4 Bad Habits That May Cause Forehead Wrinkles [You Won’t Believe #3]

4 Bad Habits That May Cause Forehead Wrinkles [You Won’t Believe #3]

What causes forehead wrinkles at a young age? It turns out that genetics and diet are only the tips of the iceberg. In fact, there are dozens of daily habits (that you may not even be aware of) that are harming your skin and contributing to forehead wrinkles. If you recognize any of the following bad habits, we’ve rounded up quick and easy fixes to help protect your skin and promote a smooth, youthful appearance. Forehead wrinkles can make you appear older than you are, and can impact your self-confidence as you go about your day. After all, they don’t call them ‘frown lines’ for nothing. But, as is the case for every unwanted wrinkle, fine line, and crease, once you understand what’s happening beneath the skin, you can start to reverse course and wipe lines away. In the case of forehead lines, the main culprit is your frontalis muscle.

This muscle helps move your skin so you can act surprised, happy, upset, etc. This is great for letting your kids know they’ve annoyed you, or letting your partner know you’re happy to see them, but not so great when the repetitive movements cause forehead wrinkles that appear as horizontal lines across your head. But while the frontalis muscle is guilty much of the time, it’s not the only factor behind unwanted forehead wrinkles. In fact, there are daily habits that may be contributing to excess lines, and you’ll be shocked at how simple they are to change.

Forehead Lines Cause #1 – Drinking Too Much Coffee

Don’t worry, we’re not recommending you stop enjoying your favorite cup of coffee (sometimes that’s what’s needed to get through the day). But drinking too much coffee can lead to an increase in forehead wrinkles because coffee spikes the level of cortisol in your body, which can accelerate the aging process. At the same time, those extra cups of coffee are a diuretic – meaning they take water from your cells and body. And when your skin is dry and hydrated, it’s easier to crack and crinkle with fine lines appearing. HOW TO REDUCE FOREHEAD WRINKLES: Caffeine dehydrates your body and contributes to inflammation, toxic build-up, and collagen loss. Each of these adds up to excess wrinkles, and while 400 milligrams of caffeine is safe to drink, as per American Dietary Guidelines, consider switching to tea which contains antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and slow down the signs of aging.

Forehead Lines Cause #2 – Forgetting to Wear Sunglasses

You know the importance of being sun-safe, but are you bringing your sunglasses with you when you head outside, too? By now you know the importance of protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful rays. Wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 (which protects against up to 97% of the sun’s harmful rays) will help stop harmful UV rays from damaging the elastin fibers in your skin, leading to wrinkles. But wearing sunglasses will help you limit the amount of squinting you’re doing. While squinting may seem like nothing but a minor inconvenience, this repetitive movement can lead to wrinkles in your forehead. HOW TO REDUCE FOREHEAD WRINKLES: Choose your favorite pair of dark, UV-protective sunglasses and make it a habit to bring them with you when you head to the shops, to pick up the kids, or to work. The less squinting you do, the better you’ll be looking after your forehead.

Forehead Lines Cause #3 – Sleeping on Your Face

That’s right, you may be contributing to forehead wrinkles while you’re asleep. The position you sleep in can cause forehead wrinkles because of the pressure placed on your skin, leading to excess folds of skin that leave wrinkles. Keep in mind, you’ll spend roughly ⅓ of your life sleeping (or a staggering 26 years), and any lines you’re creating on your face become etched into your skin over time. If you favor a position with your head face down or lying predominantly on one side with your forehead pressed down against your pillow, you could be exacerbating the appearance of wrinkles without realizing it. HOW TO REDUCE FOREHEAD WRINKLES: It’s not easy to change overnight, but try to sleep on your back. Not only will this reduce pressure on your forehead’s skin, but sleeping on your back will also support overnight fluid drainage which helps you wake up without tired, puffy eyes. Dealing with puffy eyes that won’t settle? Try our favorite Face Yoga exercises for reducing puffy eyes

Forehead Lines Cause #4 – Eating Too Much Sugar

You are what you eat. Your diet has a direct impact on the way your forehead appears, and if you’re in the habit of snacking on high-sugar foods then you may be worsening forehead wrinkles and lines. This occurs because sugar molecules are able to attach to the molecules of your skin and cause deformations (known as glycation) which disrupts facial elasticity. HOW TO REDUCE FOREHEAD WRINKLES: While sugary foods can worsen forehead wrinkles, you’re able to help support smooth skin by eating foods that support anti-inflammation. These foods include salmon, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Foods high in Vitamin C have also been shown to help regenerate skin cells, reduce wrinkles and promote a radiant complexion.

Now You Know What Causes Forehead Wrinkles, It’s Time to Eliminate Them

The daily habits we’ve outlined above are quick fixes. It’s easy to cut back on coffee or tie your sunglasses to your keys so you never step out of home without them, but these approaches all tackle the symptoms, not the cause. The only way to reduce and eliminate forehead wrinkles at the source is to improve skin elasticity and work out your frontalis muscle, which requires regular facial exercise to do. Not sure which facial exercises to start with? Not a problem, complete the simple quiz below and receive your own custom Face Yoga program to wipe away frown lines and smooth your skin.


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