How to Make Your Face More Symmetrical Naturally

How to Make Your Face More Symmetrical Naturally

Symmetrical faces are biologically more attractive, which is great news if you’ve got even eyes, equally voluminous cheeks, and symmetrical lips – but what if your face is asymmetrical? Thankfully, it’s possible to shape the way your face looks without going under the knife or investing thousands of dollars in beauty products. By changing your lifestyle in minor ways, and targeting asymmetrical features of your face with specific facial exercises, you can wake up looking and feeling balanced.

Read on to discover the simple 5 step strategy to a naturally symmetrical face.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone attractive? While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it turns out facial symmetry is also a contributing factor. In fact, science has shown that the symmetry of your face affects how attractive you are to others. Almost everyone on the planet has some degree of facial asymmetry, so don’t stress if you can see minor differences between the left and right sides of your face. However, there are steps you can take to make your face symmetrical. And no, they don’t involve a trip to the local plastic surgeon. Instead, Face Yoga exercises can help make your face symmetrical by:

  • Lifting your cheeks
  • Lifting the corners of your mouth
  • Toning your neck
  • Preventing “smoker’s lines” on your upper lip
  • Evening out nasolabial folds

Read on to discover the 100% natural secret behind a perfectly symmetrical face.

What Is a Perfectly Symmetrical Face?

A perfectly symmetrical face has the same features and qualities on each side. This doesn’t refer to moles or age marks, which are natural and part of what makes you unique and beautiful. Facial symmetry refers to the primary features of your face matching up on either side. The following features may result in an asymmetrical face:

  • Eyes at different heights
  • Different cheek sizes
  • Uneven lips when smiling
  • Eyebrows at different angles
  • Corners of the mouth at uneven angles
  • Deeper wrinkles on one side of the face

Though asymmetrical faces may be the result of lifestyle choices, diet, or even hormone levels, there is a range of natural facial exercises you can practice to balance out your face and wake up feeling perfectly in sync.

How to Fix an Asymmetrical Face in 5 Simple Steps

It’s easy to assume facial symmetry comes down to working on your face, for example practicing facial exercises targeting specific problem areas on the face. But this is just one way to improve your facial symmetry! Read on to discover our 5 super simple tips to make your face more symmetrical.

#1 – Improve Your Posture

Do you find yourself slouching to read your phone or use your laptop? The posture you take up each day has a significant effect on your face symmetry. For example, if you always chew on your mouth’s left side, you’ll be subconsciously guiding your body to favor that side. The same goes for always talking on your mobile phone in one ear (try using earbuds instead for a simple and quick fix). While you’re looking to improve your facial symmetry, your body needs to be viewed holistically. Your face muscles are connected to your neck muscles, and your neck muscles are connected to your shoulder and back muscles. With everything interconnected, the more your slouch and develop poor posture, the more unevenly distributed the workload is for your muscles. In contrast, when you practice correct posture, you’re less likely to see asymmetrical concerns as your body is centered. FACE YOGA TIP: Looking for more reasons to practice better posture? Correct posture helps improve blood circulation and digestion. When your body is pumping blood and clearing out toxins effectively, your skin glows and looks more youthful. In conjunction with a more symmetrical face, this can help you look years younger.


#2 – Get More Sleep


Finding time to get your 7-9 hours of recommended sleep can be tough when you’re running a busy household and taking care of kids, husbands, pets, and yourself. But finding time for those all-important zzz’s can help you develop a more symmetrical face. This is because collagen – the protein in your body that accounts for skin elasticity – is created while you sleep. The richer your skin is in collagen, the plumper it looks. As your skin becomes plumper, wrinkles and stress lines fade away, helping to create a symmetrical appearance across your face and neck.

#3 – Face Yoga Exercises


Frustrated by asymmetrical eyes or an asymmetrical jaw? Facial exercises are so effective at restoring symmetry because they target the underlying muscles of your face and neck. By targeting specific problem areas you can restore tone and muscle firmness, helping even out uneven facial features like mismatched cheek volume or eyebrow height. The right facial exercises for face symmetry will be customized to you, not a “one size fits all” approach. A custom program will help you relax overworked muscles and stimulate weakened muscles for a more balanced look. For example, a droopy eyelid may be the result of weaker muscles under the skin. Looking for a custom Face Yoga program to help you get a symmetrical face? Complete this FREE quiz for your own fully custom Face Yoga program now


#4 – Stay Sun Safe

You love your time outdoors, but are you protecting your skin in the sun? Excessive exposure to the sun can harm your skin, with UV rays causing damage that leads to asymmetrical features. While posture and genetics can cause asymmetrical features, sun damage can cause asymmetry of your skin, leading to aesthetic problems. For example, if you spend a lot of time driving and get burnt on one side of your face, you can experience sun damage and premature aging on that side. As your skin ages, it loses elasticity and moisture, leaving your left and right side looking years apart. To prevent this cause of facial asymmetry, be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen – even when it’s cloudy. Yep, even on a cloudy day you can be harmed by the sun’s UV rays. Not wearing sunscreen is one of the most common skincare mistakes. If you don’t want to wear sunscreen each day, invest in face cream or moisturizers with SPF protection. If in doubt, throw on a hat and sunglasses before you head out.


#5 – Drink Up (Water That Is)

Up to 60% of your body is water, so it stands to reason that drinking more water is going to help your body look and feel great. From a physiological standpoint, your skin is made up of molecules that can hold water deep within your skin. If you’re not drinking enough water, you’ll start to notice your skin dry out and crack. When this happens your skin will react and produce sebum – an oily, waxy substance created by the body’s sebaceous glands. The more sebum your skin produces, the more skin imperfections you’ll encounter and the more asymmetrical problems you’ll run into. A dehydrated body ultimately leads to dry skin, which can cause premature aging in the form of wrinkles around the eyes and furrowed brows. These lead to facial asymmetry, which can be reversed by drinking plenty of water (aim for at least 1 liter of water daily). In short, stay hydrated to provide the foundation for symmetrical facial features.


How to Make Your Face More Symmetrical Today

An asymmetrical face is a common concern for millions of women around the world…but that doesn’t mean you can’t change the way you look and wake up looking and feeling balanced. If you’re not feeling happy with your asymmetrical features, cancel your plastic surgery consultation and opt for the 100% natural face symmetry method being used by thousands of women around the world – Face Yoga. Using targeted, custom facial exercises you can target individual problem areas, improve underlying weak muscles, and restore symmetry no matter your age. The most symmetrical faces have followed a strict strategy that combines lifestyle and facial exercises, so get your head start by completing the FREE quiz below to receive your custom Face Yoga exercise program today.

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