How to Fix Asymmetrical Eyes with Facial Exercises [Two Quick and Easy Methods]

How to Fix Asymmetrical Eyes with Facial Exercises [Two Quick and Easy Methods]

It’s extremely common for eyes to be different sizes and shapes, or slightly uneven – known as asymmetrical eyes. But knowing you’re not alone dealing with uneven eyes or drooping eyelids doesn’t make you feel better when you look in the mirror, does it? Thankfully, the simple solution doesn’t involve Botox, brow lifts, or expensive creams.

It’s as easy as practicing daily Face Yoga exercises to fix eye asymmetry without surgery. What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone for the first time? There’s a good chance it’s their eyes that stand out. We look at each other’s eyes when we talk, interact, or pretty much do anything with another person. So if your eyes are uneven or asymmetrical, it’s natural to feel self-conscious and a little flat. But here’s the good news (scratch that: GREAT news), you can fix eye asymmetry and look younger without expensive surgery, painful Botox, or constant cosmetic concealer.

You can fix facial asymmetry in a few minutes a day

All it takes to even out asymmetrical eyes are the right facial exercises to strengthen supporting tissue around your eyes and deliver a natural facelift. If you’ve got a spare 10 to 20 minutes each day (maybe when the kids are asleep or the washing is finishing up in the dryer) then you’ve got more than enough time to practice these simple, natural and low-maintenance facial exercises. But before we share the most transformational exercises to fix eye asymmetry, let’s quickly break down some of the most common asymmetrical eye causes so you know what you’re up against.

Common asymmetrical eye causes

There is a range of factors that can cause your eyes to look uneven, out of alignment, and asymmetrical. While some of these causes may come down to the actual size of your eyeball or structural damage to your face, the most common culprits are an optical illusion due to: ✧ Eyelid asymmetry ✧ Surrounding cheek asymmetry ✧ Soft tissue imbalance around the eyes When these imbalances occur in your face it can create the appearance of asymmetrical eyes. But since the appearance of your eyes is dependent on the skin and surrounding tissue, it’s possible to correct asymmetrical eyes by targeting these problem areas, firming underlying muscles, and adding volume. Read on to discover a few of our favorite ways to correct asymmetrical eyes the natural way.

Facial Exercise #1 – The Natural Brow Lift

Don’t worry, this brow lift won’t require a consultation with a plastic surgeon or the risk of ending up on an episode of ‘Botched’. This facial exercise replicates the benefits of a brow lift, without invasive surgery. We already explained how eye asymmetry is often the result of an optical illusion. For example, if you’ve got more wrinkles or crow’s feet on one side of your face, this can make it seem like your eyes are mismatched. This asymmetrical eye treatment is simple to perform, so here’s what you need to do:

✧ Place three fingers under each eyebrow

✧ Lift your eyebrows up and slightly outward, towards your ears

✧ Slowly lower your eyebrows using your facial muscles, but create resistance with your fingers

✧ Take roughly 5 to 10 seconds to feel this resistance before starting again

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 to 10 times

Within a few weeks, you will start to notice improvements to your forehead and upper eyes as the underlying muscle becomes more toned and firm. With your facial muscles responding to this at-home exercise, you’ll enjoy a natural brow lift that helps smooth the skin around your eyes and forehead and leaves your eyes looking more symmetrical.

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Facial Exercise #2 – The Closed Eye Lift

If you’re in charge of a busy household, wrangling kids, or possibly even wrangling your partner (who sometimes act like big kids) then you know how blissful it feels to find a moment of peace and shut-eye. You can use that window (even if it’s only a small one) to target the muscles around your eyes and help correct asymmetry. Here’s how you practice this simple facial exercise at home:

✧ Close your eyes as tightly as possible

✧ Lift your eyebrows as high as you can without opening your eyes

✧ Hold this raised eyebrow pose for 5 second

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

For bonus resistance, try looking down as far as your can with your eyes closed. Then, look up as far as you can with your eyes closed. Finish with the exercise above and raise your eyebrows. Don’t worry if you feel resistance throughout this exercise. That’s your eyes responding to the gentle workout and, over time, this will help to strengthen the tissue around your eyes and help create fuller, rounder eyes that look symmetrical.

Say Goodbye to Asymmetrical Eyes with the Face Yoga App

Asymmetrical eyes are something we all deal with as lines, wrinkles, and gravity affect us. It’s likely you’re noticing your asymmetrical features or uneven eyes more than anyone else – while certain studies have shown slight asymmetry is actually considered MORE attractive. But if the face staring back at you in the mirror isn’t filling you with joy, it’s nice to know there are options that don’t involve painful incisions or thousands of your hard-earned dollars in the pockets of make-up corporations. If you’re ready for an asymmetrical eye fix, claim your FREE Face Yoga program by completing the fun, simple quiz below. In just a few minutes you’ll have a custom facial exercise program to help you restore symmetry to your eyelids, eyebrows, and cheeks. A gorgeous, symmetrical face is just a click away. Get started now!

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