Face Yoga Hair Supplement Review: Strengthen Your Hair With The Magical Hair Formula

You shampoo and conditioner can only do so much. Get fuller and healthier hair when you take Face Yoga's Magical Hair Formula.
Face Yoga Hair Supplement Review: Strengthen Your Hair With The Magical Hair Formula

The hair is one’s “crowning glory.” We don’t just say that because it’s on top of their heads, but because it’s one of the first features people notice.

And aside from hairstyles, your hair’s health says a lot about you and can greatly influence your appearance. Dry and dull hair can make you look older and slightly unhealthy, whereas full and shiny hair brings a certain air of youth.

People commonly believe that their hair’s health solely relies on the products they apply to it, like shampoos, conditioners, and serums. But what you take in has an impact too.

While eating healthy foods can help, they might not be enough. Here’s where hair supplements come. The best of these can prevent hair loss, promote growth, and give you overall healthier hair.

Among the greats of hair care is Face Yoga’s Magical Hair Formula. This review will talk about what this hair formula is and why you need it.

What is the Face Yoga Magical Hair Formula?

People experience a variety of hair problems. Some have dry hair; others have thinning hair. A few have a multitude of issues that stop them from feeling confident. To address these, people tend to try all these shampoos and conditioners that claim to have all these benefits.

Maybe they can fix your hair problems, but chances air the effects are only temporary. Well, there’s a way to achieve strong and healthy hair without blowing your savings on a ton of products.

Face Yoga developed these hair supplement pills that do more than just one thing. Instead of coming up with different pills to target individual issues, the brand made a pill that addresses many of your concerns. This all-in-one pill increases hair volume, thickens hair, promotes hair growth, and gives you overall healthier hair.

With better hair, you can feel more confident and won’t have to worry about stepping out and damaging your hair.

How do the Face Yoga Hair Formula Pills work?

Essentially, hair supplements contain a mix of hair-friendly ingredients that work together to make your hair shinier, longer, stronger, and generally healthier. 

Each capsule of the Magical Hair Formula is filled with nine key ingredients that target your hair's health, like increasing hair thickness and accelerating hair growth.

These pills work similarly to how you absorb nutrients from the food you eat. In this case, Face Yoga’s Hair Formula targets your hair.


What is the Face Yoga Magical Hair Formula made of?

1. Vitamin C

When people think of Vitamin C, they immediately go to the immune system. While that’s true, it also does wonders to your hair.

Free radicals are a result of natural body metabolism and UV exposure. They damage cellular structures and lead to weaker hair follicles. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and helps neutralize free radical damage, helping you maintain a healthier scalp.

Vitamin C also promotes collagen production, which helps strengthen your hair. This vitamin boosts the shine on your hair too. It contributes to a healthier scalp, which impacts your hair’s appearance.

Vitamin C can prevent hair loss. It can interact with a hormone called DHT that contributes to hair loss. The vitamin reduces the production of that hormone, aiding in preventing hair loss. More than that, Vitamin C promotes hair growth. Aside from strengthening your hair, collagen also helps with the growth of new hair.

2. Selenium

Selenium also kills free radicals, allowing for healthy hair growth. Some enzymes use selenium to make them more reactive. These enzymes help your body rid itself of damaging free radicals, which are detrimental to hair growth as they contribute to weaker hair follicles.

Concentrated in the thyroid, selenium is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid hormone. In turn, this hormone regulates hair loss, particularly in people who suffer from a type of hair loss that happens in patches.

In addition, selenium activates an enzyme needed for the regeneration of essential antioxidants in your body, like Vitamin C. By accelerating the production, it kills free radicals and further promotes hair growth and regrowth.

3. Vitamin A

Your hair is the fastest-growing tissue in your body, and Vitamin A is essential for cells to grow, which helps your hair grow too. It focuses on the new shaft that sprouts out of your scalp. But if you get the right amount of Vitamin A, the growing ones become thicker and stronger.

This vitamin also helps your glands produce sebum. From inside your skin layers, the sebum is distributed from your hair follicle to the shaft. That naturally occurring oil is responsible for keeping your scalp moisturized and hair healthy.

Having healthy and hydrated hair prevents it from drying out and becoming brittle and gives it a healthy look. And with your scalp also adequately hydrated, you’ll be less prone to dryness and flaking.

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E has properties that prevent hair loss. A small study involving people with hair loss found that one of the components of the vitamin improved hair growth in some participants. It’s thought that the antioxidant properties of the vitamin helped reduce oxidative stress in the scalp, which has been associated with hair loss.

This vitamin can also help with blood circulation in your scalp. One study found that an increase in blood supply encourages hair growth and increases hair follicle size in mice.

Vitamin E also addresses your scalp. An unhealthy scalp can mean lackluster hair quality. But Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress, which supports your scalp and gives your hair a solid base to grow from.

Lastly, this vitamin can bring some shine to your hair. If the protective fat layer on your hair cuticle is stripped, it can get damaged, loses its luster, and look dull and frizzy. It also becomes difficult to manage. Well, Vitamin E can restore that layer and bring back the shine.

