4 Ways to Lose Weight From Your Cheeks (and Change Your Entire Appearance)

4 Ways to Lose Weight From Your Cheeks (and Change Your Entire Appearance)

Round, radiant cheeks are a sign of beauty and health. But when your cheeks become bloated and puffy, it’s tempting to hide inside and steer clear of the world. The right angle might help hide your cheeks in a selfie, and contouring can work wonders, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a long term solution and a chubby cheeks weight loss plan? Well read on, because now there is.

No matter what you do, there are days where the reflection in your mirror just isn’t looking the way you want, right?

Puffy cheeks. Bloated features. Double chin. Face fat.

There’s no woman on the planet who hasn’t wished she could make a few changes to her appearance from time to time, and if you’re finding weight shifting to your cheeks (and staying there), then it’s natural to look for ways to remove that fat and enjoy a more defined and structured face. At the same time, endless dieting and constant cardio can leave you feeling exhausted, and when you’re run down and tired it becomes even easier to indulge and snack. If this vicious cycle is familiar, there is a way off the carousel.

Read on for 4 unbelievably effective ways to lose weight from your cheeks (and wake up looking like a brand new woman).

Lose Weight from Cheeks Tip #1 – Cut Back on Sugar and Salt to Reduce Fluid Retention

Looking to reduce cheek fat fast? Start by cutting back on the amount of sugar and salt in your diet. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favorite foods, just be aware of the levels of sugar and salt in each meal. The reason for this is that excess salt leads to water retention in your body, and that excess fluid often moves to your cheeks for that ‘chipmunk look’ you’re trying to avoid. While excess sugar contains empty calories with little (to zero) nutritional value. This means you’re adding on extra pounds without getting any benefits in return, so cut back on sugary drinks and sodas as a starting point to ease back on the excess sugar in your life.

Lose Weight from Cheeks Tip #2 – Get 7 to 9 Hours of Sleep to Regulate Hunger Hormones

You know how important a good night’s sleep is to your mood and wellbeing. The difference between waking up with only a few hours of light sleep, and a full night of restful sleep, is one that can determine the quality of your entire day (and whether you need that 3 pm coffee hit to keep you going). It turns out your sleep may also be leading to a fuller, rounder face and cheeks. How to lose weight from cheeks can be helped by improving your shuteye. This is because a lack of sleep can lead to a lower metabolic rate, which means you’re not converting food and drink to energy fast enough and holding onto weight. At the same time, sleep affects hormones that regulate hunger – including the hormone ghrelin. Known as the “hunger hormone”, ghrelin stimulates your appetite, and if you’re not getting your nightly Zzz’s, then your body can feel hungry more than it normally would. The result? Excess snacking and weight moving to your cheeks that feels impossible to shift.

Lose Weight from Cheeks Tip #3 – Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage with a Facial Massage

Your face, just like the rest of your body, often builds up fluids that find a home where you wish they wouldn’t. While this can be the result of many triggers (diet, environment, even stress), you can help reduce the bloat with a little relaxing facial massage. And don’t stress if you don’t feel comfortable going to a professional masseuse during COVID-19 times, or because you’d rather stay home, because you can massage your own face for exciting results. A facial massage helps to flush the fluid from your cheeks via lymphatic drainage for at-home face fat weight loss. The area under your jaw is particularly rich in lymph, so focus on this area as well as your cheeks and forehead. This manual stimulation of your body’s waste and excess fluid is easy to do as part of regular facial exercises (which we’ll get to below) so you can practice daily Face Yoga and enjoy TWICE the benefits. Read on to discover how to melt fat from your cheeks AND stimulate lymphatic drainage at the same time.

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