How to Lose Face Fat With Facial Exercises [Burn Body Fat Hacks]

Dealing with frustrating baby fat on your face and chin? Struggling to remove excess weight from your neckline? We get it, unwanted weight is never welcome. Luckily, no matter what fat you’re dealing with, there’s a 100% natural way to eliminate it. And we’ll show you how… Wondering how to get rid of chubby cheeks? Let’s be honest, we all have a little extra weight that we’d like to get rid of. But slimming down feels hard, right? Add up the time it takes to get in your daily cardio, plus watching what you eat (and ending up hungry at 3 pm), and the cost of endless gym memberships, detox diet subscriptions, and activewear that ends up in the bottom of your closet (we’re guilty of it too), and the result is the same…you spend all your time and money with no results to show for it. So let’s toss out the rulebook and admit that dieting and endlessly depriving yourself of food DOES NOT WORK. Do you know what does work? Face Yoga exercises have been created to help you lose weight on the face. So if you’re looking for a 100% natural way to reduce and lose face fat, we’ve rounded up all the info you need to know. Let’s start gaining some knowledge and losing a few pounds!

How to Lose Face Fat Naturally

Oh, you want to lose face fat naturally? Easy. Just join the gym and work out every second day doing long (and painful) sessions of cardio. Hmmm, doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Although the traditional methods of losing fat would help you slim down your face, they’re also extremely time-consuming, not to mention exhausting, and often expensive (anyone who’s seen gym membership fees getting debited from their bank account each week knows that already). So while you *can* spend hours punishing your body every week to melt face fat, there’s a better way. Even better, it’s 100% natural. Getting rid of face fat is easy when you start practicing regular facial exercises – and we’ll show you how you can get started.

Hold On, How Can Facial Exercises Help Me Lose Weight?

Regular facial exercises have TWO exciting benefits on your health and appearance.

Benefit One: Facial exercises help to tone the muscles of your face and neck. As these muscles become toned, the layers of fat underneath your skin are restored to their usual settings. Instead of fat deposits pulling and pushing down (you can thank gravity for that), your appearance becomes slimmer and trimmer as facial features move back to their rightful place.

Benefit Two: Facial exercises help to promote blood flow and circulation. This helps bring nutrients to the skin of your face and, in turn, flush away toxins. This combination helps to reduce puffy features and drain water that’s held in your face. Together, these benefit you by helping to slim your face and keep you looking young and thin.

But enough theory, read on for a couple of our premium Face Yoga fat-melting exercises for FREE.

Which Facial Exercises Should I Be Practicing?

If you want to lose face fat in a week, the most important step is finding an exercise program that’s right for you. For example, are you struggling with extra weight on your neck? You’ll want to check out these exercises. Or, if it’s water weight underneath your eyes, you’ll need to know how to perform these handy exercises. At Face Yoga, we’ve created a community of 300,000 women and men using ordinary, at-home, all-natural workouts to shed weight and blast away fat. And to show you how easy weight loss in your face can be here are a few of our favorite Face Yoga poses.

Lose Face Fat Exercise #1 – The Mouthwash Technique

Did you know you’re helping tone your cheeks every morning you wake up and use mouthwash? Even better, you can replicate the effects without *actually* using any mouthwash. This facial exercise to lose face fat helps to tone your cheeks through repetition and keeps the pesky double chin away. Here’s how you nail this Face Yoga pose:

  • Fill your mouth with air until they’re fully inflated (like a pufferfish)
  • Move the air from one side of your mouth to the other (like you’re swishing mouthwash)
  • Continue this side-to-side movement for 3 minutes

Lose Face Fat Exercise #2 – The Jaw Flex

Ready to flex that jaw? A double chin and excess weight on your jawline can make you appear years older than you are. This Face Yoga exercise helps work out your jaw, shed unwanted fat, and leave you with a jawline so sharp you could slice bread with it. Here’s how you master this face fat removal exercise:

  • Tilt your head back until you’re (comfortably) looking up at the ceiling
  • Push your lower lip out and over your upper lip (you should feel the tension in this movement)
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times The resistance you feel in the jaw muscles near your ears means each movement is helping to active muscles that don’t often get a workout. And the result is a toned jawline to make all your girlfriends jealous.

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