5. Vitamin B6

The most notable characteristic of Vitamin B6 is its active involvement in the protein metabolism in your body. It acts as a catalyst that activates the enzymes and other chemical reactions that kick off the metabolism of hair proteins, keratin, and melanin in hair follicles. The hair will get enough melanin and keratin that promote hair renewal and growth.

6. Vitamin B12

Like the other ingredients in this capsule, Vitamin B12 promotes healthy hair growth. It does this by helping produce oxygen-rich blood cells that feed your hair follicles.

7. Vitamin B5 

Also called pantothenic acid, Vitamin B5 is vital in keeping hair healthy. It strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles to prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth. And like Vitamin B12, it assists in creating red blood cells.

8. Biotin

Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or H, is a popular ingredient linked to hair health as it carries plenty of benefits.

It thickens and strengthens your hair. And with that, the vitamin also protects your hair. With stronger and thicker hair, it’s less likely to break off at the ends. Biotin can also prevent hair loss. It can fight inflammation, a leading cause of hair loss.

Biotin aids in improving the infrastructure of keratin, an essential protein in hair. This compound promotes healthy hair and scalp. Aside from hair health, it also increases hair volume and scalp coverage.

Biotin enhances your hair’s shine too. Some research suggests that it can improve overall hair quality, particularly shine.

9. Zinc

Unlike the other ingredients mentioned, zinc is not produced in your body. Instead, you get your fill from foods and supplements.

Low levels of zinc can cause hair loss. Regular zinc intake accelerates hair follicle recovery, preventing or reducing hair loss. Additionally, it regulates hair growth. It prevents hair follicles from regressing (catagen phase) and improves hair's anagen phase or active phase.

What are the benefits of using the Face Yoga supplement for hair?

While you can get plenty of benefits from just using shampoo and conditioner, that combo may not be enough to improve your hair’s health. On top of eating healthy food, you can get a lot out of the right hair supplement.

You can address multiple hair concerns with Face Yoga’s Magical Hair Formula. For one, it helps prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. 

1. Increases volume and thickens hair

Your hair can lose its volume and thickness as you grow older. Stress, nutrient deficiencies, and health conditions can speed this up.

Face Yoga’s Hair Formula can address hair thinning and bring the volume back. This one pill can make your scalp and hair healthier, making it less dull, shinier, and fuller.

2. Treats hair loss and promotes hair growth

Aside from hair thinning, hair loss is also a problem that makes your hair lose volume. The Magical Hair Formula is chock full of ingredients with properties that prevents hair loss and even stimulate hair growth.

3. Overall healthier hair

With all these hair concerns taken care of, you’ll have fuller and healthier hair. Plus, this supplement makes your hair shinier, softer, and smoother.

More than that, it’s going to be easier to manage. So, another bonus is that having healthier hair is convenient. You don’t have to wake up early just to fix it up.

4. Boost confidence

Now that you have better-looking hair, your beautiful crowning glory, you’ll be able to carry yourself with more confidence and grace. You won’t look for ways to hide your hair or spend so much time trying to style it.

5. Cost-effective

Many spend thousands of dollars on hair appointments, treatments, and tons of products to get their hair’s health back. 

Well, Face Yoga’s Magical Hair Formula supplements can answer several of those hair problems. It doesn’t even take much of your time. You just have to drink it a couple of times a day.

How do you use the Face Yoga Hair Formula Pills?

Face Yoga says you should take one to two capsules a day. You may start seeing changes within a month. But to get the best results, use the Fabulous Hair Formula for at least three months. And one bottle lasts about a month.


Are there negative effects to using a dietary supplement for hair?

Vitamins are essential for one's health, and supplements are great for getting more of these. But there is such as thing as “too much” vitamins.

So, don’t take more than you should. Follow the recommended steps.


Face Yoga Hair Formula Customer Reviews

Face Yoga clients got the try the Magical Hair Formula, and they were not disappointed.

Claire Wilcox can attest that this product is truly “magical.” She left a five-star rating and said, “I was one of a lucky few to try the supplements. All I can say is that the effects are truly magical!"

Jessica Hudson mentions what these pills did to her hair. “These are amazing. My hair feels much stronger and looks healthier than it has for years." She also gave these supplements dive stars.

Julia Davis says the pills worked quickly, saying, “Absolutely love it! I started seeing results fairly quickly, and it just keeps getting better."


What are the pros and cons of using the Face Yoga Hair Formula Pills?


  • Gives you healthier hair overall
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Treats hair loss
  • Increases volume
  • Thickens hair


  • It’s only available in the European Union.
  • There are limited stocks left.

Should I buy the Face Yoga Magical Hair Formula?

There’s only so much hair products can do for you. While they have significant benefits, most of these are just temporary. And they usually target one hair concern at a time.

So, if you want to up your hair’s health overall, then you should surely give the Face Yoga Magical Hair Formula a try. It’s a great product that not only addresses hair concerns but gives you a big boost of confidence too.

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