3 Common Skincare Mistakes You’re Making Right Now [And How To Fix Them]

3 Common Skincare Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Every woman has a skincare routine they swear by – but is your skincare routine hurting as well as helping? You may be guilty of making the following three skincare mistakes that are harming your skin and working against your skincare goals. For example, it’s easy to pull out the loofah and use a strong exfoliating scrub to help reset your body after a long day at work, looking after the kids or out at the gym. But that harsh exfoliating scrub can cause tiiiiiiny tears in your skin and interfere with the skin barrier, leading to irritation and unsettled skin. While breaking old habits may be necessary, the first step is to spot any skincare mistakes you’re making so you know what to change and how to change it – and we’ll show you how to do both. It’s time to put you on a path to better, healthier, happier skin. Ready to take your skin to the next level? Here are the three most common skincare mistakes you’re making (and how to fix them).

Mistake #1 – You don’t use sunscreen

It’s easy to remember to throw on a healthy layer of sunscreen when you’ve got a day at the beach planned with the girls, or when the backyard barbecue is set for a hot and sunny day. But according to the American Academy of Dermatology you really should be applying sunscreen every day. Yep, every single day. Exposure to the sun causes sunspots, skin damage and speeds up the aging process. This isn’t a wive’s tale either but due to the way your skin is made up. The outlet layer of your skin contains the pigment melanin. Melanin is what protects you from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which can burn your skin, reduce skin elasticity and cause premature aging! Adding sunscreen to your daily skincare routine helps protect your melanin and stops those nasty UV rays from damaging your face.

How to fix this skincare mistake

Don’t worry, you don’t need to start ordering sunscreen in bulk. Protecting your skin is as simple as investing in some quality moisturizer/sunscreen combo to give your skin the protection it needs. Apply your moisturizer/sunscreen combo in the morning and head out to enjoy your day knowing you’re giving your skin the help it needs to look and feel great. BONUS TIP: Make sure your sunscreen product, whether a combo or a traditional sunscreen on its own, is at least SPF30. UV rays can harm your skin whether it’s grey and overcast or even raining! So get in the habit of applying a sunscreen product each morning.

Mistake #2 – You rely on skincare products too much

When it comes to the skincare products you use there IS such a thing as too much of a good thing. Just like you wouldn’t overindulge on wine or coffee without your body saying “hey, we need to take a break from these products”, your skin can let you know when you’ve been applying too many products – especially if those products contain toxic ingredients. Let’s look at both the quantity and quality of the skincare products you’re using, starting with quality. Your favorite make-up, skincare and beauty products contain thousands of ingredients, many of which can be toxic to your skin. Some of the negative effects include:

  • Disrupting your hormones
  • Causing allergic reactions
  • Irritating your skin
  • And many other adverse side-effects

Not to terrify you, but while the European Union has a list of 1,300 banned cosmetic ingredients, the US has only banned 11 ingredients!!! In terms of quantity, it’s common for women to use more products than is necessary, leading to oily skin or itchy, raw skin. And in an effort to escape the cycle you end up buying MORE skincare products which only makes things worse. Sound familiar? We get it – thankfully there’s a simple solution.

How to fix this skincare mistake

Face Yoga. Using skincare products to help tighten and tone skin is targeting the symptoms, not the cause. Facial exercise programs are anti-aging exercises designed to work out the muscles of your face and neck, just like the gym helps work out muscles of the body. With muscles becoming firmer and more toned the outer layer of skin lifts and tightens, creating a more youthful appearance without getting stuck in the carousel of skincare products. Considering that the average woman spends $3,000 a year on personal appearance, the zero-cost of daily face yoga isn’t just about helping your skin but helping your savings account too! Curious to see how facial exercises work for you? Scroll to the bottom to take a FREE quiz to claim a custom facial exercise program for laugh line removal, wrinkle removal and smoother skin.

Mistake #3 – You follow the same skincare routine morning and night

You wouldn’t eat the same meal for breakfast and dinner, so why apply the same skincare routine to your skin in the morning and night? It can feel overwhelming to have two separate skincare routines, but this is crucial to prevent breakouts, irritation and skin-related issues. To make the process easier, think of the goals of each skincare routine. In the morning you’re preparing your skin for the day, preparing for make-up and rejuvenating after a good night’s sleep. And in the night you’re doing the opposite – removing make-up and preparing your skin for a good night’s sleep.

Feeling bloated and puffy each morning?

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How to fix this skincare mistake

The easiest fix to this common skincare problem is to create two unique skincare routines, but don’t think they have to be miles apart. Here are a few simple tips to help you split your routine into two…

Morning Skincare Tips Evening Skincare Tips
✔ Use a gentle cleanser in the morning ✔ Apply SPF products & protective products in the morning to provide daily protection ✔ Moisturize before you apply make-up ✔ Use a double cleanser in the evening ✔ Save treatments for the evening (exfoliating, face masks and so on) ✔ Use heavier and more potent products at night

Are you ready to wake up with clear, beautiful skin?

Oily, dry or irritated skin is never fun, but you’ve now got the tips you need to break bad habits and enjoy clear, smoother, younger-looking skin. Whether it’s a simple fix like changing your routine morning and night, or a long-term facial exercise program designed to shave years off the appearance of your skin, we’re confident these skincare tips will have you feeling and looking amazing.


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