3 Facial Exercises for Lips to Make You Look like a Movie Star


Angelina Jolie. Julia Roberts. Kim Kardashian.

These women are synonymous with big, beautiful lips. But there’s a good chance they’ve got a dirty secret helping plump up their kissable lips – the plastic surgeon. Although plastic surgery can help add volume and life to your lips, it’s a costly and painful experience that’s going to make a huge dent in your savings and your calendar. Between consultations, surgery, and recovery you can be out of action for weeks (if not months). On top of all that, there’s no guarantee that the results won’t earn you a spot on the TV show “Botched” down the line. Thankfully, there is another solution… Face Yoga exercises can tighten the skin around the mouth and jaw, enlarging the lips without any injections or surgeries. In fact, facial exercises for the jawline and lips are so easy to do you can practice on the way to work, in the shower, or relaxing at home in front of the TV! Read on to discover the Face Yoga for lips routine you can use to make you and your lips look like a movie star.

Can Face Yoga really plump up my lips?

That’s the million-dollar question on every woman’s lips (pun intended) and the answer is…yes! While traditional yoga aims to shrink areas of the body to help tighten and tone stomachs, arms, and butts; Face Yoga trains muscles around the mouth with the goal of enlarging them. With zero collagen injections or expensive lip-plumping products, you can define and enlarge your lips by targeting the muscles of your mouth, neckline, and jaw. This is possible due to the ring-shaped muscle around the mouth – known as the orbicularis oris. By exercising this muscle you can strengthen it, firming the attached skin and causing your lips to tighten and increase in volume. Forget lipstick, balm or lip gloss – the secret to fuller, plump lips are custom Face Yoga exercises. Here are four of our favorite face-building exercises to help you transform your pout.

Face Yoga Exercise #1 – Happy Hands

How can you not feel happy practicing a facial exercise called ‘Happy Hands’? This exercise is simple and silly enough to have you smiling all day. The goal of ‘Happy Hands’ is to target specific facial muscles, and this can be done with your own two hands – or to be more specific, two fingers! Use your index fingers to press the corners of your mouth up towards the ceiling. Lift the corners of your lips as though you were forcing yourself to break into a big, beaming smile. Then hold this pose for several seconds to allow your lips to feel the full stretch. This facial exercise will stimulate collagen around your mouth and tighten muscles to avoid the saggy lips that often come with age. How often to repeat this pose: 5 times

Face Yoga Exercise #2 – Tongue Twister

How many times during your day do you find yourself sitting down watching TV, checking your phone, or running errands? That time can be used adding volume to your lips!!! The ‘Tongue Twister’ is a simple but effective facial exercise that can be performed literally anywhere. The exercise is as simple as rolling your tongue around the inside of your lips six times from left to right and back again for one full rotation of the exercise. As this exercise is more subtle you can perform it for up to 20 minutes a day, six days a week. The benefit of the ‘Tongue Twister’ is that your mouth, like all muscle groups, needs a workout to stay tight and toned (and unfortunately reminding your partner or kids to put the toilet seat down doesn’t count). Practicing this exercise for 20 minutes a day will help you lift your lips a natural and pain-free way. It’s that simple! How often to repeat this pose: 20 minutes per day

Face Yoga Exercise #3 – Wrinkle Buster

Everyone has a few wrinkles they wish they could erase, and with the ‘Wrinkle Buster’ you can! While fuller lips are the goal, reducing wrinkles on and around your lips can create the appearance of younger, larger lips without any change to the underlying muscles. By reducing lines around the mouth, your lips take center stage and become firmer, creating the appearance of beautiful full lips. Here’s how you nail the ‘Wrinkle Buster’ exercise… Hide your teeth with your lips. You should be able to stretch your lips down to cover all visible teeth. Once you’ve done this, form an ‘O’ shape with your mouth. Next, smile as wide as possible without letting your teeth show. You should feel a stretch from your cheeks to your jaw as you complete this pose. Instead of holding the pose, stretch your mouth into the ‘O’ shape then return to normal, before repeating the pose without any rest in between. How often to repeat this pose: 6 times

Enjoy the long-term benefits of naturally plump lips

Celebrities are increasingly turning to facial exercises and now you can too. Forget risky and painful lip fillers that leave you with uneven lips and a permanently fishy pout. Face Yoga exercises are easy to practice and 100% natural – which means your lips look better and better as time goes by, while lip injections fade and can leave you looking worse than when you started. The most important feature of your new facial exercise program though is ‘consistency’. Remember to practice your new routine for 20-30 minutes each day, over a six to seven week period for maximum results. The more facial exercises you practice, the more stunning your lips will look. Looking for a custom Face Yoga program to help you enjoy even better results? Take our FREE quiz to discover what routine is best suited to your unique skin type.

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