5 Problematic Face Areas You Should Pay Attention To

5 Problematic Face Areas You Should Pay Attention To

Have you woken up recently and struggled to recognize the face looking back at you in the mirror? It’s natural for your face to change as you age, but sagging skin, wrinkles, and facial asymmetry don’t have to define who you are. By targeting the 5 primary problem areas of your face you can take your face care to a new level, and start loving the face you see in the mirror. With a staggering 91% of women admitting dissatisfaction with some form of their appearance, there’s a good chance you’ve complained about your facial features at some point. Whether it’s wishing you had plumper cheeks, a more kissable pout, or fewer wrinkles around your eyes, we all have face zones that we wish we could change. And now you can.

Facial exercises can target specific face zones to help you improve your appearance across your own problematic face areas. Because you’re beautiful inside and out, but when your face isn’t making you feel like your gorgeous, confident self, it’s nice to know you have options. Here, we’re sharing the 5 problematic areas in which women begin to notice signs of aging and stress, and how you can transform those face zones with regular Face Yoga. Face care has never been easier, so read on to discover how to target individual face zones to boost your appearance and well-being.

Face Zone #1 – Your Forehead

One of the first signs of aging for most women comes in the form of lines on the forehead. Unfortunately, these wrinkles are tough to avoid and appear as a result of the frontalis muscles on your forehead. Each time you raise your eyebrows or make an expression, the frontalis muscles of your forehead contract, pulling forehead skin up and causing wrinkles that worsen over time. But there are preventative steps you can take to enjoy a wrinkle-free forehead.


While Botox or injectables are often seen as the only solution, facial exercises that target the frontalis muscle can relax your forehead, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. When your frontalis muscle isn’t overused, your forehead smooths and softens naturally. Read to the end to claim your custom Face Yoga Program to smooth out forehead lines.

Face Zone #2 – Your Chin

Excess fat below your chin is known as ‘submental’ fat and is a natural sign of aging, but that doesn’t make it welcome. The chin is a face zone worth paying close attention to as chin size is a contributing factor to how youthful and attractive your face is. A well-proportioned and angular chin is desirable, but sculpting your chin can feel tough without going under the knife.


Remember that your chin is not an island. That means you can improve the appearance of your chin by working on the surrounding muscles and skin. Facial exercises to plump your lips or lift your cheeks can help improve the appearance of a double chin, so look at your face holistically.

Read to the end to claim your custom Face Yoga Program to blast away stubborn chin fat.

Face Zone #3 – Your Eyes

Fine lines around your eyes, often known as ‘Crow’s Feet’, are another early sign of aging. These wrinkles are the result of slowing cell renewal, which occurs with each passing year. The layer of skin known as the dermis is responsible for keeping your skin tight and free of lines, but with cell renewal slowing down this layer thickens and elastin fiber production falters. The result? Wrinkles around your eyes can leave you feeling aged, while often creating the appearance of eye asymmetry as a result of uneven wrinkle spread.


Facial exercises targeting the eyes help improve this face area by tightening the muscles underneath your skin. Firmer muscles help tighten the outlet layer of skin, stopping skin from folding into itself which is the cause of wrinkles. Read to the end to claim your custom Face Yoga Program to smooth lines around your eyes.

Face Zone #4 – Your Cheeks

Do you feel like your cheeks have begun to hollow? Or your once plump cheeks have started to sag? This is likely due to a loss of fat around your cheeks. While fat is often seen as ‘bad’, cheek fat supports and cushions your skin. This is how you enjoy plump and youthful contours. Without this layer of fat, your cheeks start to slide down and are affected by gravity. That doesn’t mean you should start snacking on unhealthy foods to try and bring back the underlying layer of fat, but you can work out these facial muscles naturally to enjoy fuller, more youthful cheeks.


Face Yoga helps to firm cheek muscles, lifting the outer layer of skin as a result. Think about people who play the trumpet or saxophone, they have plump, glowing cheeks because they work out the surrounding muscles regularly. You can prevent sagging, hollowed cheeks too by targeting cheek muscles. Read to the end to claim your custom Face Yoga Program to lift and add cheek volume.

Face Zone #5 – Your Lips

Round, plump lips make you feel sexy and confident, but lips are naturally thin as you age. This is a result of decreased collagen production – with collagen production decreasing by 1% each year after you turn 25 – which affects the fullness of your lips. If you feel like your lips have deflated and you miss your perfectly kissable pout, the easiest step is to restore collagen production, which is an exciting benefit provided by regular facial exercises.


You can train the ring of muscles around your lips to boost their appearance, causing the outer layer of skin to tighten and smooth. This helps define and enlarge your lips naturally without Botox, creating a lip-plumping workout that’s as effective as it is easy. Read to the end to claim your custom Face Yoga Program to add kissable volume to your lips.

Your Custom Face Care Program is Waiting

Did you recognize yourself in any of these problematic face zones? There’s no woman on the planet who doesn’t feel low on confidence or frustrated by her features now and then. But instead of investing your life savings in expensive creams, make-up or surgeries, explore the best facial for anti-aging – regular Face Yoga.

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