4 Simple and Effective Face Exercises That You Can Practise in 30 Minutes

4 Simple and Effective Face Exercises That You Can Practise in 30 Minutes

Looking for the best facial exercises for a slimmer face? You’re in luck because we’ve gathered 4 of the very best (and most effective) exercises to help you melt fat, shed weight, and look incredible. If you haven’t heard of workouts to slim your face, then where have you been? Face Yoga has exploded in popularity as the newest wellness trend sweeping the world. Ideal for the chaotic lives women are living during the pandemic, each facial exercise can be practiced at home, in the car, on the way to school – anywhere you’ve got a spare few minutes. If you’ve been looking for exercises to get a slimmer face, you’re in luck – we’ve got 4 of the very best.

Are There Workouts to Slim Your Face?

There are workouts to slim down your legs, arms, body, and butt – so are there workouts for a slimmer face too? It’s easy to assume you’re born with the face you have and those genetics have already decided what you’ll look like, but that’s not true. Although genetics do play a role in the shape of your face ( for example, round, pear, oval, etc) the make-up of individual features also comes down to the way the 57 muscles of your face and neck work together. As you age, these muscles become weaker which can cause your face to slowly change shape. While you previously had plumb, glowing cheeks, a loss of muscle strength can leave your cheeks to sag. This doesn’t mean your face is permanently changed, just that you’ll need to work out the weakened muscles to return their firm structure and lift your facial features back into place. Imagine being able to add definition to your jawline, shed fat from your neck, or slim down your cheeks in a matter of weeks… OK, now stop imaging it and read on to discover how to make it happen with 5 simple (and effective) facial exercises for a slimmer face. All you need is a spare 30 minutes to practice each exercise, and you’re good to go.

Slim Face Exercise #1 – The Chipmunk Cheek Squeeze

Chipmunks may be famous for their chubby cheeks, but you can use this exercise to get a slimmer face and bring your cheeks inwards. If you’re frustrated by excess pouches of skin or fat deposits in your cheeks, give this simple facial exercise a try.

Step One: Tilt your head back until you’re staring at the ceiling

Step Two: Suck your cheeks in as far you can go (like you’re making a fish face)

Step Three: Hold this pose for 5 seconds to generate resistance in your cheeks.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

Slim Face Exercise #2 – The Jaw Flex

Double chins are one of the most frustrating facial features to wake up to because they can feel impossible to shed no matter what changes you make to your diet. It might help to know that it’s not just your diet that’s causing you to hold excess fat around your chin – in fact, many times it’s not the fault of your diet at all! Skin that’s lost elasticity over time (which happens naturally) can sag and bunch at your chin, leading to a double chin even when you watch your diet carefully. Thankfully, there’s a quick fix that can be done in as little as 30 minutes per day and it’s designed to define your jaw and burn away unwanted fat.

Step One: Tilt your head back until you’re staring at the ceiling

Step Two: Pull your lower lip over your upper lip

Step Three: Hold this pose for 10 seconds to feel resistance in the jaw muscles by your ears.

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 10 to 15 times

Slim Face Exercise #3 – The Invisible Name

Your cheeks help define your entire face, so we’ve included a second cheek-sculpting and slimming Face Yoga pose for you to practice in your spare time. This facial exercise may take a little practice, but it’s also a lot of fun so you’ll be happily blasting fat from your cheeks with this at-home exercise.

Step One: Sit straight and hold a pencil or straw between your lips

Step Two: Try to write your name in the air without moving your head (you’ll feel your cheeks doing all the work)

Step Three: Continue for 3 minutes (you can write your name more than once if you need to)

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise 2 to 3 times

Slim Face Exercise #4 – The Neck Press

Facial yoga for slim faces isn’t just about targeting your face. This is because your neck plays a significant role in the way you look. If you’re carrying excess weight in your jawline or neck, you’ll naturally look like your entire face is rounder. Thankfully, the following face exercise to get a slim face can help you.

Step One: Tilt your head to the left to try and touch your shoulder to your ear

Step Two: Press your left hand against your ear and create gentle resistance (you should be pushing your hand towards your ear and your ear towards your hand)

Step Three: Hold this position for 10 seconds

Repetitions: Repeat this facial exercise once on each side

Looking for More Exercises to Slim Down Your Face?

Face slimming exercises can feel like magic, but they’re really just targeting the muscles of your face to improve muscle strength and skin elasticity. When you stretch and strengthen the muscles on your face and neck, you help return fat deposits to their natural position. This is the secret to plump cheeks, and as the excess fat moves from your jawline, you’ll enjoy a newly svelte jawline at the same time. As with any form of health and fitness, you get out what you put in. You can use the 4 face slimming exercises above to fill 30 minutes in your day, but for more advanced results you’ll want a custom program that’s tailored to your skin and lifestyle.

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