Huusk Reviews: Honest Opinion on Huusk Knives in 2022

Do you think you can be an excellent home chef? Read our Huusk Knives review to know if they can help you become one.
Huusk Reviews: Honest Opinion on Huusk Knives in 2022

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Do you want to up your game in the kitchen? Then Husk Knives Japan may just be the product you need.

Although labeled as a “chef’s knife,” Huusk claims to make knives both professionals and home cooks can use. You wouldn’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to experience high-class cuisine. You may be able to get (and make that) right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Let this Huusk Knives review be a guide to help you see if these knives are worth the place on your kitchen island.

About the brand

We often go outside our homes to look for “fancy” meals and high-end restaurants. Many people believe that only professional chefs can create gourmet dishes and provide luxurious experiences.

While eating out can be fun, there are a few drawbacks. For one, you don’t know if you’d be satisfied. Some dishes may not taste the way you want them to. Or, they could taste amazing, but there isn’t enough on your plate.

Dining out can also cost a lot of money. You know, only pay for ingredients, but labor and the experience too. Also, gourmet food is known for being pricey with small portions.

But Huusk may change how you eat at home. This Japanese-inspired brand makes chef knives anyone can use at home. With a Huusk Knife, you can have a home-cooked gourmet meal.


What are Huusk Knives?

Huusk Knives is a Japanese-inspired brand that claims to make high-quality knives. On their site, they say they have the “most extraordinary chef’s knife the world has ever seen.”

Owing their efforts to what the world requested, they say they made a special knife that has more control and balance. But at the heart of their production is cooking.

Looking at the photos, you can see that their knives have a distinct look. But it’s not all about looks. The laser-curved holes serve as a place for the index finger to give more control when chopping, dicing, and mincing.

More than that, the knives are said to be made of quality stainless steel, creating a sharp blade that will last for years.


What are special knives better than regular ones?

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional kitchen knife. They do the job alright and cut, slice, dice, and chop just fine. But specialty knives up your game when cooking. 

Specialty or chef’s knives are an improvement on regular kitchen knives. The way it’s made makes doing things in the kitchen easier and more efficient.

Take Huusk Knives as an example. It has a hole at the base of the blade that allows you to fluidly use it. The manufacturers claim it provides comfort and support when handling the knife.

More than that, sharp knives are safer to use than dull ones. So, having a sharp special knife in your block decreases the risk of injuries.

How do the Huusk Knives work?

Huusk Knives work the same way regular knives work but with better handling and precision.

Because it’s made with stainless steel and traditional methods of Japan, the blades are incredibly sharp. You can use it to chop, dice, slice, and cut virtually anything type of ingredient– from herbs and vegetables to fruits and meats.

The producers also say that the handle lets you handle the knife with grace and firmness. The Oakwood handle gives it a nice weight, but the blade remains light enough that it doesn’t hurt your wrist.

More than that, the hole on the blade gives you more control over the knife. With more control, you use quicker movements while staying safe.

Huusk Knives allows you to be efficient and precise in the kitchen.


What are the features of the Huusk Knives?

1. Unique Design

The website says Huusk Knives go through 138 steps in the design process.

Looking at the knife, you notice two curves. While most knives have straight handles, Huusk makes theirs with a curve, saying it helps with handling.

As for the texture on the top, it may serve a function other than making the knife look cool. Also, not many knives have a finger hole at the base of the blade. Aside from being a unique design element, the hole functions as a means to control the knife better.

Plus, it comes with a sleek leather case.


2. Handling

This is arguably the biggest flex Huusk has over other knives. Everything they’ve done, they did to make using their knives easier and more comfortable.

You can use it like any other knife, or you can slip your index finger in the laser-cut hole at the base of the blade to give you more control in the kitchen.


3. Sharpness

They say they didn’t compromise comfort for sharpness. Other knives may be sharp but end up being brittle.

The company claims to have made sharp and quality knives. In the video on their website, it can cut meat, cucumber, and corn. If you sharpen it right, it may be able to do more than that.

However, being stainless steel, sharpening a Huusk Knife may be confusing for some.

There are a number of ways you can keep your stainless steel knife sharp. One of the best– albeit expensive– ways is with diamond-based stones. But if that doesn’t fit your budget, Japanese water stones and sandpaper are viable go-to's.


