The Most Wanted Guide for a Perfectly Symmetrical Face

Symmetrical face

Have you ever wondered what beauty is? You probably have and most likely even more than once. There is no one right answer to describe the question of what “beauty” is. For many years philosophers had tried to answer this question. Aristotle, for instance, defines beauty in Metaphysics as having order and symmetry. According to the latter, beauty is harmony, and harmony is derived from order. In this context, the parameters of beauty can be based upon proportions and measures. While every individual is born with unique beauty assets that distinguish her/him from others, we were curious to tackle Aristotle’s perception of beauty. Facial symmetry is one of the most noticeable measures of bodily balance. Have you ever thought that your face looks a little bit asymmetrical? Probably the majority of the people have as everyone has some degree of facial asymmetry. Across many experiments, researchers have confirmed that we rate faces that have more symmetry as more attractive. Wondering how to make your face more symmetrical? All you need to do is follow these easy, natural and viable steps to balance out your facial proportions!

1. Be ahead of the pack and do Face Yoga exercises

It is the most impactful way of making the face more symmetrical. Face yoga exercises act directly upon facial muscles, giving them tone, resulting in lifting the face as well as the skin. Studies have shown the effectiveness of face yoga, particularly in uplifting cheeks. When doing yoga exercises for facial muscles, focus on the side of the face, which is sagging or has little muscle tone more. Be gentle on the side that is more toned. Make sure to practice a program that focuses on facial areas that need the most work but do not neglect other areas. The program has to be balanced so that you see the best results. You can get your customized program right after you complete the quiz. To achieve the desired results from your anti-aging exercises, it is advisable you practice daily for about 10 minutes. Though the exercises to tighten facial muscles do require some time, it is a budget-friendly and 100% surgery-free method to look younger and healthier!

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2. Use earbuds

Use earbuds, especially when talking on the phone, or just use a loudspeaker. When holding the phone next to the ear, your shoulder goes up, your head tilts and as a result, your mouth starts moving asymmetrically. Because of the direct contact that the phone has with the face, your eyebrow is also more likely to go up, while the other one goes down. That’s why you need to start using either a speaker or earbuds when on the phone; this way you’ll reduce the contact between the device and the face.

3. Use sunglasses and the RIGHT sunscreen

Excessive sun exposure can affect the skin in a negative way. After spending a day at the beach, you may have noticed that some areas of the face can get sunburnt more easily than others (eg: nose, forehead). This sun damage can also cause asymmetry due to the aforementioned imbalance. The only way to protect the skin is by using a face cream with SPF. Make sure you go through all sunscreens carefully and get medical advice to pick the right one for your skin! Squinting the eyes when it’s sunny is an unconscious response of the body as a defense mechanism to protect them from high luminosity. Such a response causes many small wrinkles around the eyes. Regardless of the season, you need to wear your sunglasses whenever the sun is shining to avoid any potential damage to your skin.

4. Posture louder than words

Your posture reflects not only your personality but also your facial symmetry. Having a symmetrical face starts with correct posture Face muscles are connected to neck muscles, which are also attached to the shoulders and back muscles. People who have a balanced posture are less likely to experience back and neck pain. When in pain, we usually change the posture in a way to compensate for the side that hurts, making the whole body asymmetrical, including the face. Thus, facial symmetry depends on body balance.and a balanced body. Wondering what’s the link between the two? Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for! Furthermore, correct posture is essential for proper blood circulation and easy digestion, resulting in healthier skin. See? Getting a perfectly symmetrical face starts with these small steps! Beauty can be maintained NATURALLY!

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5. Avoid the stomach sleeping position

Sleeping on the belly with the face pressed into a pillow can make the face more asymmetrical over time. To improve the symmetry in the face, sleep on your back. If your favorite position is sleeping on the side – make sure you do not put your hands in-between your face and the pillow, for it causes more noticeable facial asymmetry. Also sleeping on the back can help maintain a balanced posture!

6. Meet your skin-friendly fabric for bedtime

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It also reduces the probability of face asymmetry by being gentle on the face when pressing on the pillow. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase makes your mornings more comfortable as you won’t have to cover or hide the lines on the face after a long night’s sleep. Silk-made pillowcase has so many benefits for skin and hair that we recommend using it to compensate for people who are not able to control their sleeping position.

7. Turn your water bottle into your new best friend

Because your well-being is our priority, we never cease to remind you that drinking water during the day (at least 1liter/day) is really important. Dehydration results in having dry skin and creates eye bags and wrinkles over your face. Those aging signs eventually create facial asymmetry. If you’d like to be further assisted in this, get your custom program and you’ll be able to figure out how much water you should drink per day thanks to our smart calculator!

8. Make Bedtime your favorite happy hour

Whenever you fall asleep, the skin creates collagen to reinforce the skin’s firmness. The richer the skin is in collagen, the plumper it is. A wrinkle-free face is most likely to be symmetrical. It is recommended you go to sleep before midnight. If you have difficulty falling asleep, we can assist you in your nighty face yoga practice that will help you relax and sleep tight like a baby! How to make your face more symmetrical naturally? You no longer need to ask yourself this question! You got the answer! We hope these tips will help you feel fulfilled and fall in love again with your natural beauty!


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