3 Bad Habits That Are Causing a Double Chin

3 Bad Habits That Are Causing a Double Chin

Doing double-takes when you see your double chin? Don’t let ‘Diet Culture’ convince you that it’s your fault for not eating better. While diet plays a role, there is a range of habits you engage in every day that can contribute to the appearance of a double chin – and we’ll show you how to spot those double chin causes and eliminate them.

Did you know that 35% of women avoid taking photos because of their dissatisfaction with their chins? Add a further 35% who avoid Zoom calls because they’re bothered by their chins and you’ve got the majority of women who don’t feel confident to be themselves around others. In previous years, a double chin or excess chin fat was viewed as being the result of a “bad diet” but that’s demonstrably wrong. Not only does that place all the burden on you to start cutting calories and losing your favorite foods (which will only leave you irritated and worn down), but it leads to a dangerous ‘Diet Culture’ that’s seen $33 billion spent per year on the weight loss industry. So what if we told you that your diet WASN’T the sole cause of excess chin fat? While certain foods (processed foods and unhealthy fats) can lead weight to on your chin, you may also be guilty of some simple lifestyle habits that are leaving you with a chin that’s tough to keep up. If you’re sick of being told to ‘diet’ your way to a slimmer face, read on to discover the cause of double chins, and 3 habits you can break today to slim your appearance.

What Causes Fat Under the Chin?

If you think the answer is “a bad diet” you’re only partially right. While a diet heavy in processed foods, unhealthy fats, and calories can add to unwanted weight gain around your face, it’s just one of a range of contributing factors to unwanted double chins. Put simply, a double chin occurs when the layer of fat around your neck sags. This sag causes the surrounding skin to wrinkle, which creates the appearance of two chins. And while excess weight can cause your neck to sag, it’s also the result of muscles weakening over time and skin losing elasticity. When your skin loses its elasticity, it becomes tough to hold the fat around your chin. Now here’s the harsh truth – there are habits you may be guilty of RIGHT NOW that are contributing to a double chin, and leaving you feeling flat and low on confidence. To help you banish your double chin we’ve rounded up some of the habits responsible for excess fat and saggy skin around your chin, so you can make small tweaks to your everyday routine for spectacular results.

Bad Double Chin Habit #1 – Poor Posture When Using Your Smartphone

How many hours a day do you spend looking down at your smartphone, tablet, or laptop? According to the latest research, the average woman spends 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on her phone – which is a lot of time to be looking down and increasing the workload on your core neck muscles. Or, maybe you’re always looking down to keep track of children running around your feet (or the dirty laundry they seem to leave lying literally everywhere). While these may seem like innocent by-products of being a busy woman, they may also be contributing to excess fat around your chin. This is because forward head posture increases the workload on the muscles attached to the cervical spine, which is responsible for holding up your chin and head. Over time, poor posture causes muscle imbalance as your body looks for ways to keep your head and chin up, causing muscles to weaken or become elongated. The result? A chin that doesn’t look the way it did when you were younger. HOW TO BREAK THE HABIT: Improving your posture won’t happen overnight, but you can take small steps and focus on your posture each day to move towards better results. Keep in mind, great posture does NOT mean standing stiff to attention – it’s being loose and flexible with your back straight, your chin in, and your eyes forward. You can help improve your posture with 10 minutes of exercise a day – for example Face Yoga exercises that help reduce chin fat, exercising regularly, and wearing flat shoes to evenly distribute your weight.

Bad Double Chin Habit #2 – Not Looking After Your Skin

Your skin changes as you age, that’s just part of life. Once you pass your mid 20’s and move into your 30’s, your body begins to produce less collagen. As a result, the skin on your face and chin begins to sag and lose the firmness that held it in place. The older you get, the less natural collagen is produced, and the more pronounced a double chin can appear. This is an important distinction to make because it’s not just excess weight in your face that causes double chins – which is why you can’t try to “diet” your way out of a double chin. Many double chins are caused by factors that have nothing to do with weight, making endless hours doing cardio or trying to cut back on the food you love, wasted endeavors. HOW TO BREAK THE HABIT: Of course, aging skin isn’t a bad habit. But spending hours unprotected in the sun, smoking and a poor diet can all worsen the condition of your skin, and these are the habits that you’ll need to avoid. Look to protect your skin when you go out and by making healthy choices to support your double-chin removal goals.

Bad Double Chin Habit #3 – Eating a Diet High in Calories, Processed Food, and Unhealthy Fats

This is probably the most common cause of a double chin, and it’s one that women often find the most stressful. When you gain weight, that weight is distributed across your body, often ending up on the chin. This is known as submental fat. Unfortunately, targeting this excess weight with diets and detoxes will only leave you hungry and frustrated – not with a slimmer face. Wondering what foods cause double chins? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Processed Foods (e.g. sugary breakfast cereals, bacon, savory snacks, etc)
  • Unhealthy Fats (e.g. fried foods, pizza, donuts, etc)

Worse still, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to hide excess weight on your face. While you can wear baggy clothes if you’re feeling self-conscious about your body, a double chin is on the show for the world to see. But it doesn’t have to be (keep reading to find out how to eliminate fat under the chin). HOW TO BREAK THE HABIT: Changing your relationship with food is a marathon, not a sprint. One of the easiest changes you can make is to prepare your meals at home in advance, that way you won’t be left feeling hungry and tired at the end of the day with takeaway food as the only option. Even drinking more water can help you take control of your diet, with the added benefit that hydrated skin is healthy, radiant skin.

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