This granny from Japan’s snake island is living her life as a “Human Doll”. Whenever she meets someone new, they refuse to believe that she’s a grandma.

Even without any makeup on, 72-year-old Shiho looks like she could be her granddaughter’s sister.

Mother Nature’s Gift

People couldn't believe Shiho was already a grandma because she doesn’t even have a single sign of aging on her face!


So, just how did this granny manage to look decades younger than her age?


In a recent interview, Shiho revealed that her youthfulness could be credited to Dr. Fumito.

With more than 35 years of experience, he has been researching the hidden healing powers of snake venom:

“Snake venoms have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years but what most people don’t know is, they have amazing anti-aging properties.”

“It all started when I was hiking in the Shikoku forest of Japan and was suddenly bitten by the Mamushi pit viper.”

“Thankfully, I survived the attack because it was only a minor bite. However, something unusual occurred. The old scars and lines on my hands after years of handling snakes, had vanished!”

“The tiny amount of venom injected into my hands gave me a new pair of hands! This is remarkable because previously, the scars refused to fade despite the fact that I’ve spent thousands on treatments!”

“I thought this was only a temporary effect but my hands still look flawless. My colleagues even thought that I had laser treatments to remove the scars. This inspired me to investigate further on the use of Venom for anti-aging purposes.”

-Dr. Fumito

First Of Its Kind

After spending years of research and testing with his team, Dr. Fumito concluded that the venom of the Mamushi Pit Viper contains a high concentration of peptides with potent anti-aging properties.

It works similarly to Botox to reduce forehead creases and crow's feet. This explains why Dr. Fumito's hands became as smooth as someone in their twenties after the snake bit him.

Realizing how this breakthrough discovery could shape the skincare world, Dr. Fumito has since worked with top Japanese dermatologists to develop a synthetic serum that replicates the “Botox” effects of snake venom:

“Our main goal is to avoid harming any snakes while developing a product. So, we used the latest technology to create the synthetic serum.”

-Dr. Fumito

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“As a result, the skin is bouncy, smooth, and feels moisturized. Making a person appear younger than they are.”

-Dr. Fumito

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75-year-old Lily is also eager to share her experience with Fabulous Skin Formula:

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