3 Simple Exercises to Remove The Most Stubborn Double Chin

3 Simple Exercises to Remove The Most Stubborn Double Chin

Are you looking to remove that double chin that’s causing you stress and anxiety? Face Yoga offers a 100% natural and pain-free method to help slim the cheeks, sculpt the jaw, tighten loose skin and may even help burn body fat. Here’s everything you need to know… “Chin up” is a common expression when you’re not feeling great. But when the cause of your frustration is an unsightly double chin, it’s hard to know what steps to take to get your confidence and self-esteem back. Whether it’s the result of putting on a few extra pounds during your COVID-19 lockdown, or the natural sagging of skin where your lower jaw meets your neck, looking in the mirror and seeing a double chin is a frustration you could do without.

While a double chin is typically talked about in the same sentence as weight gain, you don’t actually have to be overweight to suffer from an unwanted double chin (we’ll explain why shortly). And thankfully, just because double chins are more common in 2021 doesn’t mean you have to live with one. With Face Yoga and simple facial muscle relaxation exercises, you can help your body melt fat and tighten sagging skin in a matter of WEEKS. Because face building isn’t a practice exclusive to Hollywood movie stars with big cosmetic surgery budgets. In fact, you can use Face Yoga’s daily exercises to tighten facial muscles and sculpt a chin that looks incredible from every angle. Read on to discover the cause of double chins, a highly unexpected trigger, and 3 simple Face Yoga exercises you can use to remove your double chin today.

What Causes Double Chins?

Before you start a daily Face Yoga routine, it helps to know what’s causing your double chin. The main culprits tend to come down to three different factors. We’ll share two of those with you now, both of which are pretty common knowledge…

  • Excess Fat
  • Age

When the area underneath your chin (known as your ‘submental space’) holds an excess amount of body fat then a double chin may result. Age is also a contributing factor as skin loses its elasticity over time which causes sagging and the appearance of a double chin. But there’s a third cause of double chins that might just shock you…

The Technology You Use Every Day Is Giving You a Double Chin!!!

Believe it or not, but you may be guilty of the third contributing factor right now… That’s right. It’s technology. We spend so much time looking down at phone screens, laptops, and iPads that the elasticity of the neckline is affected. Spending hours every day looking down, whether it’s for work or in your spare time, keeps the skin of your neck and chin from staying taut, and leaves your neckline to drop and droop over time. In short, it doesn’t matter if you watch your weight and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. Every day you spend looking down at screens, your risk of a double chin goes up.

3 Double Chin Exercises to Tighten Your Jawline Naturally

Exercises to tighten facial muscles can be done at home, at work, even on the bus. Each of these three exercises may help strengthen muscles and tone the skin to reduce the appearance of a double chin, so stay consistent when you practice your Face Yoga program. Looking for a custom Face Yoga program? Take a FREE quiz to receive yours now.

#1 – The Dumbbell Technique

Don’t let the name of this face-building exercise fool you, there are no weights involved and you won’t need to head to your local gym. This double chin exercise is a simple but extremely effective face sculpting technique that anyone can do from the comfort and privacy of their own home. How to…

  • Lift your chin until you are looking at the ceiling
  • Open and close your mouth continuously
  • Continue for 15 seconds

How much… Repeat the facial exercise 3 to 4 times Helps with… Reducing double chin and sculpting the jawline.

#2 – The Mouth Washing Technique

As the name suggests, you’ll be rinsing out your mouth for this Face Yoga for double chin exercise, but not with water or liquid – you’ll be using air! Find a comfortable spot in your home and start tightening your facial muscles naturally. How to…

  • Puff out your cheeks like you have a mouthful of water
  • Swish the air from cheek to cheek like you were moving water
  • Continue for two minutes

How much… Repeat the facial exercise 3 times Helps with… Reducing double chin and plumping the cheeks.

#3 – The Fish Face Technique

Pucker up people because this fish-faced technique is perfect for getting your lips ready for your next social media selfie. Each kiss you blow helps stretch the skin beneath your chin to reduce any appearance of a double chin while leaving your lips fuller and firmer too. Win-win! How to…

  • Lift your chin until you are looking at the roof
  • Pucker your lips like you’re blowing a kiss
  • Continue for 30 seconds

How much… Repeat the facial exercise 4 to 5 times Helps with… Reducing double chin and firm the lips.

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin?

Long gone are the days of Googling the nearest 24-hour gym or comparing plastic surgeons. No one enjoys looking into the mirror and seeing a double chin – and with Face Yoga no one has to! In as little as 10 minutes a day you can turn back the clock and enjoy tighter skin, a firmer face and a more sculpted jawline.


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