4. Marriage Of History And Modernity

Huusk Japan prides itself on being able to marry tradition and modernity. On their site, they talk about combining hundreds of years of traditional Japanese methods with modern knife-making techniques, making Huusk the perfect blend of past and present.


What are Huusk Knives made of?

a. Blade: Huusk Knives are made of high carbon stainless steel, as we’ve said before. Because of this makeup, Huusk Knives last longer against wear, even if it’s in use a lot.

b. Handle: Oakwood is considered one of the most robust wood materials on the market– and that’s what makes up these knife handles.

Aside from the sharp blade and finger holes, the weighty oak handle aids in handling and comfort. More than that, the dark color and nice texture give the knife aesthetic points.


What comes in a Huusk Knife package?

a. Huusk Knife or Knives - Depending on the package you choose, you’ll get that number of knives. 

b. Leather Case - The package also includes a sleek leather case. That is where you can keep your knives to protect them against the elements. The case will also keep you safe from accidentally injuring yourself from an exposed blade.

Huusk Knife Specifications

  • Length (Handle and blade): 28 centimeters (11 inches)
  • Width (Handle and blade): 5 centimeters (2 inches)
  • Blade length: 15.5 inches (6 inches)
  • Weight: 252 grams (0.5 pounds)
  • The angle of the curve: 38°


What are the benefits of Huusk Knives?

1. You get an all-purpose knife.

If you have a Huusk Knife, chances are you won’t need any other knife. This knife can help you prep any ingredient swiftly, whether it’s a vegetable or meat.

Having a multi-purpose knife also saves you time. The prep stage is often the most tedious and time-consuming. But if you have a Huusk Knife, you can fly by prepping. No need to reach for several knives to cater to various ingredients. Just give Huusk a rinse and use it on the next item.

Plus, clean-up will be easier too. You can serve and enjoy the food sooner without having to wash multiple utensils.


2. It’s a knife you can always use.

The problem with some “special” knives is that they don’t always live up to expectations. You purchase one for a hefty price but end up leaving it in a drawer.

Huusk is a different story. Due to its ergonomic design, you can use it on anything, no matter your skill level. It doesn’t tire your hand out, so you can keep cooking as long as you want to.


3. It will last a long time.

Huusk Knives consist of premium materials: Oakwood and high carbon stainless steel. That means that no matter how much, how long, and how often you use it, it can hold up against wear and tear, as well as rust and corrosion.

A factor in its durability is the manufacturers' attention to detail. They claim that their products are handmade and go through strict procedures before they can reach the market. If that’s true, then you can rest assured that what you receive is of the highest quality.


4. You’ll enjoy cooking.

Some people prefer not to cook because they think it takes a lot of time and skill. But even if you’re a novice in the kitchen, Huusk Knives make you enjoy the process. For one, it’s a beautiful piece that you wouldn’t mind handling.

And with the knife’s abilities, prepping the ingredients isn’t as stressful. If anything, you’ll enjoy the cutting and dicing part because it looks and feels satisfying to do.


5. It’s an attractive piece.

You’ll be proud to have a Huusk piece on display. Not only does it go with almost every kitchen design, but it’s such a statement piece that anyone who sees it will want to talk about it. 


6. It’s cost-effective.

Every dime you spend on a Huusk Knife is worth it. It’s an all-around knife you can use on almost anything. And it’s made with high-quality materials under detailed conditions. Put those features together, and you won’t need any other knife.

In the long run, you’ll save a lot of money from not constantly buying or replacing knives.

Product Customer Reviews

Home chefs around the world have been getting in on the hype and buying Huusk Knives. They want to improve their cooking skills and think these special knives might help. Now that they’ve tried and tested these, what do they really think of these knives?

On Huusk’s official site, their products have a near five-star rating. Generally, customers are pleased with what they get and show it through reviews.

Rtime Lime left a review praising the product. They write, “It’s a nice knife, well-designed, feels sturdy, and solid in the hand. Nice touch and fits well in the hand. The lightness is just right for cutting vegetables, and the weight is just right for meat. His weight is just right. Very well made and designed, so highly recommended.”

