Face Yoga Skincare Wand

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Face Yoga Skincare Wand

$49.99 $59.99 -17% OFF

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The Face Yoga 4-in-1 Skincare Wand offers immediate results for smoother, softer, and rejuvenated skin.

It is a masterfully constructed beauty product that combines four powerful features for the best skincare experience. Crafted with an aluminum alloy, the Skincare Wand is simple to clean and easily rechargeable via its micro-USB port.



The State-of-Art Skincare Wand will help you look younger and more vibrant. The package also includes a charging cable.

✅ Fades blemishes & soothes fine lines
✅ Boosts skin's glow
✅ Exfoliates the skin
✅ Reveals a youthful radiance
✅ Rejuvenates the skin

The State-of-Art Skincare Wand will help you look younger and more vibrant. The package also includes a charging cable.

"The secret to accessible beauty and Self-Care!"

Face Yoga wants to make beauty and self-care accessible for all.

Backed by decades of research and specifically crafted to ensure everyone, in every tone, can feel beautiful in their own skin.

The award-winning Skincare Wand combines 4 powerful skincare
for the ultimate at-home facial treatment.

Cutting Edge Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a technique that uses low-level wavelengths of visible red LEDs to rejuvenate the skin. Using it regularly encourages collagen production and lessens the visibility of wrinkles & fine lines.

To enhance the appearance of the skin and obtain a smooth and even tone, the Face Yoga Skincare Wand uses visible red light with a centroid wavelength of 660 nanometers.

See What Our Verified Customers Are Saying

Kate S.

"Super easy to use and implement into your daily skincare routine. Leaves skin feeling tighter and more refined. Works great with serums and creams."

Jessica H.

"I have noticed a difference in my skin, it appears to be clearer, smoother, and more even-toned than when I started using the wand."

Christine L.

"Massage vibration made it feel like a spa facial. I felt the massage wand therapy reshape my face. I felt like I was able to see myself again."

Morgan C.


"Really surprised to see a difference so quickly. I could feel my face plump up after the first few uses. I noticed redness in my cheeks go down a lot."

Vanessa G.


"It is not only a delight to use but is easy to take with you when you’re traveling. You will definitely see the results with continuous use. Can’t recommend it enough!"



Microcurrent employs low-voltage energy to activate deeper skin layers and muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and creating smooth, youthful skin.

Facial Massage

Low-vibration offers a soothing massage that enhances the skin's natural shine and helps to reduce the look of puffiness.

Therapeutic Warmth

The warming head of the wand promotes healthy, radiant skin, reduces redness and swelling by increasing the absorption of skin care products.

Red Light Therapy

The optimal range of red light at 660nm aids in deeply rejuvenating the skin and boosts its look and vibrancy.


1. Keep it Clean

Wash and dry your face so you start with clean, hydrated skin.

2. Keep it Moist

Apply the Face Yoga Vitamin C cream to prepare your skin for the Wand.

The Wand will automatically turn on when making contact with hydrated, clean skin.

3. Start Gliding

Glide the Wand across your face in an upward and outward moment, slowly covering your forehead, cheeks, under eyes, jaw, upper lip and neck.

Use for at least 5 minutes and enjoy your new glow.

4. See the Difference

Look into the mirror and see the difference! Keep practising and you will start seeing better results as you go.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Patricia E.

The wand feels so good on the skin. I use it after I put the cream on I can feel my skin soaking in the cream

Helen T.

I am completely fascinated with the skincare wand! It consistently leaves my skin feeling soft, healthy, and brighter after each use.

Nicole P.
great product

So far, I have had a great experience with the skincare wand. It is easy to use and comes with clear instructions, making it a fun addition to my skincare routine.

Emma W.
happy customer!

I have been using the skincare wand for a while now and am extremely satisfied with the results. My skin looks and feels more youthful, firm, and overall healthier.

Natalie C.

The wand delivers a precise and concentrated dose of the product, which means I use less product overall and see better results. My skin looks and feels smoother, more radiant, and healthier since I started using it. It's also gentle and doesn't irritate my skin, which is a major plus.

Elizabeth D.

It's such an innovative and effective tool that has completely changed the way I take care of my skin.

Naomi M.
High Quality

I've recommended it to all my friends and family, and everyone who has tried it has had nothing but positive things to say. If you're considering a skincare wand, I highly recommend Face Yoga. You won't be disappointed!

Elena H.

The wand allows me to target specific areas of my face, ensuring that my products are being applied evenly and effectively. Plus, the massaging action of the wand feels amazing and helps to boost circulation, leaving my skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Harper T.
my skin looks brighter

Before using the wand, I struggled with uneven skin tone and dullness. But after just a few weeks of using it, my skin looks brighter and more radiant. I also noticed that my pores appear smaller, and my skin feels smoother.

Lillian G.
Easy to Use

I recently purchased "Face Yoga Skincare Wand" and I have been blown away by the results. The wand has completely transformed my skin. My complexion is now smoother, brighter, and more even. The wand is super easy to use and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. I love that it can be used on all skin types and it's gentle enough to use every day.

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