4 Facial Exercises to Lift Eyebrows | Face Yoga

4 Facial Exercises to Lift Eyebrows | Face Yoga

Frustrated by sagging or drooping eyebrows? Facial exercises designed to strengthen the muscles around your eyes can help to tighten, tone, and lift brows and leave you looking younger. Forget the plastic fantastic look and discover how simple it is to enjoy sky-high ‘brows with our 4 ultra-powerful Face Yoga poses.

Paying for expensive and painful cosmetic surgery is fun…said no one ever. Changing your appearance doesn’t mean sinking thousands of dollars into surgery or “miracle” creams that promise a lot (and deliver little). Lifting your eyebrows is easy when you understand the muscles at play and can activate those muscles.

Facial exercises to lift eyebrows will help you avoid wasting money and ending up looking like a botched Barbie doll unable to express human emotions. Instead, you’ll have a natural brow lift that makes you look younger and makes your friends more than a little jealous (you can share your Face Yoga secret with them if you want). So, if you’re ready to discover the most effective facial exercises to lift eyebrows, read on. We’ve pulled 4 of the most potent poses from our archives and we’re sharing them with you right now.

Facial Exercise to Lift Eyebrows #1 – The Eyebrow Pinch

This eyebrow-lifting facial exercise is super simple and easy to perform whether you’ve got a spare moment in the morning or evening (you can even practice your favorite Face Yoga exercises in the car). You’ll want to start by using two fingers to pinch along your eyebrow. Imagine you’re kneading dough and moving from one corner of your brow to the other to help get the repetition and form correctly. For maximum results, try working deep into the skin with small pinches that stimulate your eyebrows. This simple movement helps to refresh the skin and drive blood flow to tired brows. This circulation of blood flow then helps bring nutrients that leave your skin fresh, spongy, and vibrant. Think of this brow-raising tip as a relaxing massage for the face that also happens to give you the Botox benefits (without the pain, cost, or stress!).

Repetitions: Perform this facial exercise for up to 60 seconds, once or twice a day

Facial Exercise to Lift Eyebrows #2 – The Upper Brow Lift

One of the primary causes of sagging skin and dropping features comes from a lack of collagen – the building block responsible for your skin’s elasticity. Since collagen production naturally decreases as you age, you can help stimulate more collagen and skin firmness by activating the muscles leading to dropping features. You’ll want to start by placing three fingers under each eyebrow and gently pushing upwards and outwards. While creating this tension, try to bring your eyebrows down using only the muscles of your face (don’t worry if it’s hard at first, with more practice you’ll become a pro). You will feel resistance as your eyebrow muscles push against your fingers (this is good!!!). Keep performing this fun Face Yoga pose to enjoy brows so high your friends will demand to know your secret.

Repetitions: Perform this facial exercise for 5 to 10 seconds, repeating it 10 to 15 times on each eye

Facial Exercise to Lift Eyebrows #3 – The Binocular Lift

This facial exercise for your brows provides an all-natural eyebrow lift without the need for daily make-up tricks (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) or Botox. This particular pose is easy to do because it is named after the shape you’ll need to make with your hands – a pair of binoculars. Start by forming the shape of binoculars and raising your hands to your eyes (as if looking through a pair of invisible binoculars). Pressing your hand gently against your face, raise your eyebrows with the support of your imaginary binoculars. Now, try to open your eyes as wide as you can while holding the tension created by your hands. The contrast between your hands and your facial muscles helps to activate muscles that have been dormant and begun to atrophy. Once these muscles are stimulated and become firmer, your dropping features (including those frustrating dropped brows) will revert to where they belong.

Repetitions: Perform this facial exercise for 2 seconds before relaxing, repeating it 10 times

Facial Exercise to Lift Eyebrows #4 – The Closed Eye Lift

Wouldn’t it be nice to banish wrinkles and enjoy an all-natural eyebrow lift with your eyes closed? Well, now you can! This exercise requires you to close your eyes (so you might want to avoid practicing it in the car on the way to work or to pick up the kids!). Start by closing your eyes as tight as you can and hold this position for one or two seconds. Then, try to lift your eyebrows as high as you can *without* opening your eyes. This all-natural facial exercise will help work out the muscles running along your brows and provide a firmness that lifts and tones your eyebrows. Super simple, super effective.

Repetitions: Perform this facial exercise for 2 to 3 seconds, repeating it ten to fifteen times

Looking for more brow lifting secrets???

With 300,000 women and men enjoying the benefits of regular Face Yoga, we want you to do the same! These 4 powerful eyebrow lifting hacks can get you started, but for lasting results, you need a custom Face Yoga program that’s tailored to your skin and lifestyle. And we’re creating it for you! Complete the short quiz below and receive a 100% customized facial exercise plan directly to your inbox (and get ready for results so good you’ll be raising your eyebrows in shock!).

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