Another satisfied Huusk buyer, Avery Navin, bought it as a gift. “Good quality product. This is the best gift I can give, so my dad is very happy with it. It’s also easy to buy on the page, and the shipping is fast.”

Briann Andrews says Huusk has the “highest quality kitchen knives.” They add, “Cooking is now more fun and easier. Cheap and fast shipping too. I recommend them.”

Isaac Tranyer Seyer’s review was simple but very positive. They write, “Their knives are of good quality and cut well. The knife is very sharp, and the price is just right. It also arrived quickly.”

David Delgado says these are “the best.” They write, “The products here are great, the best I’ve ever bought, and funnily enough, besides the value, they also ship quickly.”

Along with the reviews on their site, we also checked out what people had to say on other sites, namely Amazon, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot.


Huusk Knives Amazon Reviews:

Franca on Amazon writes, “I love the knife. It feels good in your hand when you use it. It cuts things great. I cut up a bunch of vegetables for soup with ease. I would highly recommend it to my family and friends. It’s a nice-looking knife. I love the leather case it came in to put in my knife drawer too.”

Verified Amazon purchaser Mr. Phun detailed his experience with the knife. “I bought this knife on a whim. I read some review that it wasn’t sharp and thought I can sharpen it myself if it’s really not that sharp. I opened the box and took the knife out. It had 2 plastic tips on the edges of the blade. I felt the ridge, and it didn’t feel that sharp but wanted to give it a try. I cut a tomato and cut the slices super thin. I was very surprised and showed my wife. As I cut the tomatoes more, the edge became super sharp. I have used it to cut up a full turkey (cut through the bones). It’s a bit big, but I love this knife now. I have run it through the dishwasher (top rack) a few times without any problems. To be honest, I just wash it by hand now because I use it so much.”

Kelley McMahan says this knife is “too perfect.” They say, “This tool is just far too perfect for simple kitchen duties alone. I am part of an international org that does medieval reenactment, and as such, we harken back to more primal kitchen and cooking methods. With the edge and weight of this tool, it parts muscle and connective tissue with ease and little effort. My only complaint is with the size of this blade, a more diagonal or horizontal sheath profile would be less prone to hanging up on things. I will be commissioning a modification to the sheath and as well as a second sheath to provide more carry options in the future.”


Huusk Knives Trustpilot Reviews

SJT notes how it helped them as they had arthritis. They also mention how they got rid of their other knives. They write, “As a person with arthritic hands, I found the HUUSK KNIVES to be very easy to use and, by far, have been the best quality knives I have purchased throughout my lifetime. I have also easily sliced through things other than food and used them as an effective tool. Imagination. I've said goodbye to 1/2 drawer of supposedly the best knives you can buy and replaced them with these beauties.”

Carolyn from Trustpilot also praised the Huusk Knives. They say, “I found the huusk knife extremely sharp and of excellent quality. I loved the way it sliced through the tomato. I also used it to divide Italian sausage and slice sections. I would benefit from a video showing how a skilled chef uses the curve blade knife. It was my first experience, and felt a bit awkward when slicing the sausages.”

Isaac Chris bought a knife out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised. “Bought the Huusk knife mainly out of curiosity. I can say that it holds an edge really well. I'd even say that it could compete with semi-Professional chef knives that cost five times as much.”


Huusk Knives Sitejabber Reviews

On Sitejabber, Louis M. highly recommends these knives, saying, “I love the design of the knife. Perfect on the blade looks really good. Very nice handle, beautiful. As far as sharpness, it cuts through any meat quickly and fast.”

Also on Sitejabber, Ema N. calls their Huusk Knife a “beautiful piece.” They add, “Elegant design, especially the handle that's made of wood. Blade is so sharp it can cut almost anything in the kitchen. Beautiful piece that's worth the purchase!”

Madeline C. says, “Huusk is a beautiful and super sharp addition to my most used knives. Surprisingly, it also has a really nice weight. Very well balanced. I recommend this awesome knife!”

Tricia M. says this knife is a “must-have.” They add, “My husband loved it! This knife is very practical to have since it may be used for outdoors and indoors. My husband is a hunter, and he takes this with him ALL THE TIME. Quality-wise, this is excellent, plus the ergonomic design that makes using it very comfy and convenient. A must-have. 10/10!”

