3 Facial Exercises to Tighten Sagging Neck Skin [Discover the 3 x Birds Strategy]

3 Facial Exercises to Tighten Sagging Neck Skin [Discover the 3 x Birds Strategy]

Sagging neck skin is a cosmetic issue that all women face (we can practically see you nodding your head in agreement right now).

But, while sagging neck skin can quickly leave you feeling self-conscious or frustrated, there is a range of facial exercises you can perform in the comfort of your own home to tighten neck skin and step out looking years younger.

If you’ve been looking for non-surgical methods to tighten sagging neck skin, you’re in the perfect place. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve muscle tone, and help smooth scars and fine lines, we’ve rounded up 3 crazy powerful exercises from the Face Yoga vault.

We call these the ‘3 x Bird Strategy’ for improving sagging neck muscles (you’ll find out why shortly).

Ready to say goodbye to your excess skin? Here are our top 3 facial exercises to tighten sagging neck skin – let’s take flight.

Best Exercise For Sagging Neck #1 – The Baby Bird

Have you ever seen a baby bird with loose neck skin?


Truth be told this facial exercise isn’t named because baby birds have smooth, taut necks, but because you’ll be mimicking the movement of a baby bird looking up at its momma for a feed.

To perform this Face Yoga exercise, you’ll just need to follow these super-simple steps:

  • Press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth
  • Tilt your head towards the ceiling to create resistance in your neck
  • Smile and swallow while holding this facial pose

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times.

Why this neck skin tightening exercise works: This Face Yoga pose helps to tighten your jaw and create a natural neck lift without Botox or going under the knife. The repetitive movement works out your chewing muscle and the platysma (the muscle surrounding your upper chest, collarbone, and neck) and smooths wrinkles by pulling your skin taut over newly toned neck muscles.

Best Exercise For Sagging Neck #2 – The Swan

Not a fan of baby birds? Let’s try the swan instead.

Known for their elegant, gorgeous necks, you can unlock your own stunning neck and jawline with this simple exercise to tighten loose skin. Here’s how you execute this pose:

  • Turn your head 45 degrees to the upper right
  • While holding your head in this post, pucker your lips like you’re about to blow a kiss
  • Hold this position (you should feel resistance in the front left of your neck) for 5 seconds
  • Repeat while looking to the upper left

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise a minimum of 5 times on each side

Why this neck skin tightening exercise works: Channeling your inner swan helps to tone neck skin that doesn’t get a natural workout in your everyday movements. Treatment for sagging neck and jowls doesn’t need to be surgical. This complex movement helps smooth wrinkles on either side of your jaw, helps with double chins, and reduces the dreaded “turkey neck” too.

Best Exercise For Sagging Neck #3 – The (Anti) Turkey

We’re rounding out our collection of bird-inspired Face Yoga poses with the anti-turkey pose, named because it helps target turkey neck or the build-up of excess skin and fat underneath your chin.

Here’s how you perform this simple, at-home facial exercise:

  • Tilt your head towards the ceiling while placing your hand on your right collarbone
  • Apply gentle pressure downwards while looking up (you should feel resistance)
  • Pull your lips around your teeth then start opening and closing your mouth
  • Repeat this movement 5 times then switch hands and repeat this pose on your left collarbone

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise a minimum of 5 times on each side

Why this neck skin tightening exercise works: Your neck and jaw are closely related, so exercising your jaw can help benefit your neck skin. Repetitive movements to help tighten the jaw improve skin elasticity and leave you without frustrating excess skin under your chin and neck.

Looking for more ways to wake up to a svelte, defined jawline? You’ll love these 4 x facial exercises for a gorgeous, chic jaw.

We’ve Got a Sagging Neck Solution That Fits in Your Pocket

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At Face Yoga, we’ve created a neck-tightening treatment in your pocket. Our app (rated #1 on the App Store) provides a customized facial exercise program that targets your problem areas and provides quick, personalized movements designed to tighten skin and leave you looking younger.

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