Goodbye Face Fat! 4 Effective Tips to Lose Fat in Your Face

Goodbye Face Fat! 4 Effective Tips to Lose Fat in Your Face
Not every chubby feature or round face is the result of a bad diet, so don’t think slashing your calories to 0 is going to make you thinner (it’s more likely to make you grumpy and prone to more snacking). Instead, focus on your overall lifestyle and wellbeing with our 4 favorite tips to lose fat in your face.

Looking to slim down your face and melt away unwanted fat? If that’s your goal then let’s get one thing clear from the start – dieting is NOT the secret to losing face fat. Studies show 80% to 95% of diets lead to yo-yo weight gain, so if you’re serious about getting rid of face fat and enjoying a slimmer appearance, then restricting your calories and starving yourself thin is not the way to do it. Of course, a healthy diet can prevent the weight from finding a home on your chin, cheeks, or neck, but weight gain isn’t just the result of diet, so you’ll need a more holistic approach to reduce face fat. At the same time, it’s frustrating carrying excess weight in your face, right? You can’t hide it unless you plan on staying inside for the rest of your life, so it’s helpful to know what strategies you can use to slim down your appearance and step outside with confidence. And if that’s a feeling you’re looking to embrace, we’ve got 4 effective tips to burn face fat that you’ll love.

Why Do I Have Face Fat and Neck Fat?

Are you looking at puffy cheeks, unsightly jowls, and round facial features in the mirror each morning? While your genetics and hormones can play a role in adding excess and unwanted weight to your face, there is also a range of lifestyle factors at play. Thankfully, when you’re in control of those lifestyle factors you can learn how to burn face fat on your own. To help you understand how these lifestyle changes work, it’s helpful to understand the science behind a fuller face. Put simply, face fat is typically caused by extra fat deposits building up around your face, leading to bloating and puffy features. But this is where women make a mistake when trying to get rid of face fat. And it’s in the form of dieting. By slashing your calories you’ll be losing fat AND muscle, and it’s the underlying muscles of your face and neck that can be activated and targeted to become tighter, burn fat, and pull the outer layer of skin taut and smooth. The result? You lose face fat and look younger at the same time. Intrigued by the idea of melting stubborn face fat? Read on for 4 effective tips to lose fat in your face.

Reduce Face Fat Tip #1 – Eat More Fiber to Regulate Food Intake

How many times have you been told to change your diet to shed unwanted face fat? If you’re like the average American woman, then you’ll try a staggering 126 diets in your life. So we won’t add another fad diet or detox to your “to-do” list. Instead, try eating more fiber to help you feel fuller for longer. Fiber-rich foods (think fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes) fill you up faster, preventing you from snacking during the day. To regulate your food intake, aim to eat between 25 to 38 grams of fiber each day, as the more fiber you eat, the fuller you’ll feel, and the less fat you’ll notice building up around your face. Of course, this tip is more of a preventative measure and won’t directly help you lose fat on the face. But our next simple weight loss tip will…

Reduce Face Fat Tip #2 – Take up Face Yoga to Burn Fat and Smooth Your Skin

How do you lose face fat naturally? Well, you use traditional yoga to tighten and tone your arms, legs, and butt. So why not use Face Yoga to enjoy the same benefits across your face and neck? Face Yoga consists of targeted facial exercises that strengthen the 57 muscles of your face and neck. As these muscles tighten and tone, you can perk up sagging features and help reduce a rounded appearance. That’s how to face fat exercises give you the power to target specific features you’d like to slim down. With more toned facial muscles, you’ll also enjoy an overall slimmer appearance. For example, facial exercises can be used to increase the definition of your jaw and reduce bloated cheeks. As these features become sharper, your face takes on a more elegant and sculpted look. Curious about starting your own Face Yoga program? We’ve created simple, easy, and fun exercise programs whether you want to enjoy the lips of a movie star, make your face more symmetrical or get rid of a double chin at home.

Reduce Face Fat Tip #3 – Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption to Prevent Bloat

Should you cut back on alcohol completely? Not at all. If you enjoy a glass of wine after a busy week, or you catch up with your girlfriends over the odd cocktail, then you shouldn’t compromise your lifestyle. But excessive alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration, which causes your body to retain water and leaves your features bloated and puffed out. Cutting back on the booze can help you lose face fat fast as you’re no longer consuming empty calories (which alcohol contains as it provides no nutritional value). Research also suggests that drinking alcohol can suppress the hormone that makes you feel full after a meal, meaning it’s tough to stop the snacking and overeating that can lead to excess face fat. So by all means enjoy a glass of red after a busy and chaotic week, but keep this tip in mind to stay in control of the way you look and feel.

Reduce Face Fat Tip #4 – Get 8 Hours of Sleep to Prevent Cortisol Spikes

Let’s be honest, it’s not always possible to get your recommended 8 hours of sleep a night. Whether you’ve got kids that have you running around and waking up early, a demanding job that requires your constant focus, or a busy household that would fall apart without you, sleep is often pushed down the priority list. But if you want to reduce and eliminate face fat, look to get a little more sleep. If possible, aim for that 8-hour mark recommended by the CDC. Sleep is helpful because studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to cortisol spikes in the body. And since cortisol can lead to weight gain, this makes a connection between the amount (and quality) of sleep you get and chubby features that seem to appear for no reason. Further studies also suggest cortisol can increase your appetite, slow your metabolism, and lead to fat storage. So help reduce a rounded face by hitting the pillow for some well-earned Zzzs.

How to Lose Face Fat Fast (From the Comfort of Your Own Home)

If you want to burn face fat, you’re not alone. 97% of women will have cruel thoughts about their body today and if you’re one of them then you’re probably also sick of magic diets promising you the world, only to leave you feeling hungry, irritated, and out of pocket. There is NO way to remove face fat by this time tomorrow, it’s just not possible. But by making small changes in your lifestyle today, you can start to see results tomorrow in the way you feel, and soon after that, the way you look. Whether it’s more sleep, dietary tweaks, cutting back on alcohol or practicing daily facial exercises to literally sculpt the face you’ve been dreaming of, losing face fat is easy when you have a plan, tackle the journey day by day, and get started. Remember, the first step is the hardest. Complete the quiz below to receive your custom Face Yoga workout program, and start practicing. You’ll be stunned at how easy it is to meet face fat when you leave unhealthy diets and juice detoxes in the bin (where they belong).


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