3 Face Yoga Exercises to get Fox Eyes without Surgery [Yes, It’s 100% Possible]

Discover how to enjoy gorgeous fox eyes without surgery or injections. Steal our top 3 most popular Face Yoga exercises and enjoy all-natural fox eyes.
3 Face Yoga Exercises to get Fox Eyes without Surgery [Yes, It’s 100% Possible]

Fox eyes.

Everyone is talking about them right now. 📣

As the hottest new trend on social media, spoken about in beauty parlors across the country, and mentioned any time Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, or Megan Fox is on screen, we don’t blame you if you’ve been curious too.

But what are these highly desirable facial features? Can any women enjoy fox eyes? And how can you join the fox eye trend? 

These are common questions our 300,000 strong Face Yoga community are asking.

Most importantly, you probably want to know how you can transform your eyes and your appearance without surgery, Botox or painful facial threading. Because, let’s face it, life is too short to spend thousands of dollars on needles in your face.

So if you’re ready to get foxy, here’s what you need to know.


Is the fox eye lift right for me?

If you’ve asked that question, you’re not alone.

And the answer is, the fox eye lift is ABSOLUTELY right for you if you’re unhappy with the way your eyes look, or if you’re dealing with facial asymmetry. To get scientific for a moment, your skin elasticity decreases as you get older (#annoying). 

This is especially pronounced in the lateral portion of your eye - with the lateral rectus an extraocular muscle that attaches to the side of the eye near the temple. As elasticity declines, you can end up with drooping, flat or sagging eyes that don’t fill you with confidence when you look in the mirror.

However, there is a solution.

You can enjoy a 100% natural fox eye lift from the comfort of your own home (not the anxiety-inducing waiting room of a plastic surgeon who’s charging you hundreds of dollars just for a consultation).

That’s right, the correct facial exercises can breathe new life into your face and give you fox eyes that would make Hollywood’s hottest celebs jealous.

And we’ll share 3 premium movements from the Face Yoga archives so you can start sculpting your eyes and face without paying a single cent. Ready to transform your appearance and enjoy fox eyes from the comfort of your own home?

Let’s start with facial exercise number one.

P.S If you want to dive deeper into the biology of your face, explore the muscles that create everyday facial expressions here


Fox Eye Facial Exercise #1 - The Brow Relaxer

You wouldn’t enjoy going to the gym if someone told you to get started with a 5-mile run on the treadmill or 500 pushups… so we won’t start you off with any less than a gentle and soothing way to get your eyes ready for the fox eye look you’re after.

This first facial exercise for natural fox eyes is about exfoliating and releasing tension (which will make the rest of the free Face Yoga exercises in this article more effective).

Here’s how you nail this pose at home.

  • Place your index fingers on your upper cheeks (just outside the corner of your eyes)
  • With a feather-like touch (we’re talking *very* gentle), slide your fingers diagonally until they reach your hairline

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise for 30 seconds

This simple facial exercise helps exfoliate the upper layer of your skin which boosts cell turnover. Outside of helping your skin glow, this movement relieves tension and softens your skin for the following Face Yoga poses to be more effective.

Face Yoga Tip: Try using a moisturizer or eye gel to help your fingers glide smoothly.


Fox Eye Facial Exercise #2 - The Brow Lifter

Kendall Jenner fox eyes or Bella Hadid fox eyes might look incredible on the cover of a magazine or splashed on a website… but there’s a secret their expensive plastic surgeons and make-up artists don’t want you to know.

Are you ready for that secret?

It’s that you can use facial exercises like The Brow Lifter to enjoy similar results yourself (without the cost).

We’ve pulled this movement straight from our archives so set aside 5 to 10 minutes a week to practice the following steps and watch as your own fox eye transformation occurs. This movement works by building muscle and strengthening your eyebrows. As your brow muscles tighten, you enjoy a natural lift that would make Millie Bobby Brown jealous!

Here’s how you nail this pose at home.

  • Place one index finger underneath each eyebrow
  • Gently raise your eyebrows upwards (your fingers should be parallel to the ground)
  • Hold this feeling of tension while you take slow, deep breaths
  • Avoid pushing so high that your forehead begins to crease
  • Maintain this resistance for 15 to 20 seconds

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 3 to 5 times


Fox Eye Facial Exercise #3 - The Brow Softener

Do you carry tension and stress in your forehead?

84% of Americans admit that they feel stress at least once a week. That anxiety can quickly find its way to the face, so you’re in good company (even if that company is overstressed). You can reduce the effects of stress and help lift your eyes for a natural fox eye lift with the following facial exercise.

Here’s how you nail this pose at home.

  • Place your forefingers against the outer corners of each eye
  • Gently press your eyelids upwards until you feel tension
  • Hold this resistance for 5 seconds before releasing
  • Make sure your movements are gentle to avoid injury or discomfort

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 5 to 10 times


How to Test Your Own Fox Eye ‘Before’ and ‘After’

It’s easy to talk a big game online (and plenty of skincare companies do it hoping you won’t call them out on it!).

At Face Yoga, we’d rather show you the results of regular facial exercise firsthand and let you judge the results. To test your own ‘Before’ and ‘After’ transformation from saggy skin around your eyes to dazzling fox eyes, use the exercises in this guide for 12-weeks and see the change for yourself.

Be sure to take photos today so you can see where you started. Then, 12 weeks from now, take photos to compare your before and after journey. If you’re anything like the 300,000 Face Yoga members around the world, you’ll be shocked at the results.

Looking for faster and more prominent results? Complete the short quiz below and receive your custom facial exercise program to tighten and tone your skin and leave you looking years younger.

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