How to Fix an Asymmetrical Face Naturally (Without Going Under the Knife)

How to Fix an Asymmetrical Face Naturally (Without Going Under the Knife)

Facial symmetry is found in just 2.08% of the population, so some variation in your facial features is natural and normal. But if you’re frustrated with asymmetrical cheeks or an asymmetrical jawline, there are ways to realign your features. Read on to discover how to fix an asymmetrical face naturally.

Let’s get one thing out of the way – an asymmetrical face, or having facial features that aren’t balanced, is 100% normal. Everyone has some level of asymmetry on their face, but when you’re dealing with uneven eyebrow levels or one cheek that’s sagging more than the other, it’s common to wonder, “how do I fix an uneven face?”. While there’s typically no serious underlying health concern behind uneven facial features, there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to balance your features and enjoy a face that’s more aligned and symmetrical. After all, science has shown that symmetrical faces are perceived as more attractive. But before we dive into the strategies to fix an asymmetrical face naturally, let’s talk about the cause of asymmetrical facial features.

My Face Is So Asymmetrical, Why?

There is a range of factors that may contribute to uneven facial features and frustrating asymmetry. By understanding these triggers and underlying causes, you’ll be able to avoid contributing to asymmetry. At the same time, there’s no need to panic if you’re already protecting yourself against the environmental triggers we’ll share below, as it is possible to balance your facial features (which we’ll show you shortly). But first, here are some of the most common causes of an asymmetrical face.

Genetics: There are times when uneven facial features are just down to your genetic make-up. You may have a natural predisposition to certain features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your appearance (in the same way you may be naturally slim but add muscle definition at the gym).

Sun Damage: A day in the sun is always a welcome distraction from the hustle and bustle of life, but harmful UV rays can burn the melanin in your skin, which reduces elasticity and advances premature aging and wrinkles)

Aging: The older you get, the less elasticity and firmness your skin holds. This leads to sagging cheeks, double chins, and unwanted creases that create the illusion of asymmetry. Cartilage also grows with each year, meaning your ears and nose can keep changing shape as time goes by.

Lifestyle Habits: Wondering how to fix an asymmetrical face from sleeping? Sleeping on a preferred side can lead to extra folds and creases as you’re placing extra pressure on your cheekbones and surrounding skin.

How to Fix Facial Asymmetry Naturally

There is a range of ways to correct facial asymmetry, but the majority of them involve corrective procedures, painful surgeries, or invasive treatments. While close to 20 million women went under the knife last year to correct facial asymmetry, that route is going to hurt your face and your wallet in equal measure. The only true way to fix facial asymmetry naturally isn’t painful, expensive or require anything further than a spare 20 to 30 minutes of your time – regular facial exercises. Facial exercises, in the form of Face Yoga, consist of repetitive movements and exaggerated facial expressions to target specific muscles and areas of your face. With 57 interconnected muscles, knowing how to target and hit individual muscle groups is key to reducing uneven features and restoring balance. Keen to fix asymmetrical face problems? Read on to discover how.

How Can Face Yoga Fix a Lopsided Face?

Face Yoga is effective at restoring facial symmetry for TWO primary reasons.

First, facial exercises act as resistance training for your face. By strengthening the underlying muscles of your jaw, cheeks, chin, and so on, you introduce firmer, more toned muscles. These increasingly firm muscles prevent, and correct, sagging skin and features. As sagging skin and uneven features comes via the breakdown of fat deposits between muscle and skin, you’re able to generate a natural facelift by tightening muscles and lifting your features back into place.

Secondly, facial exercises help stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen. As the most abundant protein in your body (accounting for roughly ⅓ of all protein), collagen is responsible for skin elasticity. The more collagen you produce, the tighter your skin becomes, and the less visible wrinkles and creases on your face. In many cases, facial asymmetry comes about because of excess wrinkles or lines that create the appearance of asymmetry, and when those lines are removed, you’ll enjoy a more balanced appearance.

3 Simple Face Yoga Exercises to Target an Asymmetrical Face

Frustrated by uneven face cheeks or an asymmetrical jawline? Improved facial symmetry isn’t a pipe dream, in fact, with the right facial exercises you can create a more symmetrical look naturally. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 3 super simple and super effective facial exercises for you to practice at home.

Asymmetrical Face Fix #1 – The Half Wink

Helps target facial asymmetry of: Your Eyes

This Face Yoga pose helps work out the delicate tissue around your lower eyes and upper cheek. You can balance out uneven eyes by holding a half wink with one eye (so you’re almost squinting). Then, take your fingers gently and pull the skin back both above and below your eye. You’ll feel the resistance created, so close your eyes tight while maintaining this pressure.

Repetitions: Repeat these facial exercises 20 times on each eye

Asymmetrical Face Fix #2 – The Cheek Puffer

Helps target facial asymmetry of: Your Cheeks Face Yoga doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, the Cheek Puffer is as simple as it gets. All you’ll need to do is take a deep breath and hold the air in your cheeks for 5 seconds. This pose helps strengthen the muscles of your cheek which prevent unwanted jowls and helps slim your face. Repetitions: Repeat these facial exercises 10 times

Asymmetrical Face Fix #3 – The Face Stretch

Helps target the facial asymmetry of: Your Lower Face

Practice this facial exercise by looking up and covering your teeth with your lips (don’t worry if this feels a little uncomfortable, that’s a sign you’re activating muscles that are usually dormant). With your teeth covered, smile as wide as you can to create resistance around your mouth.

Repetitions: Repeat these facial exercises 20 times

Looking for More Face Yoga Exercises to Balance out Your Face?

As with any health and wellness routine, consistency is key. The three facial exercises above are perfect for beginners, but for more significant benefits you’ll need to follow a set program that’s tailored to your face and the improvements you’re targeting. Just as someone else’s routine wouldn’t work for you at the gym, you need your own Face Yoga program to enjoy optimal results – and we’ve created that custom program for you. Complete our quick, free quiz below to add your Face Yoga program to your inbox.

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