How Face Yoga is Transforming The Beauty Industry

Face Yoga - Beauty Industry

QUESTION:What feels good, is 100% free, and is making women around the world look and feel younger? ANSWER: Face Yoga. More than the latest beauty buzzword, Face Yoga makes it possible to shave years off your appearance by doing facial exercises at home. Best of all, you won’t need an expensive yoga mat or a semester of classes to see results. With a little time and an understanding of what exercises suit you, you can define and tone the contours of your face, which leads your skin to naturally tighten and appear smoother. But with a new fad and miracle anti-aging secret seemingly released every year, can you REALLY change the way you look just by changing the way you move your face? According to dermatologists, the answer is YES (and we’ll explain how). So whether you’re looking to reduce wrinkles and tighten your skin, or you’re keen to start a preventative beauty routine that keeps your skin young and supple, yoga exercises for facial muscles are the solution. In this article, we’ll explain what Face Yoga is, teach you how to do face yoga exercises at home, and show you why the best-kept secret of the beauty industry is officially out of the bag in 2021.

What is Face Yoga (and how does it work)?



Face yoga isn’t new to the beauty industry – but it is exploding in popularity. This 100% natural and pain-free facial exercise program is loved by beauty trendsetters like the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, but has roots in Ancient Chinese Medicine with the process of stimulating facial muscles able to stimulate blood circulation and tighten sagging muscles. The goal of facial yoga exercises is to tone the muscles of your jaw, mouth, forehead, and eyes to not just look younger, but help work out the muscles under the skin. As a non-invasive alternative to Botox, Face Yoga may sound a little odd – especially if it conjures up images of a tranquil studio or an instructor with a soothing voice. In reality, Face Yoga is much simpler. Since your facial muscles can’t go to the gym or lift weights, Face Yoga provides structured exercises designed to work out the muscles in your face. The result? Strengthened and toned muscles tighten the skin on top and remove wrinkles.


How to do Face Yoga exercises at home:

It’s one thing to learn how to work out at home, and another to actually put into practice what you’ve learned. There’s a good chance you’ve got an old skipping rope, set of dumbbells, or a random piece of exercise equipment lying around collecting dust. Where Face Yoga stands out is the simplicity of each exercise. You don’t need any equipment, and only require a handful of minutes each day. In fact, it’s recommended to practice for just 10-15 minutes each day, with results improving after 6-8 weeks. If you’re curious to see how your face responds to an at-home workout, try the following yoga exercises for facial muscles:

  • Cheek Lift: Purse your lips and smile without showing your teeth. You should feel your cheek muscles forced upwards. Place your fingers on the corners of your mouth and gently slide upwards towards your cheeks.

How long to hold for: 20 seconds

  • Reduce Double Chin: Place two fingers to your lips (don’t let any air out) and fill your cheeks with air. Hold this breath for a few seconds then slowly exhale. This will help raise your chin (which naturally falls with age). For better results, finish up by using four fingers to massage upwards from your collarbone to your chin.

How long to massage for: 20 strokes

  • Firmer Eyelids: Your eyelids naturally get heavier with age, which can cause drooping around the eyes as well as wrinkles. To counter this, stretch your eyelids by looking up and raising your eyebrows. Once you’re looking up, slowly close your eyelids while still looking upwards.

How often to repeat: 8-10 times


Why Face Yoga has changed the beauty industry forever

If you’ve spent any amount of time taking care of your face, skin, and body then you already know how expensive the love of beauty can get. Between the latest release of your favorite make-up or the newest gym class “guaranteed” to lift that butt and tone those abs, you’re hard-pressed to find anything that doesn’t come with a price tag. Until now. Face Yoga is changing the beauty industry because the only equipment required is your face, your fingers, and a mirror – that’s it! As a beauty-conscious consumer, there’s a good chance you’ve been burned on a miracle product before. Whether it was hyped up by others online or at a price so low you had to give it a try, everyone has a story of being tricked into paying for a dud product. Face Yoga bucks the trend with zero costs required. Like any service, you can pay for customized facial exercise courses to suit your specific goals, for example, a double chin exercise program. But there’s nothing stopping you from jumping on Google and trying a few poses for yourself (read to the bottom for your own custom-made facial exercise program tailored to your skin and lifestyle).

What does science have to say about Face Yoga?


When it comes to your body, you should always look for feedback from medical professionals over anyone the average Joe. Until recently though, there hadn’t been enough scientific evidence to back up the claims of sculpted, firmer, and lifted skin. But that’s changed thanks to a study conducted by dermatologists through Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Dermatologists leading the study estimated women looked, on average, three years younger in their photos after completing the Face Yoga study compared to before they started.

Let’s recap what we’ve learned…

No medication is required, no over-the-counter creams, and certainly no invasive plastic surgery; Face Yoga is the skincare routine for the man or woman who prefers to keep things natural and pain-free. In a few minutes a day, with exercises tailored to improve any problem areas you’re facing, Face Yoga gives your skin the tightening and toning you’ve been looking for, all without leaving home or spending a dollar.

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