How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Naturally | Face Yoga

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Naturally | Face Yoga

How to Get Rid of Double Chin Using Face Yoga Exercises

Have you tried everything to get rid of your double chin and nothing has worked? There’s nothing worse than posing for a photo or looking in the mirror and seeing drooping jowls and a bloated neck.

Thankfully, there’s good news. You can reduce and eliminate your double chin without surgery, expensive creams, or a monthly gym membership.

The answer lies in targeted facial exercises to get rid of stubborn double chins. Here’s everything you need to know.

Are you dealing with a double chin that just won’t go away?

Even when you’re carefully watching your diet and exercise routines, waking up to a frustrating double chin is a problem millions of women face. More than the ultimate selfie-killer, a double chin can hurt your confidence and leave you feeling flat every time you look in the mirror. But here’s the good news – if your double chin has been stressing you out, you don’t need to book an expensive liposuction treatment or chin sculpting cosmetic procedure. And you don’t need to cut all the yummy food out of your diet or buy a treadmill off eBay either. Because there’s a new sheriff in town offering a natural way to reduce skin fat and achieve the sculpted, svelte and slim jawline you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s not magic. And it’s not a fad diet.

It’s Face Yoga.

What Causes a Double Chin?

Ok, we know you’re excited to learn more about Face Yoga and whether it has anything to do with traditional yoga (hint: you won’t need an expensive yoga membership or fancy yoga pants). But before you start sculpting your jawline like a Hollywood starlet, it’s important you know what causes a double chin. Knowledge is power and double chin removal is much easier when you’re armed with the right info. In the case of a ‘You vs. The Unwanted Double Chin’, the guilty party is a layer of fat, known as submental fat, that forms below your chin. While the causes of submental fat vary, ranging from age to genetics and even posture, you can target this excess skin around your jaw and neckline with a range of natural, at-home facial exercises. That’s right, double chin exercises from the comfort of your own home are the secret to reducing and getting rid of your double chin. Alright, enough anatomy class, now we’re ready to share the 4 best double chin exercises with you.

The 4 Best Exercises to Get Rid of Your Double Chin

If you’re looking to blast away stubborn belly fat, you’d hit the treadmill or the gym. So why treat stubborn chin fat any differently? We’re not saying you should sign up to your nearest gym though. Nope, the simple and effective solution is to work out the muscles of your face and neck. By firming and toning these muscles, your outer layer of skin will naturally firm and tighten too. This helps reduce the appearance of bloat and slim jowls, all through targeted facial exercises. If you’re ready to get rid of your double chin, here are 4 of the most effective Face Yoga exercises to add to your daily routine. Wondering how many years you could shave off your appearance by removing your double chin? Explore the revolutionary Face Yoga program here.

Double Chin Exercise #1 – The Fish Face

How would you feel about upping your selfie game AND dropping fat from your double chin? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?!) then the Fish Face is going to be your new favorite facial exercise to wipe away that double chin. Super simple, all you need to do is pull your lips in like, well…a fish. With your cheeks sucked in (you can also imagine drinking through a straw if it helps you hold the position) you’ll need to hold this pose for 30 seconds. Don’t worry about tensing or relaxing your cheek muscles during this time. Holding the pose alone is going to start working out your facial muscles and leaving you with a glorious glow, and a slimmer chin.

Repetitions: 4-5 times

Why This Works: This facial exercise helps stretch and tone the muscles of your cheek. As your facial muscles become tighter, the outer layer of skin tightens, creating the illusion of a natural chin lift.

Double Chin Exercise #2 – The Mouthwash Technique

Think of all the times you’ve gargled with mouthwash throughout your life. A few hundred, or thousand times, right? Well, that experience has you perfectly placed to nail this next double chin removal exercise. The name gives away a pretty big clue, so start by filling your mouth with imaginary mouthwash. You’ll be rinsing out your mouth with air though, not liquid, so inflate your cheeks as if you were holding water between your lips. Next, swirl the air from side to side, making sure to move it fully into the corners of your cheeks. You should feel your cheeks stretching to receive your imaginary mouthwash as you go. Continue this process for 20-30 seconds then exhales.

Repetitions: 3-4 times

Why This Works: This facial exercise helps tighten the muscle walls of your cheeks and creates a natural facelift benefit by reducing skin fat. As your facial muscles tighten, your jawline becomes slimmer and more svelte, reducing the appearance of a double chin.

Double Chin Exercise #3 – The Oval Face

Looking for a proven way to turn back the clock and restore that youthful appearance? The Oval Face exercise is perfect for you. Start by turning your head to the left so you’re looking away from your body. You can sit on the couch or anywhere you find comfortable to complete this double chin workout – you can practice this facial exercise for double chin anywhere without leaving home! Next, pull your lower jaw forward and strain the muscles of your neck. You should feel a tightening sensation across the skin of your lower jaw as you push forward. Hold for 5 seconds then release the tension. Repeat this face skin lifting exercise looking towards the right.

Repetitions: 5 times on each side

Why This Works: This Face Yoga exercise specifically targets the skin running from your earlobes across your lower jawline. The tension and release help work out this area of your face and reduce the appearance of a double chin through face skin lifting.

Double Chin Exercise #4 – The Ball Exercise

Have your kids or pets left any balls around the house? Removing double chins is easy when you grab the nearest tennis ball or squishy ball you can find – because you’ll be using these balls to melt chin fat and sculpt your new jawline. Start by placing the ball under your chin and hold it in place by lowering your chin to apply pressure. You should be able to hold the ball between your chin and your neck without using your hands. Next, move your chin up and down by pressing your skin tight against the ball, then relax. P.S Make sure you don’t relax so much that the ball falls to the floor.

Repetitions: 25 – 30

Why This Works: The repeated pull-down movement targets your facial and neck muscles. The more you repeat this double chin exercise, the more toned your jawline will look.

Wondering How to Get Rid of a Double Chin in One Week?

Goodbye chemical-based creams, painful injections, and face-freezing Botox. Facial exercises to target and reduce double chins are the simple, 100% natural treatment option to give you the jawline you’ve been craving. Whether you’re turning back the clock with facial exercises to get the old “you” back or you’re looking to make changes to your appearance and boost your confidence, there’s no reason to struggle with unsightly double chins anymore. To start seeing results you need to start your double chin workout NOW. In as little as a week, you may start to notice changes, and the more you practice your exercises to burn chin fat, the better your results will be. You’ve got all the theory you need to reduce and remove your double chin, so it’s time to step out of the classroom and start practicing your facial exercises. Targeting stubborn supplemental fat under the chin is always easiest with a roadmap, so complete the FREE quiz below to receive your custom Face Yoga exercise program today.


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