How To Make Your Nose Smaller With Facial Exercises

How To Make Your Nose Smaller With Facial Exercises

Most nose slimming tips are focused on hiding your nose, not correcting it. Between using a matte highlighter or dark bronzer it’s easy to assume your only options for a straight and sharp nose come down to using make-up or going under the knife, but that’s not true. Here’s the 100% natural secret you haven’t tried yet – nose exercises to make your nose smaller. Easy to practice, 100% free, and perfect for busy moms and working women, read on to discover how to change the appearance of your nose naturally. Have you ever wondered how to make your nose smaller? Your nose is the focal point of your face, making it impossible to hide imperfections. If you’re not enjoying the slim nose of your dreams, the only realistic option can often feel like a consultation with the local plastic surgeon. But hold off on making that call just yet. It’s true your nose will always be the focal point of your face, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to make your nose smaller without surgery. Nose exercises and nose reshaping movements have been shown to slim the nose and correct any sagging or uneven skin. This isn’t magic though, it’s physiology. Your nose grows throughout your life and as the tissue surrounding your nose weakens, the outer layer of skin can sag and droop. Using Face Yoga to reshape your nose is about targeting the underlying muscles, restoring tone, and helping create the appearance of a natural nose-lift…all without ever going under the knife. Read on to discover how to make your nose smaller naturally with Face Yoga.


Can You Really Reshape Your Nose?


Yes! Although the nose is predominantly made of cartilage, soft tissue, and bone, it’s the surrounding skin and tissue that weakens with age and can be targeted to restore that youthful vitality you’ve been craving. On top of the aging process, your body creates less collagen as you get older. This crucial protein is responsible for skin elasticity, causing your nose to drop and lose its rigidity. Thankfully, simple nose reshaping exercises and self-massage help increase the supply of collagen, which helps restore your nose’s sharpness the natural way. It’s worth noting that slimming your nose naturally will not happen overnight,but with regular nose exercises, you can sculpt a slim and svelte nose that makes your girlfriends jealous. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time every day (you can even fix asymmetrical nose problems in the car) and you’ll be putting plastic surgeons out of business in no time.



3 Nose Shaping Exercises to Practice at Home


Got spare time between the school run or your next meeting? You’ve got more than enough time to start sculpting your nose and end up looking like your favorite movie star. The primary muscles we’ll show you how to target are the nasalis muscle – this is the muscle alongside the bridge of your nose, and the risorius muscle – which is the smiling muscle. Practice the following 3 nose shaping exercises to improve the strength of your facial muscles and create a striking, defined bridge and nostril appearance.


#1 – Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise

If you’ve ever had a cold and felt one nostril close up, you may have been working on slimming your nose without knowing it. The alternate nostril breathing technique is effective because it forces your nose to work extra hard in specific areas, helping to strengthen the supporting tissue around the cartilage. As an added bonus, these nose shaping exercises help promote calm, deep breathing which aids in reducing anxiety and balancing both sides of your brain. Here’s how you practice this nose exercise. To start, pinch your left nostril closed and breathe in through the right nostril. Next, pinch both nostrils closed for one second, then release your finger from the right nostril (meaning you’ve alternated sides) and exhale as you release. Repetitions: Repeat this exercise for 60 seconds.

#2 – Assisted Smile Exercise

Who wouldn’t enjoy smiling more? You can sharpen the bridge of your nose with this simple, fun assisted smiling exercise that can be performed in the car on the way to work while watching the kids play in the yard, or at the end of a long day over a glass of wine on the couch (pour yourself two, we won’t tell). Here’s how you practice this nose exercise. Get started by smiling as wide as you can. You should feel the skin on either side of the corner of your lips pull taut. Next, use your forefinger and apply pressure to the tip of your nose. You’ll want to apply this pressure upwards as if raising your nose. You’ll know the exercise is working when you feel tightness on either side of your nose. Repetitions: Hold this pose for 5 minutes for maximum results.

#3 – Nasalis Toning Exercise

Just as using weights to create resistance in the gym leads to stronger, more toned muscles, you can create resistance within your nose to create stronger, more toned facial muscles. Your nasalis – the muscle of the nose whose function is to suppress nasal cartilage – can be targeted with this assisted facial exercise, which is easy to do in your spare time. Here’s how you practice this nose exercise. First, place both index fingers on either side of the bridge of your nose, just above your nostrils. Apply a small amount of pressure so you can feel each fingertip against your skin. Next, flare your nostrils to push back against your fingertips. You should feel a small amount of resistance, but be sure to keep your fingers in place to create tension. Aim to flare your nostrils once every second. The more you practice this nose shaping exercise, the more defined the bridge of your nose will appear. Repetitions: Repeat this exercise for 60 seconds.


Are You Ready to Fix Your Asymmetrical Nose Today?


Making your nose smaller can feel like an impossible task, but it’s not. Whether you want to straighten the bridge of your nose, lift the surrounding skin, or prevent droopiness, nose exercises are the simple solution. As reshaping your nose takes regular practice, get in the habit of taking photos to track your progress. Nose exercises before and after each photo will show you just how much progress you’ve made. With face Yoga, a smaller nose without surgery isn’t a dream, it’s an exciting reality that women around the world are enjoying. Will you be the next to enjoy natural nose slimming? Click below to complete our simple quiz and unlock your FREE Face Yoga program, customized to your face.

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