How to Slim Down a Round Face With 100% Natural Methods

How to Slim Down a Round Face With 100% Natural Methods
The shape of your face is predominantly determined by genetics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slim down a round face naturally and alter the shape and definition of your features. Forget fillers and Botox, and say ‘no’ to the knife, because facial exercises can help you achieve your dream look the natural way – and we’ll show you how.


What’s your face shape? For millions of women, the answer is ‘round’ which can cause frustration when you’d prefer to have longer, more defined features. Whether you’re getting frustrated at features that aren’t as sharp or defined as you’d like, or you’re looking to slim down a round face naturally and reduce bloat and puffiness, there is a solution. Losing weight is hard enough at the best of times (that’s why the average American woman tries up to 4 fad diets EVERY YEAR) so losing weight in and around your face can seem like the Mount Everest of personal goals. But you don’t need to climb that mountain alone. In fact, with the 100% natural beauty and body hacks we’ve rounded up, you don’t have to climb that mountain at all. Read on to discover how easy it is to change the shape of your face naturally, and wake up looking like a brand new you.


Slim a Round Face Hack #1 – Cut Back on Sodium to Reduce Bloating and Puffiness


Not every round facial feature is genetic or due to your inherent facial structure. If you’re waking up looking more bloated and puffy than you’d like, the culprit could well be too much salt. This is because food that’s high in sodium results in higher fluid retention. When there’s too much sodium in your body you’re more likely to experience vasodilation and electrolyte imbalance that causes fluid to move from the veins and go to your skin – leading to a puffy or round face appearance. If your round face is due to a buildup of fat deposits or permanently bloated or sagging features that are giving you a rounded look then you’ll need to read on to our next natural tip. But if a round face seems to strike at random times, consider cutting back on salt and seeing if it helps to slim down a round face naturally.


Slim a Round Face Hack #2 – Style Your Hair to Reduce the Appearance of Round Features



If you’re struggling to find a way to slim down your round face, or you’ve only just started your Face Yoga routine and you’re still working towards results, you can use your hair to help elongate your features. There is a range of simple optical illusions you can trigger with the right hairstyle, from growing your hair long to draw the eye down and create the illusion of length or rocking a high ponytail to bring back your hairline and create more space from your hairline to your chin. BONUS TIP: Looking for more natural ways to slim down your face? Pair your hair with some expert contouring by applying your favorite cream or powder across your temples, cheekbones, and jawline. This has the effect of shading the fullest part of your face and helps with the appearance of a slimmed-down face.


Slim a Round Face Hack #3 – Face Yoga Exercises to Sculpt and Shape Round Features


Studies have shown regular facial exercises can help improve sub structural fat and muscle volume while improving skin laxity. If that sounds overly technical, it means that toned facial muscles can help you appear slimmer. At the same time, facial exercises, in the form of a set Face Yoga program, help stimulate the natural production of collagen which is responsible for keeping your skin supple and taut. In many cases, a rounded face can be the result of features losing elasticity and sliding away from where you’re used to seeing them. Whether it’s jowls, puffy cheeks, or dark circles under your eyes, as features shift your face can appear more round. The exciting advantage of Face Yoga to slim down your face naturally is the ability to target specific problem areas. This means you can sculpt your jawline to add more shape to your face or reduce the puffiness of your cheeks to stop the ‘Chipmunk’ look that’s not nearly as cute as it sounds. If you’re ready to find the right Face Yoga exercises for you, read on for a very special gift.


Your ‘How to Slim down a Round Face’ Exercises Are Ready


Your face is typically the first feature people will notice when meeting you, so it makes sense to want to put your best self forward. While the overall structure of your face will have been with you since birth, that doesn’t mean you’re trapped with rounded features forever. Regular facial exercises, along with small lifestyle and aesthetic tweaks we’ve outlined here, can help you reshape your face and add the definition and structure you’ve been looking for. To help you kickstart your journey we’re offering custom Face Yoga programs because life is easier with a little help. Simply complete the simple quiz below to tell us a little about your skin goals and your lifestyle and receive a custom facial exercise program tailored for you.


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