How to Keep Your Face Young With 15 Minutes of Face Yoga a Day [Skin Secrets for Busy Women]

How to Keep Your Face Young With 15 Minutes of Face Yoga a Day [Skin Secrets for Busy Women]

You’re a busy woman, so we’ll cut to the chase. In just 15 minutes a day (or less), you can restore your youthful features and keep your face looking younger too. Best of all, it’s not an industry secret…in fact, we’ll show you how right now.

What are you going to do about your current skincare routine?

Over the past weeks and months, you’ve spent more and more money on the latest creams, over-the-counter products, and beauty regimes that seem to be doing nothing but draining your bank account. You’ve sat in front of the mirror wondering where your youthful features went and if they’ll come back.

Hint: You’ll start finding them again by the end of this article.

Improving your skin and restoring a youthful face doesn’t require you to take out a second mortgage to fund your skincare routine, and you don’t need to accept creases, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Read on to find out how to keep your face young and healthy – in under 15 minutes a day.

How to Keep Your Face Young and Healthy

In a word – collagen.

Collagen is a protein that your cells produce to “hold” your skin together. You may have seen collagen creams available at your local beauty store, and for good reason. When your skin has ample collagen, it appears firm and tight.

When you’re young, collagen is created naturally (which is why you can look back on photos of your teens and twenties and see plump, firm skin). However, with each year after your 20th birthday, collagen production decreases by 1% to 2%.

Worse still, your current collagen can be damaged by a range of factors from the sun’s harmful UV rays to lifestyle choices.

Why does this matter?

Because you can restore and stimulate collagen production in as little as 15 minutes a day, and it all comes down to the facial exercises you perform. If you’re keen to say goodbye to sagging skin, fine lines, and facial wrinkles, here are a few super quick and super easy Face Yoga exercises you can perform in 15 minutes or less.

Young Skin Facial Exercise #1 – The Brow Raiser

High, firm eyebrows go hand in hand with a young face, but it can feel frustrating when your eyebrows lose their shape over time.

This 15-minute Face Yoga exercise helps keep your eyebrows perky and defined without the need for injections, Botox, or fillers. While aging and the constant movement can weaken the muscles holding your eyebrows in place, you can enjoy taut eyebrows with the following facial exercise.

  • Place your index and middle finger together just above your eyebrows
  • Gently push the skin down while lifting your eyebrow using only your facial muscles
  • Hold this tension while lifting and lowering your eyebrows

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 20 times

Young Skin Facial Exercise #2 – The Wink and Hold

Noticing more fine lines and creases around your eyes? 91% of women report being dissatisfied with their appearance, and eye wrinkles are high on the list (which means they must not have practiced this quick, 15-minute facial exercise yet).

Try the following Face Yoga pose to keep your face looking young and healthy.

  • Wink with one eye, but hold the pose with your eye partially open
  • Focus on contracting muscles around your eye to hold this semi-wink
  • Release slowly over 2 to 3 seconds to work through the resistance

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 20 to 25 times

Young Skin Facial Exercise #3 – The Cheekbone Lift

It’s time for sky-high cheekbones that would make Angelina Jolie jealous – and you don’t need a Hollywood plastic surgeon to make it happen.

Shaper cheekbones with gorgeous definition are easy when you perform the following Face Yoga exercise to make your face appear younger.

  • Bring your index and middle finger together and place them on each cheekbone
  • Raise the skin of your cheek gently to create a feeling of resistance
  • Open your mouth to create an ‘O’ shape (don’t worry if you feel extra resistance in your cheek, that means it’s working)
  • Hold this feeling of strong resistance for 5 seconds, then release

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

Looking for more ways to improve your jawline? Check out our latest jaw-defining facial exercises here

Young Skin Facial Exercise #4 – The Ceiling Kiss

One of the first feminine features to show the signs of aging and a lack of collagen production is the neck. Instead of wrapping a scarf around your neck everywhere you go, try this quick, at-home Face Yoga exercise to help smooth out neck wrinkles and enjoy a natural neck lift.

  • Tilt your head up to the ceiling (while comfortably sitting or standing)
  • Stretch your lips into a ‘kiss’ pose to create tension in your neck
  • Blow kisses to the ceiling looking straight up, then tilt your head to the left and repeat, before finishing with a right head tilt

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

Wondering How to Keep Your Skin Younger And Glowing Without Going Under the Knife?

The secret to youthful facial features, from a defined jawline to plump cheeks and symmetrical eyes, is to relax the muscles of your face. This is the same outcome of Botox – which disables your muscles and stops you from creating wrinkles through excessive contractions.

But let’s be honest, between the cost and the pain (not to mention the risks), Botox isn’t for everyone.

That’s where the face Yoga app steps in. With your own custom facial exercise program, you can wipe away wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes each day. By activating specific facial muscles, you can increase firmness and tension, causing the outer layer of skin to be smooth.

All the benefits of Botox, with none of the downside. And as thanks for spending your valuable time reading this article, we’re giving you a custom Face Yoga program to get started.

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