3 Quick, Fun and Easy Facial Exercises for Beginners

3 Quick, Fun and Easy Facial Exercises for Beginners
New to Face Yoga? Welcome to the latest wellness trend that’s not just making women feel better about themselves, but has been shown through peer-reviewed scientific journals to help take years off your physical appearance. Starting anything new can feel overwhelming, so read on for 3 of the quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable facial exercises for beginners.

Everyone keeps talking about this new ‘Face Yoga’ trend and it’s tough to keep up. It feels like there’s a new wellness trend hitting the scene every other month, and with everyone looking for ways to unwind, relax and remove the stress from their face during a pandemic, it’s important you know what works…and what’s working you over. But with 57 muscles in your face and neck making up a whopping 60% of your face’s structure, it makes sense that targeting these muscles can improve their firmness, tone, and definition – just as hitting the gym to target biceps or quads leads to firmer muscles. And Face Yoga exercises are how you do it.

While getting older means more wonderful memories, adventures, and possibly grandkids down the line, it also means gravity can play havoc with face muscles losing volume and starting to sag. And since your skin is closely connected to your muscle, wrinkles and dropping features follow. Before you ask, no, targeting facial muscles won’t leave you looking puffy and swollen as muscles become more defined. Actually, by restoring shape you can counter the natural loss of collagen, elastin, and fat deposits in your face that are responsible for holding your features in shape and keeping your skin smooth. As your facial muscles improve and firm, the outer layer of skin is stretched taut, smoothing out wrinkles and leaving you looking younger – literally 3 years younger according to the latest exciting study confirming Face Yoga is the real deal. Keen to join the anti-aging revolution? Welcome aboard.

New to Face Yoga? It’s Never Been Easier to Start Your Wellness Journey

Starting a new fitness routine can feel like climbing Everest at times Between finding the spare time in your busy schedule and paying a few hundred bucks for workout gear, membership packages, and fitness equipment, it’s exhausting before you’ve ever set foot in the gym, yoga studio, or pilates room. So here’s the good news – Face Yoga requires NONE of the above. Nope. You don’t need an expensive gym membership because you can perform all basic facial exercises in the comfort of your own home. And cancel that Amazon order for workout wear too, because Face Yoga for beginners is all about what happens from the neck up (meaning you can enjoy basic Face Yoga in your PJ’s if you want). Sounds appealing? We thought so. To start your Face Yoga journey, we’ve rounded up 3 of the easiest facial exercises for beginners to let you dip your toe in the water, and start seeing results sooner.

Basic Face Yoga Exercise #1 – Lymph Node Activation

If you’ve read a little about Face Yoga already you’ve probably seen diagrams of facial exercises or heard that you’ll be activating individual muscles in your face and neck. Forget these poses or trying to raise an eyebrow after a lifetime of not realizing you even had control over your eyebrow muscles. Basic Face Yoga is about getting your skin ready for improvements, and that starts by activating your lymph nodes and stimulating lymphatic fluid. To start, gently grip your earlobes and move them in a circular motion. Start with a clockwise movement for 10 rotations, then revert to anti-clockwise. This basic Face Yoga exercise works by targeting your lymph nodes, which are situated behind your ears, to encourage lymphatic drainage, bring blood flow and nutrients to the skin, and remove toxins

Basic Face Yoga Exercise #2 – Cat Eyes

Have you ever seen a cat with wrinkles? Nope. All jokes aside, this is another fun facial exercise for beginners that requires nothing but your two hands. Start with your palms on your head (as if you were covering yourself from the rain). To find the right position, the ends of your eyebrows should be covered by your hands. Next, press your palms against your face, then gently lift this muscle area upwards. While holding this pose and creating tension, squint your eyes and hold them closed to feel the muscles around your eyes working. This basic Face Yoga exercise is all about targeting your upper face. By activating the muscles around your eyes you’ll help to drain stalled lymph from your lower eyelid, start smoothing out wrinkles around the eyes and can even relieve headaches.

Basic Face Yoga Exercise #3 – Forehead Lift

Frustrated by fine lines on your forehead? So are 59% of women according to the latest skin concern survey, so you’re not alone. But while it feels nice to know there’s a tribe of women like you waking up with the same lines and wrinkles, it would feel a whole lot nicer if there was a way to reduce and remove them. And there is… This simple basic Face Yoga pose is about boosting circulation to your forehead and relaxing the frontalis muscle that’s responsible for causing lines through expression and repeat movement. Start by interlocking your fingers and placing your hands on your forehead. Next, hold your forehead in place to stop the appearance of lines, while opening your eyes as wide as you can. Finally, try to push your hands downwards while simultaneously pushing up with your frontalis muscle to create resistance. You should be alternating between these two simple movements for a period of 30 seconds, then repeat the Face Yoga exercise 5 to 10 times. The more you practice this basic Face Yoga exercise, the tighter your muscles under the forehead will become, and the tauter the outer layer of skin will stretch.

Conquered Our Basic Face Yoga Program and Looking for an Advanced Program?

If you’ve mastered these 3 beginner Face Yoga exercises then you’re probably hungry for more. For the best results, you’ll need to stay consistent with your exercises and set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day to perform your Face Yoga poses. The more you isolate, activate, and train your facial muscles, the better your results. If you’re ready to take the next step and start confusing friends and family who are literally seeing your age backward, complete our short, interactive quiz below. Tell us a little about your skin, goals, and lifestyle to receive a custom Face Yoga program that’s yours FOREVER.


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