4 Facial Exercises to Tighten Neck Skin (And TRANSFORM Your Appearance)

4 Facial Exercises to Tighten Neck Skin (And TRANSFORM Your Appearance)

Retinol. Micro-needling. Neck patches. With so many quick fixes and “miracle” cures, wouldn’t it be nice to find a 100% natural method of tightening unwanted neck skin without all the jargon and empty promises? We hope you’re nodding your head right now because there is a solution. Read on for the top facial exercises to tighten neck skin. There are a few certainties in life. Like sleeping through an alarm when you need to get up early. Or catching every red light when you’re in a rush. And as every woman knows, you can add neck wrinkles and frustrating skin folds to that list. With each passing year, it feels unavoidable that you’ll face excess skin and skinfolds on your neck that leave you looking older than you are. The problem is, it’s an unfortunate reality of life that your collagen production drops as you age. And it is collagen that helps keep your skin taut and smooth, adding volume and thickness that prevents wrinkles.

In short, the less collagen you have, the more wrinkles you’ll develop around your neck and chin. But don’t panic, because your collagen production may have slowed, but you can turn the tap back on with 100% natural, at-home exercises that work with your body’s biochemistry to pump out those skin-tightening chemicals, and we’ll show you how.

How to Make Sure You’re Correctly Performing Facial Exercises to Tighten Neck Skin

If you’ve ever spent time at the gym you know how frustrating it can be to sculpt and tone your body. There are dozens of exercises for your arms, thighs, or butt – meaning you need to be tracking and remembering countless poses and positions to stay on track with your body sculpting goals. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue when you’re looking to tighten neck skin. For all 5 of the facial exercises we’re sharing below, you’ll need to sit comfortably on a chair or couch (anywhere that has your back supported). If you choose to sit on the floor, make sure you have a cushion or folded blanket under your butt that pushes your pelvis forward and helps you maintain an upright posture. Each exercise will also require you to tilt your head up towards the ceiling, so make sure you’re not overstretching and injuring yourself. The aim is to feel resistance in your neck, but no pain, so if you find your neck feeling sore or your breathing isn’t comfortable, try bringing your head forward a little and lowering your chin slightly. You’ll also want to start with skin that’s nice and hydrated, so consider performing your new Face Yoga routine after your skincare routine in the morning or before you hop into bed. Alright, we’ve set the scene and you’ve (hopefully) thought of a quiet spot where you can practice these neck-tightening movements, all that’s left to do now is get moving.

Neck Skin Tightening Exercises #1 – The Tongue Extension

You’re going to start this neck sculpting position by tilting your head up to look at the ceiling. Keep your lips closed and relaxed, then open your mouth and stick your tongue out. Now, try to touch your chin with your extended tongue (don’t worry if you can’t reach it, no one can!). Keep your tongue in this extended position for a count of 10 breaths, then relax and bring your tongue back inside your mouth. Finish this facial exercise for a tighter jaw by taking a few deep breaths, then repeat.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 times.

Neck Skin Tightening Exercises #2 – The Invisible Gum

Don’t feel like chewing gum all day to work out your neck and jaw? Not a problem, you can chew invisible gum for the same positive effects. Start this chin skin tightening exercise by tilting your head back and looking at the ceiling (ignore any random scuffs or marks on the roof, no one will notice them). Keep your lips closed then imagine you’re chewing a piece of your favorite flavored gum for a count of 20 breaths. Finish by bringing your head level again and taking a few slow, deep breaths to fully fill your lungs. You’ll be able to feel the muscles in your neck and throat tensing and relaxing with each “chew”, which means you’re activating muscles to stimulate collagen production and blood flow – both of which contribute to younger, fresher-looking skin around your neck.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 times

Neck Skin Tightening Exercises #3 – The Roof Kiss

OK, start in a comfortable position as usual, with your head gently tilting back towards the ceiling. Keep your lips closed gently, then bring your lips into a kiss that extends upwards towards the ceiling (imagine your celebrity crush is on the ceiling staring back at you if it helps). The aim is to hold this position, which creates resistance in your loose skin below the jaw. As you relax after each movement (you want to hold this tension for a count of 10 breaths) you’ll be helping work out underused muscles of your neck, the same way bicep curls or squats at the gym are working out and toning muscle.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 times

Neck Skin Tightening Exercises #4 – The Advanced Roof Kiss

We just explored the ‘Roof Kiss’, now it’s time for the advanced version. Make sure you’re comfortable performing the roof kiss before you move on to this pose, with superior benefits to the loose skin on your neck and a powerful alternative to surgical neck lifts. Start by finding your comfortable spot to sit, then rotating your chin to the upper left side at a 45-degree angle. This will leave you looking upwards, but not directly up at the ceiling. Form your mouth into a kiss, then hold for 10 breaths. Bring your head back to its original position, then repeat on the right side, making sure you maintain your 45-degree angle as best you can.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 times

Tighten up Neck Skin with a Custom Face Yoga Program

We can all agree that cosmetic procedures and “miracle” creams don’t tick the right boxes when it comes to tightening neck skin, right? You’re looking to streamline your routine, not add expensive products or painful surgeries to the mix – which makes Face Yoga a less toxic and less invasive alternative to a facelift or fillers. While the exercises above offer a great start, it’s easier to see results when you’ve got support and guidance in your corner. The Face Yoga app provides the largest range of skin tightening exercises, all from the convenience of your phone. We understand that the cookie-cutter approach isn’t for everyone, so we’ve created a simple quiz that analyses your skin and lifestyle goals to generate a custom facial exercise plan that is unique to YOU and only you.

Ready for your personalized neck-tightening program? Click ‘Start’ on the quiz below.

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