5 Facial Exercises to Get a Strikingly Defined Jawline

5 Facial Exercises to Get a Strikingly Defined Jawline

Your face and neck contain 57 muscles, but not all of them get the workout they need to stay tight and toned. Without regular facial exercises for your jawline, the underused muscles can atrophy and *literally* drag your face down. If you’ve been dreaming of a firm jawline, here are 5 of our all-time favorite Face Yoga exercises to give you a natural facelift and sharp, sexy jawline. Some things in life never change. You’ll never be able to please everyone, and you’ll never get every green light when you’re in a rush to drive somewhere. Unfortunately, some things DO change, and the shape of your jawline is one of them. It’s natural for the shape of your jaw to change as you get older. This is because fat deposits can build up in the neck, the surrounding skin loses elasticity, and jaw muscles begin to shrink. The result? A less defined jawline that isn’t as sharp as you’d like it to be.

You might have wondered “does chewing gum help jawline definition?” (hint: no, it doesn’t) or even Googled cosmetic procedures to see what your options are. Luckily, your options are much closer to home – scratch that, your options are LITERALLY at home. Jawline exercises can be performed from the comfort of your couch while enjoying your morning shower, or even waiting at the lights on the way to work. These exercises are the secret to tightening your jawline naturally, and we’ll share 5 of our favorite facial exercises with you right now. If you’ve ever wanted the chiseled, sculpted jawline of Keira Knightley or Jennifer Lopez, here’s how to get it.

Jawline Exercise #1 – The Jawline Restorer

With a name like the ‘Jawline Restorer,’ this exercise is tailor-made to bring back the definition of your jawline. This is an assisted facial exercise for your jawline, so you’ll need your hands free. Start by placing your thumbs just below your chin, with both thumbs lightly touching at the center of your jawline. Next, slightly push your chin down and apply resistance against your thumbs. Once you feel this resistance, gradually slide your thumbs up to your jawline until they reach your ears. Make sure you maintain your downward pressure to create natural resistance and work out your jawline.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 times

Jawline Exercise #2 – The Jawline Roll

This facial exercise uses your tongue to work out the inside of your mouth, helping you start moving muscles that don’t often get a workout. This Face Yoga exercise requires a little concentration, so find a quiet spot where you can practice for 10 to 20 minutes and get comfortable. Either sitting or standing, tense your face as if you were bracing to be hit by an errant ball (possibly thrown by your kids or partner). With your face tensing, form your lips into a pout and move them as far to the right as you can. Don’t worry if this feels odd or uncomfortable, that’s a sign the facial exercise is targeting your jawline. Next, while keeping your jawline tense, say “YOU CHARLES” out loud. This phrase forces your tongue to move in a circular motion and works the muscles underneath the jaw. As these muscles become more toned, you’ll notice your entire jawline straightens and lifts.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 times

Jawline Exercise #3 – The Vowel Sounds

Time to go back to primary school and work on your vowels. This quirky Face Yoga for jawline exercise uses the shape of your mouth when you make ‘O’ and ‘E’ sounds to work out muscles around your mouth and lips. As these muscles tone, you’ll enjoy a natural mid-face lift. Start by opening your mouth as wide as possible, but focus on covering your teeth with your lips so they aren’t showing. Once your mouth is open and your lips covered, alternate between saying ‘O’ and ‘E’. Really concentrate on your articulation of each vowel.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 15 times

Jawline Exercise #4 – The Tongue Press

Sagging skin underneath your chin can create the appearance of a double chin, unsightly jowls, or the dreaded “turkey neck”. It’s tough to focus on firming this skin…unless you know which Face Yoga exercise can get the job done (hint: it’s the Tongue Press). Start by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth, as close to your top teeth as possible. Once you’ve found this spot, gently close your mouth to apply more resistance to your tongue. With your mouth closed, make a humming noise out loud, focusing on feeling the vibrations within your mouth. The more you practice this exercise, the greater your results in removing your double chin and defining your jawline.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 times

Jawline Exercise #5 – The Collarbone Backup

This jawline workout is super simple but super effective. If you’ve ever caught your partner or kids doing something they shouldn’t and wanted to back out of the room, then you’ll already have nailed this pose. Start by standing up straight and holding your head parallel to the floor, so avoid slouching. Next, gently move your head back WITHOUT moving your shoulders or body. You should feel the muscles of your neck and jawline contracting to achieve this pose. Think of a turtle popping his head in and out of his shell if you need a little visual idea of what this Face Yoga movement should resemble.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 times

It’s Never Been Easier to Tighten Your Jawline Naturally

If you’ve been wondering how to lose face fat and get jawline results to make your friends and family jealous, it’s tempting to look into cosmetic procedures. But why go through the pain, recovery, and risk when you can sculpt your own jawline like an artist sculpting marble? Jawline workouts require concentration to ensure you’re activating the right muscle groups, but with regular practice, you can enjoy a defined jawline that helps you look younger. As a bonus, studies have shown jawline exercises can help reduce the effects of chronic pain in the jaw and surrounding nerves, so there’s never been a better time to start your own jawline workout.

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