How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck With Facial Exercises

How to Get Rid of Turkey Neck With Facial Exercises

The older you get, the more your skin sags through loss of elasticity and firmness, as well as weakening muscles. While these are normal effects of aging, that doesn’t make them welcome. Luckily, there is a way to get rid of “Turkey Neck” and enjoy a firm, tight and youthful neck again. It’s time you felt radiant and confident in your own skin again. Read on to discover how. Turkey for dinner? Delicious. Turkey neck? Not so nice. We all know that aging takes a toll on the skin. Through prolonged contact with the sun, weakening of skin elasticity, and the forces of Father Time, it’s normal for your neck muscles to weaken and lose their tightness with each passing year. When this happens you can be left with sagging skin around your neck, jawline, and throat which is commonly known as “turkey neck”. No one wants to be compared to the humble turkey (even if they do make delicious Thanksgiving dinners) and thankfully, you don’t have to carry the ‘turkey’ moniker either. Neck exercises are able to replicate the striking effects of therapy and thread lifting – both modern but extremely expensive cosmetic solutions. To reduce unwanted neck skin the natural way is much cheaper (in fact you can do it for free) and is as simple as knowing which exercises to perform. Ready for a tighter, younger-looking neck? Here’s what you need to know.

Will I need surgery to get rid of my turkey neck?

Nope. If you’re like millions of women, you’re looking to find ways to improve your appearance and practice beauty routines that aren’t invasive, chemically driven, or harsh on your body. Maintaining a youthful appearance is possible through organic anti-aging options, with facial exercises for the turkey neck able to target the causes of loose skin and weakened muscles and reverse the signs of aging. Although collagen and elastin stores deplete as you age, as well as a decrease in healthy fat deposits that provide firmness and structure to the neck, you don’t need to turn to surgery to reverse course. Face Yoga is transforming the beauty industry – and you’re the one who benefits.

3 Turkey Neck Exercises You Need to See to Believe

Targeted neck exercises are extremely effective because they don’t look to burn fat, like many exercises you’d associate with the gym. Instead, turkey neck exercises focus on rebuilding the muscle strength and skin elasticity that helps hold the skin on and around your neck in place. Gravity has a nasty habit of pulling our faces down and exacerbating any loose, wrinkly skin – so the goal is to re-firm the underlying muscle and stimulate collagen production at the same time. If you’re ready to avoid EVER hearing the phrase “turkey neck” again (let’s be honest, it’s not a very nice expression, is it?) then try our top 3 favorite exercises to get your neck tight and toned, and a more youthful appearance overall.

Facial Exercise #1 – ‘Kiss The Sky’

Got a comfy chair or a spot on the couch? If so, you’ll have the perfect equipment for this simple Face Yoga pose to reduce turkey neck without surgery. Get comfortable in your seat with your back straight, then slowly tilt your head back until you’re looking at the ceiling. Your lips should be together, but loose, so there’s no extra tension in your face. Next, form your lips into a kissing shape (as if you were kissing any excess neck skin or turkey neck goodbye!). You should feel a strong amount of tension or resistance in your neck, particularly down the front – and this is good! It means the underworked muscles of your neck are working and being made to move, which will help develop strength and smooth the outer layer of skin as a result. Hold this pose for 5 seconds and then return to your regular seated position.

Repetitions: Repeat this exercise 10 times

Facial Exercise #2 – ‘Curious Owl’

Yet another cute and fun Face Yoga pose, the curious owl is your way of working out the muscles at the base of your neck. There is a strong connection between your neck and shoulders, so don’t be surprised if you finish this fun facial exercise and feel a weight has been let off your shoulders, and your body feels like stress has been washed away. To start, stand up straight and let your arms hang comfortably by your side. As with the previous Face Yoga for turkey neck pose, form a kissing shape with your lips. Draw a deep breath through your nose, then slowly rotate your head until you are looking over your right shoulder – just like a curious owl! Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds and focus on the stretch that’s coming from the base of your ear down to your shoulder. Finally, bring your head back to the front, then repeat by looking over your left shoulder.

Repetitions: 10 to 15 times

Facial Exercise #3 – ‘The Giraffe’

Of all the animals in the world, no one is famous for having an eye-catching and gorgeous neck quite like the giraffe- so it makes sense you’ll be emulating them in this simple Face Yoga exercise. Practicing the giraffe pose is easy, although it requires the use of your hands as it is an assisted Face Yoga pose (that means you’ll need to be relaxing comfortably with both hands available, not driving the car or using your hands for something else at the same time). Got a hands-free second? Perfect, start by looking straight up towards the ceiling. Take both hands and rest the tips of your fingers on the base of your neck. Now, gently pull the skin down to create a taut surface. While keeping your fingers applying downward resistance, bring your head down towards your chin slowly. Repeat this movement, only the next time you’re looking at the ceiling, push your lower lip out and pull the corners of your mouth down. You should feel the most resistance in your neck when lightly pulling the skin down from the base, and forming your pout to provide extra resistance at the top.

Repetitions: Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times

Congratulations! Now You Know How to Get Rid of a Turkey Neck

Losing neck fat is a common goal for men and women around the world, but up until now the only option seemed to be a lengthy list of cosmetic procedures and topical creams that wipe out your savings faster than you can say “isn’t there a 100% natural and affordable way?”. Now there is. The Face Yoga app has every facial exercise you need to get rid of excess neck skin and wrinkles, and leave “turkey neck” behind for good. Simply complete the fun, interactive quiz below to access your FREE Face Yoga program, customized to your unique skin type and lifestyle.

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