Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I practise Face Yoga before I see results?

The most exciting feature of Face Yoga is that your results improve over time. While some people may see results after just ONE practice, the majority of people will see increasingly beneficial results from 2 weeks onwards. Measuring changes to your facial structure, lips and eyes occurs gradually, but improves week after week. If you’ve got an event on the horizon, or just want to turn heads, starting Face Yoga today means results are right around the corner.

Do I have to practice each Face Yoga pose every day?

For optimal results, it’s recommended you practice each pose in your custom program each day. When you start seeing results there’s a good chance you’ll want to find even more time in your day for Face Yoga! Are you looking to tighten your cheeks? Remove stress lines from your eyes? Or bring back that youthful glow to your skin? You can target problem areas each day for individual results if you don’t want to practice each pose. The beauty of Face Yoga is how easy it is – we recommend practising each day for a short while rather than waiting all week and trying to fit all your exercises in at once.

What if I can’t move my facial muscles to meet the pose?

It’s natural to feel a little resistance from your face at first – that means you’re engaging muscles for the first time in a while! No skill comes naturally, whether it’s riding a bike or learning to cook but practice always makes perfect. Don’t get down if your first few attempts don’t feel successful, under the surface your facial muscles are engaging and with practice, you’ll have exceptional control. Even better, the more you practice, the tighter and smoother your skin will become.

Will I get wrinkles by practising Face Yoga?

Absolutely NOT. Have you ever heard that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile? Well, Face Yoga has been carefully designed to promote healthy muscle repetition in your face to eliminate wrinkles and stress lines through a re-tightening of the skin. With each pose taking less than 60 seconds (easy to fit in while the kids are brushing their teeth or hubby is taking out the trash) you’ll be targeting areas of your face in a way that firms, tones and smooths out skin – in no time at all.

Do I still need to do individual poses if I don’t like them?

There’s no obligation to nail every Face Yoga pose if you don’t enjoy them – though we’ve found the overwhelming majority of women enjoy the results so much they choose to do all poses before long! If you’d like to target specific areas of your face, for example, lips, cheeks, and neck, you can tailor your program with poses suited to these areas. Just like going to the gym, the more muscles you work out, the better the results. So a comprehensive program will be more effective than picking individual exercises.

Is it normal for my face to feel “strange” after practising Face Yoga?

Absolutely. Think about the first time you go out for exercise after an extended break. You end up feeling sore and worn out – which is your body healing and getting stronger. Face Yoga works the same way, so don’t be surprised if your face feels different. Some women describe this as ‘tingling’, ‘humming’, or ‘glowing’. The result is the same younger skin and anti-aging properties in overdrive.

Can I still practise Face Yoga if I have had a face lift or Botox?

You sure can. However, it is not recommended to perform facial exercises for 7 days after Botox, and 14 days after any other facial procedure, such as a face lift. After these periods you may begin facial exercises. Keep in mind, procedures like Botox suppress the movement of facial muscles, so you may find it difficult to control each pose and enjoy the full range of benefits. If you’ve had, or are planning, facial procedures we recommend consulting your doctor for specific advice on when it’s safe to begin your Face Yoga program again.
Please Note: If your Face Yoga exercises cause pain or discomfort, try reducing the resistance or frequency of your program. Consult your physician if pain persists.

Does Face Yoga really work?

Don’t take our word for it, we’ll let one of the many scientific studies speak for itself. One of the countless studies, conducted by Northwestern Medicine, showed just 30 minutes per day of facial exercises could unlock anti-aging properties in women and slash 3 years off an appearance in just 5 months. Imagine melting 3 years of age off your face by sitting at home and practicing facial yoga for just half an hour?! Fuller cheeks, tighter skin, fewer lines, are just some of the proven benefits of Face Yoga. The results are conclusive. Face Yoga works.

What are the best Face Yoga poses?

The most exciting feature of face Yoga is how easy it is to customize. That means the best Face Yoga pose for you will depend on the specific area of your face you want to improve. There is no one-size-fits-all pose that benefits everyone. Looking for fuller lips? Tighter eyes? Smoother skin? Slimmer cheeks? A custom Face Yoga program can turn your individual goals into reality.

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