How to Tone Up Saggy Cheeks With Simple, 100% Natural Facial Exercises

How to Tone Up Saggy Cheeks With Simple, 100% Natural Facial Exercises

Looking for a saggy cheeks remedy? No one wants to look in the mirror and see dropping skin or frustrating jowls, but your options for tighter skin can feel limited to expensive fillers and cosmetic procedures (unless you have a spare time machine lying around). Turn back the clock the natural way with these effective facial exercises to lift saggy cheeks and enjoy sculpted, shaped cheeks. It’s a fact of life that as we age, our skin starts to sag. No matter how well you eat or how careful you are in the sun, sagging cheeks can feel like they’ve inevitable in your future – or you may even be dealing with saggy cheeks right now. But just because something has happened, doesn’t mean you can’t make changes for the better. You can spend time at the gym when you’re looking to shed a few pounds. You can spend time at Pilates class when you’re looking to improve your flexibility. And you can practice Face Yoga for sagging cheeks for smoother, tighter, and more youthful cheeks. Let’s quickly recap why your cheeks are sagging, then dive into a few at-home and simple facial exercises you can start practicing today.

What Causes Saggy Cheeks?

Your skin naturally loses elasticity over time. As you age, the tissue within your cheeks experiences gradual relaxation, and with less firmness your cheeks are at the mercy of gravity, causing the sagging appearance you’re used to. It’s common for women to experience sagging cheeks at 30 or even younger, so it’s helpful to look beyond the catch-all of “age” as the reason for sagging cheeks and droopy jowls. For a start, excess use of technology can leave your face in a permanent state of relaxation. As the muscles and tissue atrophy, your cheeks can sag in your younger years. That’s not to say you should toss your phone out the window and go for a run, but balancing screen time with moving around and keeping your facial muscles active can work wonders (Hint: that’s why face yoga for sagging cheeks is so effective). Your diet may also be a contributing factor to a sagging cheek appearance, with many modern diets cutting out fatty and fried foods. While it’s helpful to enjoy a balanced diet, certain fatty acids – like Omega-3 and Omega-6 help retain the elasticity of your cell’s membranes. Finally, a hormonal imbalance may be the culprit, with a disrupted supply of estrogen able to lead to saggy cheeks. Estrogen stimulates dermal fibroblasts, which is a fancy way of saying estrogen helps keep your skin tight and taut. OK, that’s enough time in science class for today. It’s time for your homework (don’t worry, these facial exercises are fun).

Get Rid of Saggy Cheeks with Simple, At-Home Facial Exercises

Your face contains over 50 muscles all working together. But unlike most of your body, a lot of your facial muscles are inactive for long periods of time. Think about it, you use your arms and legs and core heading out to the shops or playing with the kids, but how often are you working out the muscles surrounding your cheeks? Not very much…until now, that is. Here are a few of our favorite Face Yoga exercises you can test out and see exciting results for yourself.

Face Yoga Exercise #1 – The Fish Face

If you’ve ever posed with the perfect pout for a family selfie, then you’ll be ready to master this natural facelift exercise. Start by pulling your cheeks in to make a fish face. Focus on pushing your lips inwards as far as they go to create the maximum amount of resistance. Next, lean your head back until you’re looking up at the ceiling. Pick a spot on the roof and keep your eyes fixed to it. Now, stretch your neck and lift your chin up towards the ceiling, while keeping your head in the same spot. You’ll know the pose is working when you start to feel the resistance and stretching of your neck’s muscles. Hold this pose for two to three seconds. Repetitions: Repeat this exercise 15 times

Face Yoga Exercise #2 – The Duck Face

First the Fish Face, and now the Duck Face (noticing a trend?). While it may seem odd to imitate animals, these simple exercises work by providing resistance for the muscles in your face that haven’t been getting a workout. Just as you lift heavy weights at the gym to provide resistance, this Face Yoga workout does the same. Start by nailing your best duck face. This should end with your lips pursed, and held gently together like a duck’s bill. Once you feel the tension in your upper lip, start to open and close your mouth while keeping your lips as pursed as possible. Repetitions: Repeat this exercise 15 times

Face Yoga Exercise #3 – The Tongue Neck Stretch

Help fix saggy cheeks by working your entire lower face, which is what the Tongue Neck Stretch does. Whether sitting or standing, start by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Once your tongue is firmly pressed up in this position, slowly tilt your head back until you feel your neck stretching. Once your head is in an incline position, press your tongue harder against the roof of your mouth. The more pressure you apply, the more effective this exercise will be over time. This exercise works by stimulating blood flow around your mouth and activating muscles that are typically in a state of relaxation. That’s how you enjoy the yoga facelift from the comfort of your own home! Repetitions: Repeat this exercise 20 times

The Saggy Cheeks Remedy You’ve Been Waiting For

Firmer, fuller cheeks aren’t a pipe dream that only the rich and famous can afford. While 17 million women spent their hard-earned money on plastic surgery last year (not to mention the pain and recovery times that come with it), you can lift sagging cheeks and enjoy a natural facelift without going under the knife or spending thousands of dollars on ‘miracle creams’ and serums. Exercising the underutilized muscles of your face is an effective and 100% natural way to reduce the appearance of saggy cheeks and restore the plump, youthful look you desire. Lift saggy cheeks by completing the simple, interactive quiz below to receive your FREE custom Face Yoga program. It only takes one click to wipe years from your appearance. Are you ready to wake up to a new you?


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