Do Huusk Knives really work?

A lot of people are wary of online products that seem gimmicky or too good to be true. That’s one concern people have when hearing about Huusk Knives. It’s natural for them to think of it as a scam. But it’s safe to say that Huusk is 100%.

The majority of the reviews note how sharp the knife is and how comfortable the handling is.

So, with the tests done and customer reviews, it’s safe to say that Huusk Knives are not only legit but work extremely well.


Are there dangers to using Huusk Knives?

As with any knife, you need to be cautious. Improperly handling a knife can lead to accidents and injuries. However, sharper blades are safer than dull ones. You don’t have to repeatedly saw a piece of fruit to slice it.

Be that as it may, Huusk Knives are known for being sharper than regular kitchen knives. That means that they can easily cut through the skin. So, be careful when using them.



What are the pros and cons of the Huusk Knives?


  • You can use it for almost all ingredients.
  • Handling it is comfortable and doesn’t hurt your hands.
  • You’ll get high-quality knives.
  • You can make your own gourmet meals.
  • It cuts the prep time and makes it less tedious.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • It’s safer to use than a dull knife.
  • You’ll enjoy cooking.
  • It’s durable and will last a long time.
  • It comes with a sleek leather pouch.
  • It’s a cost-effective purchase. You can save money on knife replacements and eating out.
  • There’s currently a 70% discount on Huusk products.
  • Huusk offers a lifetime warranty.


  • It’s only available online on their website.
  • There’s only a limited number of units.


What sets Huusk Knives apart from other knives?

With so many kinds of knives in the market, it’s hard to choose what to buy. You may find it challenging to know what type you need or which ones perform better. Well, you may not need to look any further with Huusk knives.

Some brands lay it heavy on selling knife sets, with each knife having a different purpose. While they market it as cost-effective, sets are pricier than buying a single unit. They can also take up a lot of kitchen space. You may not even need most of what’s included.

If you buy a Huusk Knife, you get an all-purpose tool. It can cut through meats, chop vegetables, and dice onions, among other things.

More than that, Huusk Knives are more durable compared to other knives. Made with premium stainless steel and Oakwood, these knives can hold up against wear and the elements.

Huusk Knives are also said to be handmade. That means that the crafters really paid attention to detail.


Tips on caring for your Huusk Knives:

Even though Huusk prides itself in producing knives that last long and hold up against damage, there are some things you can do to take care of them and make them last even longer and stronger.

  • Routinely and properly hone and sharpen them. This keeps the knife strong and harp.
  • Wash them regularly. Chemicals, dirt, and acids can damage metals. Leaving them dirty for a long time can speed up this process. After every use, thoroughly wash your knife.
  • Dry them properly. Water is the biggest cause of rust. After washing, you can allow it to drip dry, but using a clean towel to remove excess water is better.
  • Use a cutting or chopping board. A board acts as a cushion between the knife and a hard surface. Without it, it can lead to damage to the blade.
  • Avoid keeping them in the drawer. Keeping them in a drawer with other utensils can also damage the knife. With them bumping into each other, the blade can get scratched.

Where can I buy Huusk Knives?

If you’re interested in snagging one or a few Huusk Knives, you can purchase them on their website. You can choose the type of package you want, and they have a 70% off promo on their products today.

You have the choice of ordering:

  • 1x Huusk Knife for $31
  • 2x Huusk Knives for $51
  • 3x Huusk Knives for $67
  • 4x Huusk Knives for $81

For modes of payment, Huusk accepts credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) or PayPal.


Should you buy Huusk Knives?

Although you can do with other knives on the market, Huusk Knives are a great addition to your kitchen if you want to sharpen your knife skills.

The way it’s designed can make cooking easier and make your kitchen look a little more professional. And you can have all that for not that much money.

So, if you want a chef’s knife in your personal collection, Huusk Knives is waiting for you.


Take advantage of this great deal!

Make yourself a home chef with Huusk. Huusk Knives allow you to make delicious meals and enjoy the process quickly! Plus, Huusk cares about you so much that you get a lifetime warranty. Order now because they’re offering a 70% discount to their customers.

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