4 Reasons Why Candles are Important for Face Yoga


Enhancing Your Face Yoga Practice with Scented Candles

Take a step back and try to envision the best setting for a relaxing face yoga practice. Do you see that calm and elevating mood that is reminiscent of Temples? Face yoga is not a random practice, it is rather a whole journey that will elevate you, for the effect, it has upon your body as well as the mesmerizing aura it creates around you.

With this being said, a total immersion within this daily ritual needs to be set. What do we mean by total immersion? Well, throughout this article we will be shedding light upon the importance of creating the right mood by lighting up candles while practicing your facial exercises.

Choosing the Right Scent for Your Face Yoga Practice at Home

It is a general truth that lavender is the top 1 recommended scent by yoga teachers. As a matter of fact, lavenders have the power of restoring tranquility and relaxation, that’s why this flower is often used as a scented candle or organic oil for face yoga or meditation in general.

For people who rather prefer the fresh smell, we suggest the lemongrass scent that works upon your body as an energizer. A lemongrass scented candle can be the right choice for your morning facial exercises to help you kick off your day in the best way possible!

As for women who prefer a temple-like atmosphere, the smell of sage will help you unwind. A burning sage has healing power and it has been often reckoned with Egyptian, Native American and Greek cultures. If you’re wondering how to go the extra mile with your face yoga practice, then a burning sage scent is the way to go!

Detoxify Your Body

Electronic devices have taken a huge part in our lives. As much as they facilitate communication, especially in times when real-life interaction has become a luxury, these devices represent a threat to our health.

When being subjected to the blue light that is diffused by the screens, our bodies are more likely to witness a decrease in the level of magnesium, which leads to anxiety. Warming candlelight helps with restoring your internal balance and guarantees deep sleep.

Knowing that the mind can be stimulated by a specific smell, sound, or visual, this way, memory can easily be triggered and revived by a scented candle. Lighting up a candle makes your happiest memories vivid and has a stress-relief effect.

Especially when it comes to relaxing practices such as face yoga, it is essential to create an environment that promotes calmness and relaxation. Scented candles are perfect for this purpose as they help to detoxify your body and clear your mind from stress and anxiety.

Create a Temple-Like Atmosphere

Candles have always been indispensable in religious practices. Have you ever wondered why? Well, candles have the talismanic power of narrowing your focus upon one thing to avoid any distraction. As already mentioned above, they help with setting a soothing mood that makes people at ease opening their minds and hearts for a transcendent experience.

Using candles in particular moments of the day, for example, while meditating, doing your face yoga, having a bath, reading a book, doing your prayer, or even applying your everyday skincare routine creates particular ‘me-time’ spaces. We know that your lives are filled with hectic and chaotic moments. In order to help you get rid of all this burden, candlelight can soothe the stress that is overwhelming you.

Moreover, setting a pattern for your ritual face yoga exercises can help you build consistency and make it easier to stick to your routine. Using candles during your face yoga practice can help signal to your brain that it's time to relax and focus on yourself, making it easier to slip into a meditative state.

Wondering how to do face exercises at home? Are they going to be efficient? Well, it simply starts from YOU. You just have to download the Face Yoga app and we will take good care of you. We will give you tips and tricks to get the result you’d like to see on your face.


Adding scented candles to your face yoga practice at home can be a game-changer. By creating a relaxing and soothing environment, you'll be able to focus on your practice more easily and achieve better results. So, don't hesitate to try out different scents and create a ritual that works for you.

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