4 Effective Anti-Wrinkle Facial Exercises You Need to See to Believe

4 Effective Anti-Wrinkle Facial Exercises You Need to See to Believe

Frustrated by a furrowed brow, excess wrinkles, or sagging skin? It’s natural to want to make changes to your appearance, and with Face Yoga’s scientifically proven treatments, you don’t need to go under the knife or hand over thousands for expensive creams to look younger. Read on to discover the best facelift exercises for anti-aging.

There are 57 muscles working together to hold your face, neck, and scalp in place. And although they can feel tough to target on an individual level, the right facial yoga exercises for anti-aging have the same effect as exercising any muscle in your body – they become firmer and tighter. If you want to stop the skin on your face from developing wrinkles, a Face Yoga program can help firm and lift your appearance to make people wonder if you’ve organized a sneaky trip to the local cosmetic surgeon, when really you’ve just been performing simple facial exercises at home. If the thought of turning back the clock appeals to you, read on for the best face exercises for anti-aging.

The Science of Smooth Skin

When it comes to making changes to your body, it always helps to understand the science at play. Your skin’s smooth appearance comes from collagen (which provides firmness), elastin (which provides skin elasticity), and glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs (which hydrate your skin). The combination of these is to leave you looking supple and fresh, but as you age the production of elastin drops, collagen levels deplete, and GAG is formed less. The result? Skin that’s susceptible to damage, lacking firmness, and wrinkles.

Can Face Yoga Exercises Really Help Produce Anti-Wrinkle Benefits?

Absolutely. Take all the scientific info we hit you with above, and add regular facial workouts. These exercises have the effect of restoring the losses that occur over time. As your muscles receive regular workouts you can add thickness and tone, helping to add a small layer of ‘padding’ underneath. And when your skin receives a little extra padding, wrinkles and lines start to melt away. Your skin also produces fewer natural oils in later life, which are crucial for hydrating your face. Without proper hydration, your skin has the perfect conditions for dryness, irritation, and wrinkles. By working out your face with regular facial exercises, you’ll also be increasing blood circulation, promoting oxygen and nutrients to the surface, and helping remove toxins. The result? A glowing, radiant complexion that turns heads.

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Exercise #1 – The ‘Forehead Lift’

Anti-Wrinkle Benefit: Forehead The skin between your eyebrows and your nose is known as the ‘glabella’, which moves every time your frontalis muscle – the muscles controlling your forehead – contract or move. Over time, the link between this muscle and the outer layer of skin can lead to wrinkles, with every furrowed brow or expression creating repetitive lines that become more and more visible over time. If you don’t like the look of forehead lines, the Forehead Lift is a simple anti-aging exercise for your face. Here’s how you perfect this exercise:

  • Place your fingers on your forehead, fingers pointing inwards to cover your skin
  • Try to raise your eyebrows, while holding your fingers in place to create resistance
  • Relax your forehead then repeat, with your final repetition using maximum effort to lift your eyebrows against your hands

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 20 times

Enjoy the benefits of Botox, without the Botox.

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Exercise #2 – The ‘Cheek Vibrator’

Anti-Wrinkle Benefit: Mouth Wrinkles around the mouth, also known as lip lines, are common as you age. Typically forming above your top lip, these unsightly lines tend to become more prominent with each passing year as two of your skin’s crucial proteins – we’re talking about collagen and elastin – breaks down with age. As your skin loses its natural elasticity, that taut appearance you once had can become wrinkled and saggy. You can counter these wrinkles around your mouth with the cheek vibrator, which is easy to do at home or on the go. Follow these steps to nail the Cheek Vibrator:

  • Inhale deeply, focusing on breathing with your abdomen
  • Exhale while vibrating your cheeks as much as you can
  • Make noise while breathing out to help your cheeks vibrate

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

This facial exercise helps to relax the muscles around your mouth, which lessens their daily strain and helps smooth out your overall appearance. Looking for more cheek sculpting Face Yoga exercises? Click here for 6 ways to reduce bloated cheeks (without leaving home)

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Exercise #3 – The ‘Eye Spy’

Anti-Wrinkle Benefit: Eyes The thin skin around your eyes is particularly susceptible to the aging process, meaning you’ll need to pay special attention to this area of your face. One of the best exercises for anti-aging, this pose requires nothing but a little time to yourself and your hands. Here’s how you nail the Eye Spy pose:

  • Place one index finger under each eye, holding your fingers horizontally
  • Form your mouth into an ‘O’ shape while hiding your teeth
  • While holding this pose, look up towards the ceiling
  • Flutter your upper eyelids while looking upwards

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 to 10 times

By working out the muscles around your eyelids you’ll help promote firmness and tone. This helps to smooth the outer layer of your skin and adds definition to your eyes. Keep in mind, the goal isn’t just to work out the muscles but to slightly stretch and soften underused muscles. This releases tension and stress (which we’ve all got stored up) and drains puffiness as oxygen and nutrients replace toxins, leaving you with eyes that look mesmerizing and magical. Interested in more simple, at-home eye exercises? Click here for 3 we absolutely love

Anti-Wrinkle Facial Exercise #4 – The ‘Full Face Firmer’

Anti-Wrinkle Benefit: Full Face So far we’ve been sharing our favorite anti-aging Face Yoga poses to target specific areas of your face, but why not target ALL of your problem areas at once? This 100% natural facelift exercise is beloved by actors and actresses who want to loosen up their faces (and we all know how gorgeous Hollywood stars are). The Full Face Firmer is as simple as:

  • Find somewhere comfortable to sit or stand
  • Focus on relaxing every muscle of your face
  • Slowly speak each vowel out loud (A, E, I, O, U)
  • Focus on over-enunciating each vowel and pushing each sound out

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 times

For added benefits, combine this anti-wrinkle yoga pose with a gentle facial massage. This will help promote blood flow and nutrients while firming underlying muscles. Not only will you feel wonderfully relaxed, but the massage will help drive lymphatic drainage to clear out toxins and promote healthy, youthful skin.

Take Your Anti-Ageing Face Yoga Program Before You Go

Forget about the downward dog, anti-aging yoga is the next big health trend set to dominate 2021. As more and more women move away from painful and invasive cosmetic surgical procedures and look to save money on the thousands the average American woman spends on skincare each year, anti-wrinkle yoga for the face is the simple and proven alternative. Regular workouts help sculpt and shape your body, so why not do the same for your face. If you’re ready to firm up your face with a new ‘face fitness’ routine, simply complete the short quiz below to receive your custom Face Yoga program.

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